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Political & Social Sciences

  • Atomic Spirituality

    by Dylan Clearfield
    Religion and spirituality are examined through the lens of quantum physics. Do the phenomena of quantum physics reflect the doctrines of faith? This theory is scientifically tested against religious beliefs. Both skeptics and believers will be pleased by the results. Written for the lay reader.
  • The New Enlightenment: A Twenty-First Century Peaceful American Revolution

    by Robert Bivona
    The New Enlightenment details 34 public policies that will, if instituted: Lift tens of millions of Americans out of poverty to a standard of living that now exists in the middle class; substantially improve the standard of living of tens of millions more; fundamentally improve our election and lobbying systems; enhance democracy with an innovative, new democratic system; create a $500 billion annual federal surplus; increase GDP by $1.8 trillion. Costs or revenue gains resulting from institutin... more
  • Trimodology

    by David J. Besley
    For the first offender, the cause of many cases is the confusing of the moral and the legal, the public and the private. This is not simplistic or making excuses. Therefore, if the differences could be taught instead of learned from a prosecution, it would spare the pain of prosecution and its antisocial consequences. This, the book attempts to do. Having separated the moral and the legal and adding force back gives faith, code, and force as the three modalities. Next is what to do with them. Ea... more
  • Conversations and Soliloquies

    by Maurice Hommel
    In the midst of apartheid in South Africa, journalist Maurice Hommel documented the cruel injustices and tensions running rampant within the country. What he saw forever impacted his life. Conversations and Soliloquies presents a collection of Hommel?s essays and articles from the last fifty-five years, documenting and analyzing South African history during and after apartheid. Over time, the essays illuminate, in sometimes graphic detail, the anti-apartheid struggle that defined South Africa... more
  • Penny Rants: Notes of a Sanctimonious Purist, 2005-2012

    by Alec Mento

    *Penny Rants: Notes of a Sanctimonious Purist, 2005-2012* collects posts from Alec Mento's long-running political action weblog, *Thieves in the Temple*. Each page of *Penny Rants* devotes one paragraph to one subject, and slices through the drama and bombast of contemporary American politics. Fierce, uncompromising, and withering, but always forward-looking and never cynical, *Penny Rants* argues that liberals have the right answers to today's pressing questions -- and have a mo... more

  • We The Resilient:Wisdom for America from Women Born Before Suffrage

    by Sarah Benor and Tom Fields-Meyer
    We The Resilient features reflections from 78 women from across the country, all born before the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote in 1920. Amid the rancor of the 2016 presidential campaign, one uplifting story captured the media’s attention. A website called “I Waited 96 Years!” highlighted the voices of women born before August 1920, when the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. Now they were enthusiastically casting ballots to send a woman to the White House. The electio... more
  • There Will Be a Thousand Years of Peace...Ushered in by the Women

    by Anne Wilson Schaef
    Anne Wilson Schaef builds on her former bestseller, Women's Reality, her New York Times bestseller When Society Becomes an Addict, and her multi-million copy bestseller Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much to bring us all up to date on the Women's Movement. She explores the potentially positive impact that women can and must harness to step forward for further development of the human race and for the planet as a whole. The Full Title of the book is "There Will Be a Thousand Years of Peace and... more
  • Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?

    by Tom Madden
    Down in the points, behind in the polls, can our 45th President pull off a huuuuuge win to fulfill his promise to Make America Great Again. This book examines with a sense of humor and occasional outrage the steps and missteps of Donald J. Trump first as a candidate and now as perhaps the ultimate rookie President struggles to learn the entangled ropes of governing. Much of the book is a compilation of MaddenMischief blogs.
  • Let's Make Our World Better: How Politics and Religion Stand in the Way

    by Warren william Luce
    This book provides a reasonable blueprint for a better world, explaining how we humans have gone astray, what that has done to our beautiful world, and what we must do to right ourselves. Following the directions provided by author Warren Luce, we can make our lives richer, our children’s future brighter and the world a kinder place to live. It will help you better understand your true nature as a magnificent human being made in God’s image with the power to determine your own destiny.
  • Above All Take Care of Self

    by Char Abbot
    The book's primary focus is to expand on the reasons why many people no longer trust or believe in Self. Also, that this lack of trust causes many of the health, relationship and financial difficulties people face today. The author takes the reader back to how the seeds of capitalism were first planted to explain why this lack of trust is so prevalent, especially for women. The intent is to help people shed the false perceptions, fears and limiting beliefs that continue to circumscribe them, esp... more
  • Death and Dying: What You Need to Know-Before You Go

    by Pam Zaretta

    Everyone will die eventually, yet death is a highly taboo subject that most people prefer not to think about, let alone discuss or plan for. Death and Dying: What You Need to Know—Before You Go fearlessly takes a fresh and pragmatic look at death through scientific, medical, and legal aspects applicable to everyone, regardless of their religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs about death.

  • The De-Evolution of the Black Church

    by L.D. Williams
    My personal journey and struggle with religion as defined by my experience in the Black Church from early tradition and cultural mores to the Black Church shunting its responsibility as an impetus and instigator of social change and political power.
  • The Astoundingly Persuasive Argument From Experience: The Ultimate Argument for God's Existence

    by Eric Demaree
    THIS IS THE BOOK THAT NO ONE BELIEVES EXISTS No one really believes that a slam-dunk argument for God exists. However, C. S. Lewis, Alvin Platinga and Robert M. Adams have been close to a slam-dunk argument for God. As Lewis asked, “How do we know whether an action is fair or not?” As Platinga has noted, “Because of our experiences, we do not need an argument to have a reasonable belief in God.” Amazingly, this book reveals a universal experience of God, which gives us what is possibly the fi... more
  • Government Control of News

    by Corydon B. Dunham
    Because of the overwhelming changes in media within the past twenty years, First Amendment values are more vital than ever to this country’s freedom. This thorough study brings to the forefront the reasons that government regulation of news content violates the public interest and the fundamental principles of the First Amendment. A recent FCC decision may even threaten the freedom of news on the Internet. The U.S. State Department urged at World Press Freedom Day in 2011 that journalists shoul... more