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Other Nonfiction

  • One Girl, One Team, One City: The Best of, 2006-2012: An eBook Anthology

    by Caryn Rose
    Writer and novelist Caryn Rose began blogging about baseball and the New York Mets in 2006. She had never written about baseball before, and had only recently become a baseball fan. What began as a personal project rapidly became an obsession as she learned about and fell in love with baseball. Her blog would become a well-regarded destination not just for Mets fans, but also for baseball fans of any team. Come along with Rose as she attends every home game of the 2006 post seas... more
  • Finding Faith in Slow Motion

    by Damon J. Gray
    Faith is neither static nor instantaneous. It is not something we stumble upon and instantly understand. Neither is it a monolithic, one-dimensional, singular entity that has but one face, one color, one fragrance. It is many-faceted, multi-dimensional, and appears differently depending on one's angle to the Son. In Finding Faith in Slow Motion, Damon Gray examines faith from myriad angles and through gut-wrenching life experiences, as he asks regarding faith, "What is that stuff" Spanning the e... more
  • The Corridor of Uncertainty

    by Nihar Suthar
    In 1979, Afghanistan erupted into one of the most brutal civil wars of all time. The fighting lasted almost a decade, throwing the country into a period of political instability, harsh leadership, and extreme danger. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died, and millions relocated to refugee camps. The rest of the world began to believe that violence would always define Afghanis. However, deep in the refugee camps of Pakistan, displaced native Afghan children had a dream to unite their country on... more
  • My Soul Is Among Lions: Pages from the Breast Cancer Archives

    by Ellen Leopold
    Ellen Leopold’s unique collection of essays over a 20-year period illustrates important shifts in the medical and social history of breast cancer. She skillfully threads her way through the writings and ground-breaking work of women who helped to change our perspective on the disease. The earliest of these pioneers is Katharine Lee Bates, lyricist of "America the Beautiful." Bates' early memoir chronicling the death of a loved one from breast cancer in 1915 is reproduced here and set in its hist... more
  • Hugs, hearts and histrionics

    by Kieron Hayes
    This is the tale of one man's search for help with an anti-social media mindset through online group therapy. It didn't quite go to plan.
  • Cruising Panama's Canal, savoring 5,000 nautical miles and 500,000 decadent calories

    by Al and Sunny Lockwood
    A serious car wreck threatened to ruin Al and Sunny Lockwood's summer, but instead it led them to the trip of a lifetime. When a texting driver slammed full freeway speed into them as they waited at a red light, they realized how fragile life is, how quickly it could be snatched away, and they determined to start doing some of the things they'd always dreamed about. First on the bucket list: a trip through the Panama Canal. "We wanted to turn something really bad into something really good," ... more
  • Civilian Handgun Fundamentals and Safety

    by Randy Stensaas
    The fundamentals of handgun safety. Covers all aspects of using a handgun for the first time shooter to a reminder for long time handgun handlers. Covers, grip, sight picture, alignment, trigger squeeze and of course the universal safety rules.
  • The Metaphysical Field: During the Reign of Chaos

    by Dominic Vonbern
    The metaphysical field surrounds us all. It is the field of life, of consciousness. Through the metaphysical field, I have seen… -The ability of women to communicate without speaking. This extraordinary ability has a purpose, which you will soon discover. -The origins of mankind and the differences between races, as will be clearly shown. The explanation of what you call ‘racism’ is actually the ‘resonance of group’, which will be explained clearly for the first time. -The substanc... more
  • It's Not as Bad as it Sounds (my life with MS & Fibro)

    by Yvonne deCelis
    Yvonne Decelis goes over what life has been like living with Multiple Sclerosis & Fibromyalgia by going over her upbringing and life prior to, during and after diagnosis. She also covers things like medications, “healthful living”, and how she lives her daily life covering items pertaining to work, SSDI, friendships and relationships, etc. Mrs. Decelis also wrote It's Not as Bad as it Sounds for people seeking information on how to interact with others who have "invisible illnesses" like MS, Fi... more
  • Numinosity of an Empath

    by Carol Ostrouch


    Numinosity of an Empath is a visual tour of what is only verbally discussed by most psychics. The spirit of Nature is visible to all, but is typically blocked by human paradigms from sensing it. Consciousness and sentience are unsolvable mysteries to science whose paradigm box is typically limited to biological function. The natural world includes what is normally considered the supernatural and is continually communicating with everyone, but is often drown... more

  • Kindling: Writings on the Body

    by Aurora Levins Morales

    This new collection of poetry and prose explores the body as a site of pleasure, pain and political struggle.  Disabled and chronically ill writer, historian and activist Aurora Levins Morales writes about epilepsy and stroke, the social control of dark skinned women's sexuality and the erotics of chronic fatigue, epigenetics and healing justice, community based science and what it's like to get health care in Cuba.

    "Aurora's writing is itself a kind of alchemy, ba... more

  • 978-1-940828-02-2

    by Cecil Price

    In The Unique One, you will discover how:

    *the Bible compares to other ancient documents

    *Jesus Christ differs from the founders of other major religions

    *both Old and New Testaments harmonize the identity of the Messiah

    *major teachings of Christianity compare to other religions

    *the words and works of Jesus can improve your life

  • The Messianic Feast subtitle: Moving Beyond the Ritual

    by T. Alex Tennent
    Winner of a gold medal in the prestigious 2014 Independent Publisher (IPPY) awards, The Messianic Feast represents a sea change in biblical understanding. First, this work uncovers the true history of the Jewish disconnect that occurred in Rome. These early Messianic Jews understood that the Messiah was crucified on the 14th day and therefore knew that the Last Supper was not the Passover, contrary to prevailing beliefs today. Second, in proving that the Last Supper was not the Passover, th... more
  • Essays on the Classics!

    by Jason R. Goetz
    A set of miscellaneous essays by the author covering the period between his last year of college and the beginning of the Essays on the Classics! series, this volume includes essays on the inapplicability of the Fabian Strategy to chess, a comparison of Vin Scully and Herodotus, an examination of tyrants' claims to 'look out for the public safety,' a critique of Aeneas as a leader, an essay on the process of logic, and an examination of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy of the 1990s and 2000s. ... more
  • Essays on the Classics! (The Great Books Revival) (Volume 1)

    by Jason R. Goetz
    A brief introduction to the Great Books and a classical education, this volume has essays on the value of the classics, and on the genres of epic poetry, political philosophy, classical history, memoirs, and non-Shakespearian plays. It looks briefly at five major works in each genre and explores some of the major ideas presented in the individual works as well as in the whole genres.