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Other Nonfiction

  • Essays on the Classics!

    by Jason R. Goetz
    A set of miscellaneous essays by the author covering the period between his last year of college and the beginning of the Essays on the Classics! series, this volume includes essays on the inapplicability of the Fabian Strategy to chess, a comparison of Vin Scully and Herodotus, an examination of tyrants' claims to 'look out for the public safety,' a critique of Aeneas as a leader, an essay on the process of logic, and an examination of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy of the 1990s and 2000s. ... more
  • Essays on the Classics! (The Great Books Revival) (Volume 1)

    by Jason R. Goetz
    A brief introduction to the Great Books and a classical education, this volume has essays on the value of the classics, and on the genres of epic poetry, political philosophy, classical history, memoirs, and non-Shakespearian plays. It looks briefly at five major works in each genre and explores some of the major ideas presented in the individual works as well as in the whole genres.
  • The Language of Music Revealed

    by Barry Araujo Kolman
    There are millions of self-taught musicians in this world. Some can't read a stitch of music and can only play by ear. If this describes you and you want to learn how to read and write music in a step-by-step, easy to follow fashion, you have come to the right place. Knowing the fundamentals of music will make playing even more fun. This book is also designed for all those non-musical types who are taking a college music fundamentals course and don't have a clue about what is going on. This book... more
  • One Voice Raised: A Triumph Over Rape

    by Jennifer Wheatley Wolf
    Early in the morning of August 21, 1988, in Annapolis, Maryland, an unknown assailant climbed onto the balcony to the open door of Jennifer Wheatley's home, crept down the stairs, entered her first floor bedroom, and waited for her in the dark. As he grabbed her and pulled something tight around her throat, she was sure her life was over. " I never saw the face of the man who raped me. There was little evidence left behind. In 1988, technology wasn't advanced enough to be of much help. It too... more
  • The Now Nexus: An Ontology for the Coming Age

    by Don Peek
    The Now Nexus reveals that a new-age revolution is now underway. The spirit of truth is leading this new revolution against absurdity, and it is really new. Around the world, powerful and influential new-age believers are being called to wake up to the truth of Jesus Christ. Many who have traditionally abstained from professing their faith are now being made fully conscious of God's presence in their lives. New-age believers are uniquely prepared to connect the world through faith, business, and... more
  • Of Jesus and Mademen

    by James Craik
    The Truth of the Crucifixion fraud and how it has affected mankind since. The story begins with the Pharaoh known as Akhenaten who later became Aten-Mos or Moses. he was an alien-human Hybrid whose sole purpose was to bring a tribe out of Egypt into Canaan. Secret archeological evidence hidden within the Vatican indicates that Jesus did not die on the cross and further evidence from Indian subcontinent and the Middle east proves that Jesus was alive after the Crucifixion event. We have been ... more
  • FORCE FIELDS: Alien Visitations To A Planet Living In The Dark

    by Wade Vernon
    FORCE FIELDS: Alien Visitations To A Planet Living In The Dark is a non-fiction autobiographical rite-of-passage UFO expose. The author takes the reader on the trek of his life path, a life-long series of explorations, research and skeptical inquiry into the UFO phenomenon, including two UFO encounters of his own. Some of the material unearthed here has not been published anywhere else, and includes interviews with Whitley Strieber, the late Budd Hopkins, Travis Walton, Stanton Friedman and Li... more
  • A Canine Companion: Inspirational Words and Stories of Rescue

    by Jacquie New
    From heartbreak to happiness, A Canine Companion centres around nineteen beautiful dogs and their remarkable stories of rescue. Written and illustrated by a dog lover and rescuer, these stories are passionately told, in a way that could only come from one who has experienced rescue first hand. A stunning fine art portrait alongside words of inspiration and poems about dogs and rescue, accompanies each heart-warming journey, making it the perfect gift for dog and animal lovers everywhere and thei... more
  • The Doctor's View: Love, hate and justice

    by The Singing Doctor
    Apologies for any errors; this was captured directly to website. The overall outlook is South African and beyond to global social change. The inspiration is the teachings and examples of icons like Nelson Mandela. The process personifies society while its 'cells' are individual human beings; the collective no less capable of 'illness' ('pandemic' of modern depravity). As medical doctors the beneficence ethic doesn't permit an ignorance of the greatest cause of individual illness originatin... more
  • How To Buy The Home You Love In The Bay Area

    by Djuna Woods
    Home buyers learn how to win the war of multiple offers in the Bay Area of California by making the sellers WANT to sell to them.
  • Deadbeat Moms(it's not just about the money)

    by Naomi Brunner

    Deadbeat Moms is a compilation of stories that expose moms who neglect, abuse, and deny their children the basic care and nurturing of a mother.
    These stories are very real and cry out to readers and society as a whole to take notice and step in to make a difference. The children of deadbeat moms suffer and these children need to be protected.

  • Community Garden Revolution A Manual 2014 Edition

    by Mary K. Hukill
    "Community Garden Revolution" helps Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the American Community Garden Association. I'm showing what one Group from each of the 50 States, in Washington, D.C., and Board Members of the American Community Garden Association is doing with various Community Garden projects in the United States. I show also some Contracts, Plot planning, various Brochures that Groups use to market their Community Gardens for Fundraising Events and for just some neat Fun times the Group... more
  • Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat

    by Steve Whitman
    Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat: Your Handbook For A Perfect Move is your invaluable helper during the turbulent times of transition. This book has it all: from tried-and-true organizational tips and useful ultimate packing guides to in-depth explanation of relocation costs. It contains a bunch of helpful moving timelines and proper ways to move locally, interstate or abroad with your children, pets or plants, plus a wide range of particular personal possessions; well explained great practic... more
  • Race Horse Training: Compared

    by Marion N. Seidel

    Follow the passion and the dream will come true… 
    Author Marion N. Seidel understands the power of passion and the reality of dreams coming true! Her first life dream was to work with horses. Realizing that dream as a jockey is all that she could ever imagine. Her second dream was to live in sunny South Florida which she accomplished a few short years later! Fantasy has no place in Marion’s life other than to create the beautiful canvas from which she paints her dreams.... more

  • From Race Horse to Trail Horse and Pet

    by Marion N. Seidel

    At some point in life there comes the time when the storm must become peace...
    Becoming a race horse is a grueling marathon training event. FROM RACE HORSE TO TRAIL HORSE AND PET is the non-fictional memoir of Billy, an ex thoroughbred racehorse, who's able to look back over a young but profound life and shares his deeply moving story!
    Retired from racing, Billy is exercised occasionally, but always groomed and fed... Until one day he's not shod and soon develops... more