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Other Nonfiction

  • Ravished Paradise: Forced March to Nothingness

    by Mardig Madenjian
    On a starry night, little Hovsep envisions inheriting his uncle's properties if, as according to the law, he dies childless. Little Varteni thinks that the deportation is like a picnic, an opportunity to see the world. She soon discovers, that it is a death march, while the dream of Hovsep turns into frightening nightmare. Both children will experience many sufferings and fear of death during the forced march that words can not describe what they have endured. It is a true Armenian Genocide sto... more
  • Mandarin Chinese: An Explanatory Guide to Key Language Issues

    by Orna Taub
    This textbook is written for students of the Chinese language around the world who have progressed past the beginner level. The aim of the book is to enrich their studying and to make it easier to learn. In this textbook, the student can find learning material, which is not normally found in common textbooks and information that only exists partially in most of them.
  • Exploring What it Effectively Means to Manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome's Physical, Social, and Emotional Crucibles in a Return to

    by Dr. Stella Marie Rostkowski
    Through the participants’ recollections and stories, the employees with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome words helped to reveal and depict the essence and influence that the physical, psychological, psychosomatic, and sociological aspects of CTS have on each other and how they influence an employee’s day-to-day physical and psychological workplace activities. Findings in this study provided physical, psychological, psychosomatic, and sociological insight into the social existence and non-acceptance of thi... more
  • Home and Beyond Teaching Unit

    by Brian Jaeger
    I used this unit with a basic 12th grade writing class. It could easily be adjusted for advanced-level students who are younger or adults needing some of the life-skills presented. Honestly, with homes being such important purchases and where we live dictating so much in our lives, this unit should be taught to every high school student before they leave and maybe every teacher before they get hired. Creativity, financial literacy, self-assessment, writing, research, fun--it's all here. If yo... more
  • A Doll's House - Perfect Little Lessons

    by Brian Jaeger
    --Three multiple-choice quizzes with Quizstar links. Some of the questions are ACT-like, targeting reading skills. --Another assessment that was used as a group quiz and has some overlapping questions. --15-question multiple choice final test. --A gender traits worksheet --A character trait worksheet. --One year I had students write a paper outline (but not a paper) and the next year I asked for a paper. You get both of those assignments. --I have also included an assignment about lying in... more
  • ACT Reading Practice Using Literature

    by Brian Jaeger
    Here's what you get: - Two 10-question tests on To Kill a Mockingbird - A 17-question test on A Summer Life - Three 10-question tests on The House on Mango Street - Three tests on Catcher in the Rye (5-question, 8-question, and 10-question) That's a total of 90 ACT reading test questions with answers! Use these quizzes in the classroom or as an ACT Test prep. Works as prep for the SAT, too, as well as any state Common Core or College and Career Readiness tests. The best part is that yo... more
  • Motions and Moments

    by Michael Pronko
    Motions and Moments is the third book by Michael Pronko on the fluid feel and vibrant confusions of Tokyo life. These 42 new essays burrow into the unique intensities that suffuse the city and ponder what they mean to its millions of inhabitants. Based on Pronko’s 18 years living, teaching and writing in Tokyo, these essays on how Tokyoites work, dress, commute, eat and sleep are steeped in insights into the city’s odd structures, intricate pleasures and engaging undertow. Included are e... more
  • How to Write The Ultimate Persuasive Paper Using Textual Analysis

    by Brian Jaeger
    This assignment is perfect for English classes using textual analysis, but it can be used in ANY classroom that uses a writing or presentation element. It is perfect of social studies and should help reduce the plagiarism I saw too often from students in history classes. It lends itself nicely to a science class writing assignment, and yes, you should be writing in science. Use it with art or music (in fact, the sources included images and song lyrics). World languages can benefit from the organ... more
  • A Simplified Guide to Church Websites: Purpose, Planning, and Presentation

    by Brian Jaeger
    The book does not take a stance on the best way for your church to build a website. Rather, it offers options, suggestions, and a quick education on what could be useful in your decision-making and implementation of a new church website. Some of the ideas could save your church thousands of dollars, while others might allow you to see why spending the money is worth it. A few tricks might even save you something more valuable than money: time, especially if you're trying to build your own church... more
  • The Catcher in the Rye and Rebel Without a Cause Very Sincere Combo Pack

    by Brian Jaeger
    The contents of this very sincere combo pack is anything but phony, and it provides enough material to successfully teach either Rebel, Catcher, or both stories for the duration of 2-3 weeks. You DO NOT want to have to create skills band ACT reading quizzes for this or any other book. I have done this for you. I looked for better material on all the free sites so you don't have to. I put the hours in so you can relax. That's the whole idea behind the Educabana store on TpT and ... more
  • A Girl's Guide to the Criminal Mind: The Survival Handbook

    by Alison Summers

    Survival guides typically include chapters on how to survive earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, snakebites and shark attacks, but nothing about dealing with rapists.But more women are sexually assaulted each year than encounter a hurricane, lightning strike, shark or deadly snake. Recognizing, avoiding and escaping sexual predators deserves at least a chapter in a survival guide. Actually, the subject deserves a whole book. The author spent seven years gathering advice from criminal profilers, ... more

  • The Things I Learned in College: My Year in the Ivy League

    by Sean-Michael Green

    Have you ever wondered what life is like for students with the drive, intellect, money, and luck to study in the Ivy League? 

    The eight schools of the Ivy League – Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale – are among the most selective and academically rigorous institutions in the world. Each Ivy has its own history and personality, and each attracts brilliant and accomplished students from around the world. These students flock to idyllic... more

  • Tiller's Guide to Indian Country, Third Edition

    by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller, Ph.D.
    The long-awaited third edition of Tiller's Guide to Indian Country tells the collective story of the little-known economic success attained by tribal enterprises owned by the 567 Indian tribes and Alaskan Native villages in thirty-three states. It has been recognized since 1996 as the ultimate resource on contemporary tribal economies and has become indispensable to government entities, businesses working with the tribes, libraries, and scholars. This reference edition profiles each tribe's his... more
  • Teacher Misery

    by Jane Morris
    Teacher Misery doesn’t have a filter the way teachers are supposed to. TM brings her sharp wit to bear on the American public school system in this laugh-out-loud collection of true stories, essays and artifacts including real emails from parents, students and administrators. Teacher Misery will have you giggling and cringing at the same time. From the parent who blames their son’s act of arson on the teacher for causing him low self-esteem, to the student who offers to teach the teacher how to ... more
  • Identifying and Overcoming Fear

    by Deloris Cook

    This book addresses how you can overcome your own fears and go after that dream job. Offers a tried and true, sure shot method of getting to where you want to be. Discusses topics such as: Your attitude. Your motivation. Your confidence. Your job search. Your first impression. Your communication.