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Political & Social Sciences

  • Chicago Is Not Broke: Funding the City We Deserve

    by Tom Tresser
    The dominant and recurring civic narrative in Chicago and across the USA is that "We are broke." In Chicago this is simply NOT true. We have assembled a team of local civic experts to lay out ways to save and generate MAJOR progressive and sustainable revenues to build and operate the city we deserve. A city that works for everyone - not just for the Mayor's insiders and campaign contributors.
  • Inequality: Darwinian Evolution and Disparity in the Wealth of Nations

    by Harold Longaker

    Inequality answers the question - why are some nations rich while others remain poor. It does this with a multidisciplinary or consilient approach. It stitches together several disciplines with the binding thread of Darwinian Theory to create the explanatory model. In the end the model is used to to examine eight distinct religions / geographies.

  • Phalluses of Logic: How to Know When Republicans Lie

    by Avi Silverman

    "Phalluses of Logic" introduces the reader to common errors in logic called fallacies. Each chapter uses stories of Republican pundits and politicians including Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Ray Comfort. The events range from horrifying to hilarious as politics often does. By the end of the book the reader will have become a political lie detector, familiar with the techniques used to fool the American public.

  • Fuehrer Recognition Kit

    by J Guenther
    It's become more and more popular to compare candidates from both parties to Hitler. This is another instance of Godwin's Law. But Godwin's Law doesn't address the merit of the comparison, merely the likelihood that it will be made. Now there is a tool to give a measure of how Hitler-like each candidate is: The Fuehrer Recognition Kit or "FURK."
  • Common Cents

    by Paul Haughey
    Common Cents is a non-partisan look at how changes in practices by the states and Congress in recent decades have distorted the Constitutional checks and balances and led to the corruption of the U.S. government by special interests and the loss of the ability of Congress to compromise to get things done. Campaign funds provide donors lobbying access to Congress, where they can take advantage of the filibuster and other “choke point” rules to get special favors that the rest of us pay for. As ... more
  • TrumpTherapyColoringBook

    by Mike Browne
    It is scientifically proven that adult coloring book therapy can reduce stress and possibly lower your blood pressure. The Official Trump Therapy Coloring Book will make you forget building a wall, counting Muslims, birther claims, Trump Steaks, Skittles, Isis, Rudy Giuliani, Vladimir Putin, Cheeto dust, Evanka Munster and nuclear proliferation. Pull out your crayons, markers or colored pencils and fill in all the holes that are sitting in your head. Unplug the television, throw your modem out t... more
  • The Truth The World Can't Handle

    by Rex Wilkinson
    Most peoples puzzle of the Universe is so incomplete . That giving them one more piece of the puzzle is no use to them . This is an attempt to give them the whole picture , Infinity is the default theory and until we can prove otherwise infinity is reality . The probability of god and heaven being real , a billion to one shot if science is to be generous , so why does my NZ government still protect and fund madness . Insanity by the order of the NZ government . Capitalism is not your friend , VW... more
  • Female Erasure: What You Need to Know About Gender Politics' War on Women, the Female Sex, and Human Rights

    by Ruth Barrett

    This unique anthology is a  dynamic collection of diverse voices speaking out against gender identity politics, exposing the origins and harmful effects of transgender ideology on the lives of women and children today as a continuation of female erasure and silencing. This anthology comes at a time when gender identity politics and profits from an emerging medical transgenderism industry for children, teens, and adults inhibit our ability to have meaningful discussions about se... more

  • The Future of Democracy in America and the World: A Few Possibilities

    by James Schacht
    The Future of Democracy in America and the World: A Few Possibilities makes the vast fields of modern American political philosophy and politics more accessible to both those engaged and those not engaged in these professions. Based in part on an exhaustive reading of American political philosophy and writers who have influenced American political philosophy, James Schacht explores what democracy has been in the past, what it is now, and what it can be in the future. Going as far back as t... more
  • Revisioning Activism: Bringing Depth, Dialogue, and Diversity to Individual and Social Change

    by David Bedrick
    Many forms of activism live in the margins of more conventional strategies. These essays broaden our vision of activism to include how the social/political world impacts the inner lives of people, how dialogue across diverse viewpoints can impact hearts and minds, and how psychology can play a role as a social-change agent. Bedrick deconstructs racism by looking at divergent views of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He deconstructs sexism by critiquing the diet industry and the way women feel about t... more
  • How the Catholic Church Became Naughty...and Where the Real Hindrance to Reform Lies: What Is Preventing the Church Leaders from

    by Jack Doherty
    How the Catholic Church Became Naughty…And Where the Real Hindrance to Reform Lies by Jack Doherty The cardinals and bishops of the Catholic Church have been naughty for centuries. Why can’t they practice what they preach? At Christmastime 2014 Pope Francis scolded them for their vanity, hypocrisy, back-biting, gossiping, boasting, lusting for power and control, and acting like Lords of the Manor. This book is an expansion on Pope Francis’s admonition to his inner governing circle, th... more
  • Wedlocked: A Story of Forced Marriage

    by Hannah Rubenstein
    When the plainclothes police officers appeared with a warrant for her arrest, Mayah assumed that her father — a powerful figure in Nairobi’s Indian business community — was attempting to frighten her. What she didn’t realize was that her ordeal had only just begun. That night, while her newlywed husband languished in a jail cell, she would be driven across the border at gunpoint, sedated, and locked in an empty room for days. She would be flown across the ocean in a drugged haze and awake ... more
  • Tainted by Suspicion: The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections

    by Fred Lucas
    The almost-presidencies of Aaron Burr or Al Gore would have created a different world. Four presidential elections were not decided on election day, but were rather decided by another branch of government. And in three cases, large segments of Americans viewed the president as illegitimately selected rather than legitimately elected. This is the story of the common threads binding the pro-longed presidential elections of 1800, 1824, 1876 and 2000.
  • Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton On the Issues

    by Jesse Gordon
    How do the two front-runners compare on the issues? Forget about polls; forget about politicking; -- what would Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each do as president? This book digs up Hillary's and Donald's issue stances on over 100 key issues, from voting records, debates, memoirs, biographies -- all of the sources that the mainstream media SHOULD investigate, but never do. An ideal book for actually answering serious questions about issue stances and policy plans -- keep it on your coffeetabl... more
  • Chronicles of the Kwedake Dikep, A Timeline of the Indian Spring on the Hill, TL of 2012

    by Robert J. Thayer
    The Chronicles examine the possibility of adding a very critical human right to the American Constitution, giving health and genetic protections to unborn citizens and health aid until they reach the ‘terrible twos’. Each Chronicle examines aspects of the Constitution with an independent view from the ancient Indian Spring on the Hill, which is actually located on Capitol Hill, USA. The Chronicles are a set of yearly political TimeLines for this century.