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Political & Social Sciences

  • Nigerian Politics and Corruption

    by Kyrian Chukwuemeka Echekwu
    Corruption is alive and well in Nigeria?and it must be eliminated. Moreover, the Nigerian church can no longer watch it go unchecked. Though conscious of his limitations as a priest and theologian, the author takes an in-depth look at how corruption has taken hold of Nigeria and its people in this scholarly work. He challenges the church as a socio-moral actor and the civil authorities that govern Nigeria, arguing that the nation will collapse if corruption continues. He notes that even thou... more
  • Misgovernment

    by Mark Lipse
    Why are so many countries so poorly governed? In Misgovernment, Mark Lipse presents a compelling theory - that misgovernment is the almost inevitable legacy of lawmakers ignoring natural rights when setting up the legal, administrative and constitutional powers of governments. The result, especially in developing countries, is ?predatory jurisdiction?, or government powers, which, while lawful, and generally viewed as normal and natural, actually have the potential to be massively unjust and des... more
  • POLITICAL MIND GAMES: How the 1% Manipulate Our Understanding of What's Happening, What's Right, and What's Possible

    by Roy Eidelson
    In Political Mind Games, psychologist Roy Eidelson explains how we can recognize and counter the persuasive ploys that the 1% use to advance their self-serving agenda. With manipulative appeals that include “It’s a Dangerous World,” “We’re Fighting Injustice,” “They’re Devious and Dishonest,” and “Change is Impossible,” the rich and powerful prey upon the American people by strategically targeting the most important concerns in our daily lives. Offering timely examples drawn from the realms of e... more
  • Revealing the Wickedness of the American Government: Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment, and Human Experimentation

    by Alisha Louis
    “How a nation starts out will be how that nation will end!” America has heard this statement all throughout history, and yet she still has not taken heed to the warnings of God. She has started out as a wicked nation, so her end will be pure destruction. God has warned America for hundreds of years to repent and turn from her wicked ways, and yet she continues delving deeper in darkness. The ones who are at the helm of all this wickedness is the American Government conducting their covert wick... more
  • Humans Laid Bare Trilogyc

    by Kevin Focke (BatWhaleDragon)

    The full legendary trilogyc, one of the most original, if not the most original trilogyc of the 21st century.

    Psoid Froid is the founder of neo-circumstantialism, a thought provocateur and ambitious up-and-coming eminent intellectual who tasked himself with uprooting modern Western philosophy. He leaves no assumption uncovered and densely explores a vast amount of topics with a distinct wit, wordplay, and perspecuity. He is truly singular and so, without further ado, here be:

    Phil... more

  • It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps

    by Kelly Branyik
    It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps, is a full hand-guide to life as a Peace Corps Volunteer. From Application to Close of Service, understand the journey of volunteering and how to prepare for it. Drawing on the experiences and stories from Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from around the globe, this guide will bring you a wide selection of perspectives that help you prepare for whatever experience comes your way. When considering the Peace Corps adventure, this will be one of the most helpful ha... more

    by Pablo Garcia de Paredes
    Focused on analyzing the urban structure of Panamá City, Panamá, this highly successful non-fiction book lays the foundation for a critique of modern cities in the Americas.
  • "Your Rights When Stopped By Police"

    by Nancy E. Albert
    This book lays out, in everyday language, landmark rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court governing police-citizen encounters. Taken together, these decisions provide a road map to understanding the behavior required of ordinary citizens and law enforcement officers alike. Written in a lively, sometimes whimsical, narrative poetic style, it is designed to leave the reader not only entertained, but also empowered by a better understanding of one's rights and responsibilities. Extensive end notes, writ... more
  • CBT for Psychotherapists

    by Avigdor Bonchek
    Avigdor Bonchek, a clinical psychologist, explores how cognitive behavioral therapy and treatment programs that derive from the theory can help solve a variety of psychological problems in CBT for Psychotherapists. Drawing on professional literature and his decades of professional experience, he encourages readers and practitioners to think critically when deciding how to use CBT. In straightforward language, he explains what CBT is?and isn?t?and how it differs from other approaches. He also hig... more
  • 098376428X

    by James Bruno
    How is the world ruled and how do wars start? Diplomats tell lies to journalists and then believe what they read." ~ Karl Kraus. An ambassador orders his staff into the lawless interior of a civil war-torn country as guerrillas are targeting foreigners for assassination. Hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S.-bought weaponry are channeled to Afghan religious fanatics, the future Taliban. White House players leak classified information to the media, then blame the leaks on career civil servants.... more
  • "We live in Social Space: A window to a new science"

    by Fred Emil Katz
    The physical sciences have produced remarkably successful science about physical space -- enabling us to go to outer space, and more. We do not have a comparable science about social space -- where we actually live our lives. Developing a viable science is crucial if our species is to survive. Don't forget, this past century, we humans killed over 100 million of our fellow human beings. Obviously we are not in control of our social space. My book is an effort to jump start a real scienc... more
  • The Russia Probe: What Did Trump Know, and When Did He Know It?

    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    The Russia Probe: What Did Trump Know, And When Did He Know It? takes a hard, wide ranging look at what’s known and what still remains to be answered about Trump, the Russians, how America’s most important election could be subverted, and what the consequences of that are for American politics present and future.
  • Perceptions

    by Sam Mansourou
    The book criticizes vacant religious concepts and the complex appearing veils theologians attempt to conceal the vacancy with. Rather than criticize the three main religions for a general beleif in God, the way most "new athiest" books do, this book criticizes the influence of the religious masses. Please dont let highly religious readers review the book.I already know what they think of the book before they even read it. Sam Mansourou
  • Good Intentions—Bad Consequences

    by Phillip Nelson
    A new approach to understanding voter choice with important implications. There is a substantial class of voters who would like to do ?good? but ignore important consequences of their attempts to do so?naïve altruists. The book both shows why such a class exists and tests the implications of that group?s behavior in a setting where other voters are self-interested, others are traditionalists, and imitation plays a big role in voter choice. The book also looks at the policy implications of such b... more
  • Tikkunim (Corrections)

    by Jesse Bogner
    A collection of articles and essays to illustrate the broken and confusing nature of our society. By putting a mirror to the mess of contradictions that is modern life, his hope is that we will have a means of uniting what feels broken and divided. The book is intended for anyone who wants to disarm the bleakness of our current reality with new values.
  • Battle over Obamacare: 2009-17

    by Brendan Williams
    No federal law has been more controversial, or imperiled, than the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, ("Obamacare") signed into law by President Obama in March 2010. From the perspective of a former state insurance regulator, this is a story of the battle over Obamacare, through its passage, implementation, and the long fight to repeal it.