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Other Nonfiction

  • The Student Resistance Handbook

    by Cevin Soling
    The Student Resistance Handbook provides children with information on how they can effectively fight back against their school and work towards abolishing this abusive and oppressive institution. Legal non-violent tactics are presented that are designed to: disrupt the operation of school, substantially increase the costs involved in its operation, and make those who work for and support schools as miserable as they make the students who are forced to attend. The text was conceived to empower yo... more
  • Publicity From The Trenches: For Published And Self-Published Authors

    by Sherri Rosen
    Giving published and self-published authors great advice on the basics of publicity from a veteran publicist who has been in the business for over 25 years.
  • Expat Guide to China

    by Samuel Griffin
    Information on how to survive and thrive in China based on my two years living in the country. Includes information on food, language, visas, transportation, education, health, shopping, and more
  • The Middle Kingdom Ride: Two Brothers, Two Motorcycles, One Epic Journey Around China

    by Colin Pyle and Ryan Pyle
    When Canadian brothers Colin and Ryan Pyle set out from Shanghai on a motorcycle journey that had never previously been attempted, they thought they had some idea of what lay ahead of them. It was a misconception that had become evident by the end of Day 1. But, despite the many challenges they faced, 65 days and 18,000 km later they’d succeeded in circumnavigating China.

    In an expedition of extremes, Colin and Ryan visited the third lowest point on Earth and slept at Everest Base Camp bes... more

  • The India Ride: Two Brothers, Two Motorcycles, One Incredible Adventure

    by Colin Pyle and Ryan Pyle
    When Canadian brothers Colin and Ryan Pyle finished their record-breaking motorcycle adventure around China in 2010, they promised themselves that it would be their last such venture. Of course, they were wrong. Back in the saddle again, Colin and Ryan have set out to tackle the diverse country of India, and they had no idea what to expect! Whether it was monsoon rains, crashes in Mumbai, the claustrophobic roads of Kerla, or even a brutal paragliding landing in Manali, nothing could stop these ... more
  • Religion and Man: Our Story

    by Leif Guiteau
    Beginning with the earliest humans there have been questions about the origins of life. From primitive tribal beliefs to organized religion, the history of man's search for answers is as diverse and varied as the many faiths that have existed. How did belief systems develop? What are this histories of the world's major faiths? This book provides answers with brief explanations of today's major religious philosophies in a simple, easy-to-read approach.
  • Do You Still Think God Is Good?: Candid Conversations about the Problem of Evil

    by Clayton Brumby
    This new work takes a very academic and philosophical topic, and through a couple of breakfast conversations among friends and acquaintances, explores it as directly as possible. The format is designed to make this very important topic accessible.

    What is evil really?

    Where does it come from?

    And if God is really God, why doesn't he do more about it? This world is out of control-so violent, painful, unfair and destructive. Doesn't God care?

    The Greek philosopher Epicurus is ... more

  • The Thursday Speeches: Lessons in Life, Leadership, and Football from Coach Don James

    by Peter G. Tormey
    Two days before Christmas 1974, Don James seized the reins of a University of Washington football program in disarray. Immediately, James challenged players to do the hard work necessary to get to the Rose Bowl. Some players laughed, reminding James that Washington hadn't been to the Rose Bowl since 1963. James insisted on his vision. In his third season, Washington advanced to the Rose Bowl and beat the heavily favored Michigan Wolverines. In 18 years at Washington, James' compelling stories in... more
  • 8 Lessons Every Podcaster Needs To Learn

    by Cheval John
    The book is about standing out from the crowd with your podcast. It has 8 Lessons that the newbie podcaster will benefit from.
  • Outstanding Lesson Ahead

    by Amy Sargent
    Most teachers will admit they are like magpies, always looking for some new and shiny teaching ideas to apply in their classroom. If you too cannot go to a budget shop without buying something you think you could adapt in your classroom, if you are always looking for inspiration, an idea to steal or adapt to engage your students, look no further… this guide is definitely for you. Books in education are usually dry academic encyclopaedias full of boring and sometimes unnecessary literature. ... more
  • The Great Grammar Book

    by Marsha Sramek
    The second edition of The Great Grammar Book uses pop culture, intelligent trivia, and odd news events to make learning grammar fun. The book opens with a 100-question diagnostic grammar test and answer key. If you want to banish grammar errors and write clearer, more concise, and more readable sentences with confidence and style, this is the book for you.
  • MANipulated Into Fear

    by Christine Gilbert
    MANipulated Into Fear, There Is Always A Pattern is about Rolf abusing Marvela and there is always a pattern, and how there is a pattern of abuse within families when children are exposed to living in an abusive environment.
  • My Logical God: How Belief in a Truly Perfect God Changes Everything We Have Been Taught

    by Ronald Roell
    My Logical God is not just a book about God, nor is it just a book about life. It is a book about how an entirely different perspective of God changes our life.
  • Defiance

    by Michael Seay
  • The Zohar Code: The Temple Calendar of King Solomon

    by Bethsheba Ashe
    The Zohar Code is a scholarly paper for public release. Foreword by David Conway. The authors demonstrate that the Tree of Life was derived from an ancient sacerdotal calendar belonging to the Temple of Solomon. This lost temple calendar resembles the Seven Palaces of the Merkabah Mystics and it was discovered in an encrypted format within the Zohar. Its discovery marks a new chapter for all major Abrahamic religions. One of the most interesting features of the Temple Calendar diagram is - i... more
  • Hands that Touch, Hands that Heal

    by Joan Holman
    The True Story of Sister Rosalind Gefre and Her Pioneering Work in Healing Touch. A biography of renown massage pioneer Sister Rosalind Gefre, who has been featured in Time Magazine and who brought respectability to an industry formerly associated with seedy massage parlors and prostitution in the United States.