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Political & Social Sciences

  • The Rise and Fall of Paradise

    by I. K. Fleming
    Paradise—or the ordered universe or the cosmos—began with the discovery of time and its revelation that the universe operates according to universal laws. As Earth's people endeavored to live in harmony with these newfound principles, Paradise evolved into a religion as well as a science, and its truths were meticulously recorded in the myths and symbols that are the archives of preliterate peoples worldwide. The Rise and Fall of Paradise follows Paradise from its distant prehistoric beginni... more
  • A Commentary on the Gospel of John

    by Stanley C. Polski
    A Commentary on the Gospel of John is an exciting, startling new study by a lay philosopher who may be described as ?an uncommon common man.? Though detailed and scholarly, his work is excitingly readable for every seeker of insights. And isn?t that all of us? His writing provides a fresh, provocative, yet reverent look at Jesus as he is revealed through John?s writings and the author?s interpretation. The author quotes the Gospel of John a few verses at a time?and then explores these quotations... more
  • Shedding Black Africa's Burden: Africa Rising

    by David Ogula

    Your small step could make a big difference.

    Give Africa’s children a place of pride.

    Join the movement to stem the destructive cycle of war, poverty, famine, hunger, pandemic, dilapidated infrastructure; abysmal basic utilities and health services, political and economic instability.

    Africa Rising: Shedding Black Africa’s Burden is an introspective insider perspective about the burdens that have thwarted progress in Sub-Saharan Africa. Born and raised in Sub-Sah... more

  • No Table Too Small

    by Laura Titzer
    Unfortunately, we work and live in a world that is growing more divisive every day. Most of us are taking notice to this. No Table Too Small shows how there are six primary capabilities that can show us how to engage fully in changing the food system. This book is about learning to love relentless incrementalism in change and how the six capabilities provide a path. It is set within the food system, but can be used in any system. It is a dance between art and attitude, leaving ego at page one. ... more
  • The Absolutely Essential Book Of Jokes About The Left

    by ALS Marketing
    This irreverant collection of aphorisms, one-liners, wisecracks, verse and more is as subversive as it is crucial to British comedy. This book is irrepressible!
  • Conversation About America: The Faux G.O.P.'s Assault on the Values that Define Us

    by Thomas I. White
    The election of Donald Trump was not some once-in-a-lifetime aberration produced by bad luck, poor judgment and James Comey. Rather, it was the culmination of the Republican Party having been hijacked by the extreme right and transformed into a party that rejects fundamental ethical values. Conversation About America backs up this claim in an engaging fictional dialogue between a ‘mainstream’ Republican Congressman and a potential donor looking to support candidates who will champion values t... more

    by russell d. ward
    Trump Mania introduces many new financial plans and programs to double our economy. Some of these plans are, securing a faith based $50 Trillion loan to pay off our current national debt, leaving $29 Trillion to pay employers and retirement funds to double workers hourly pay and government sponsored retirement programs such as Social Security. Government will also need to freeze wholesale/retail prices to unable citizens to purchase twice as much as they currently do. This lead off plan plus man... more
  • Evil Reigns

    by Albert M. Iosue, M.D.
    There are 7.5 billion people alive today; millions more have lived, all having experienced the phenomena of mind and consciousness. The Library of Congress contains more than thirty-two million books, of which thousands are about the human mind. Because of the nature of language, no consensus has been reached as to what mind is and how it is related to the brain. In the last few hundred years, evil elements of the human mind have become dominant. An evolutionary development is unfolding as we li... more
  • Jesus in the White House

    by Gina Messina
    In a nation where the majority of Evangelical and Catholic populations elected Donald J. Trump to the highest office in the land, many have been left scratching their heads. How did Jesus’ teachings result in a leader of the free world who has mocked the disabled, sexually assaulted women, and openly made racist and xenophobic statements? If Jesus was President, how would his policies measure up against those of the Trump Administration? Would Christians of the Trump Era support a President J... more
  • Faith, Fighting and Forgiving: Life Lessons from The Walking Dead

    by Susan Lehman
    The Walking Dead, as all fans know, is not about the zombies. This amazing television phenomenon shows us a world where life’s dilemmas, morals and basic human issues are laid bare and out in the open. "Faith, Fighting and Forgiving: Life Lessons from The Walking Dead" highlights lessons that we can learn from these challenges. How do we handle anger? How can we find forgiveness? How do we know when it’s right to fight for ourselves and our beliefs? We face these questions as much as Rick, Carl,... more

    by Axel Reimann
    How about a totally new perspective on the economy? In a market economy, we all get what we deserve. At least, that’s what we believe. But more confusion reigns now than ever: who actually decides how big our share of the roast goat will be? Market laws or a curious arrangement construed by the powers that be? Axel Reimann explains why more and more people are questioning their faith in the economy and what impact that may ultimately have. In a humorous, vivid, and unconventional style, he revea... more
  • Worker Cooperatives and Revolution: History and Possibilities in the United States

    by Chris Wright

    Since the financial crisis of 2008 and the global popular protests of 2011, more people have begun to wonder and speculate: what’s next for civilization? The economic, social, and political status quo seems unsustainable, but what can emerge to take its place? In this book, a historian examines the past and present to argue that the seeds of a more humane society are already being planted, on local and international scales. Whether they will bear fruit depends, ultimately, on grassroots... more

  • How to Change a Law: The Intelligent Consumer's 7-Step Guide. Improve Your Community, Influence Your Country, Impact the World.

    by John Thibault
    This book is a do-it-yourself manual for voters, small business owners, lobbyists, and policy advocates who want to take political action, influence leaders and change laws. How To Change A Law offers insight, actionable tools, and strategies that will lead you to becoming an active Citizen Legislator who realizes that your participation in public policy matters. Once you understand the power of lobbying, you will be able to improve your community, influence leaders, and impact the world.
  • Partition

    by Michael Lapajenko
    Countries are obsessed with unilateralism and consumed by internal affairs. A plan that leads to the creation of a united planet by way of voluntary compliance is needed, even though things are getting better. Domestic perceptions of US leadership in the world are on the decline, hence the rise of Tea Party movement and Donald Trump. The argument here is it is not about who has the most successful economic system or who has the stronger leader. The United States has been the world?s whipping boy... more
  • The Mystery Between the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of Lucifer Finally Revealed

    by Septimus Bacourt
    Before you read this book, you have to clean from your mind all that you already learned from religious organizations. Don?t read it with your mind set up. You will never learn ancient wisdom. This book is about helping you to understand two mysteries never revealed for many centuries because the religious leaders you listened to have their minds set up for one thing?their wallets. They don?t care about your soul.
  • Russia turns the page

    by Dimitri Elkin
    This narrative history of the new Russia brings together political, economic, cultural, social, and ethnic factors that shaped Russia’s course during the final years of the post-Soviet period. The book starts with Vladimir Putin's Munich Security Conference Speech in 2007 and ends with Russia's intervention in Syria in 2015-2016. The author argues that during the post-Soviet period Russia was torn between the two conflicting impulses: the fear of chaos, which pushed Russia towards building a ... more