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Political & Social Sciences

  • 978-0-9915831-5-7

    by Paul J. Harrington
    In The Commonsense Rules, former attorney and business executive Paul Harrington exposes the truth about the perfect storm of economic, fiscal, and political forces that are about to collide in an unprecedented national disaster. He proposes a comprehensive package of innovative and bold solutions, founded in the natural laws referred to in the Declaration of Independence as the source of our “unalienable rights.” Only a new constitution can save the United States, according to the author. ... more
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Civil Rights: A Public Policy Agenda for Uniting a Divided America

    by Wally Swan
    After two years of work, the book that I have edited titled “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Civil Rights: A Public Policy Agenda for Uniting a Divided America” (CRC Press) is scheduled to come out on October 3, 2014. Why is this book of interest to you? (1) It is the only book provides information about what comes next for the LGBT community after marriage in 19 states; as well as (2) It defines how we may achieve equality in the 30+ states that have no protections for LGBT people re... more
  • Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do to Stop Them

    by Connor Boyack
    What do history's most notorious despots have in common with many of the flag-waving, patriotic politicians of our day? Both groups rise to power through the exploitation of fear. Sometimes the fear derives from a pre-existing threat. At other times, crises are created or intensified to invoke a sense of panic and anxiety where none previously existed. This pattern is as predictable as it is destructive. The end result is the same: a loss of liberty. Policies that are costly, oppressive, and ... more
  • The Credit Crisis: Magical Thinking, Irrationality and the Role of Inequality

    by Niccolo Caldararo
    The world economy is undergoing dynamic change, theories of finance and markets like the efficient market theory have collapsed in the face of the credit crisis. My analysis puts 19th and 20th century theories of economic behavior into a uniformitarian context using cross cultural examples and a new framework for analyzing human economic behavior. The book uses examples from peoples and bankers as well as recent conditions that brought on the crisis to teach a practical paradigm for the new gl... more
  • Best Interests of the Children

    by Robert & Miriam Fertig
    BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILDREN The ethical principles of Beneficence and Non-Maleficence exist in the medical world to maximize benefit and to avoid harm to patients. It is the duty to assist persons in need, and its converse, the duty to refrain from causing harm. These same principles apply to the Best Interest standard used in the children and families dependency welfare system, to protect defenseless children from parental abandonment, neglect and abuse. Annually, nearly 700,000 children... more
  • A Man and a Motorcycle, how Hamid Karzai came to power

    by Bette Dam
    With a secondhand motorcycle, the support of a few powerful tribesmen and a good friend in the CIA, the unknown Hamid Karzai willed himself to power as the new hope of Afghanistan. Acclaimed journalist Bette Dam chronicles the astonishing rise of Afghanistan’s U.S.-backed leader from obscurity to one of the most influential figures in the global war on terror. Following the 2001 toppling of the Taliban, a fragile Afghanistan was on the brink. Karzai, armed with a recipe for victory came within i... more
  • Beyond Liberty Alone

    by Howard I. Schwartz, PhD
    The concept of liberty has been taken hostage by the political Right over the last forty years in an effort to justify all sorts of destructive political positions. The result is a theory of liberty that is destructive to our planet, our nation, and our moral selves. Beyond Liberty Alone takes back the concept of liberty, peeling away the distorted popular assumptions that inform the Right’s understanding of this critical political concept and, in its place, proposes an alternative that’s pro... more
  • Wrote and published "Rebuilding a Dream."

    by andre shashaty

    "Rebuilding a Dream" reveals why our nation is at a crossroads and must decide whether to continue the efforts begun 50 years ago, in the wake of rioting in dozens of cities, to provide affordable housing, revitalize cities and create equal opportunity. This hard-hitting book by veteran journalist Andre Shashaty digs into today's housing affordability crisis and the resurgence of urban decline to make a bold call for renewed efforts to reduce homelessness and inequality, and add... more

  • Stupidparty Math v Myth: Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy

    by Carol Hoenig
    Stupidparty Math v Myth relies on documented facts, resources and tools to deconstruct and relentlessly drill down on the numerous misconceptions held by too many Republicans. It is an exercise that will ultimately lead to the unmasking of the real culprits. •Stupidparty positions defrocked on: the Moochers , the economy, climate change, environmental stewardship, racism, religion, Freedoms , guns and ignorance-based humor. •Fox News and the fallacy of facts exposed, documented and explained... more
  • ISBN: 978-1-4918-1825-1 Everything You Need to Know About Rush Limbaugh 'CONSERVATISM'

    by Elmer Lightman
    The book is an extensive compendium refuting Limbaugh in 14 areas with in-depth chapters of information on the topics he misleads on. The chapter titles will guide you. I recommend delving into subject areas that interest the reader then go to the last three chapters V-3, VIII, IX and X. That's where I present information not generally known, if at all, about "conservatism" so called today, what makes the 30% or so of the population who are hard core "conservatives," and whether it's really co... more
  • Hunting Practices of the Wachiperi: Demystifying Indigenous Environmental Behavior

    by Rodolfo Tello
    What makes indigenous peoples conserve or degrade biodiversity? This study about the hunting practices of the Wachiperi of the Peruvian rainforest provides a superb example of the changing environmental behavior of indigenous groups, particularly in light of widespread phenomena such as cultural change, market expansion, and greater diversification of livelihoods. The reasons why indigenous communities end up degrading or conserving natural resources are addressed in a comprehensive yet accessib... more
  • We the Ticked Off People

    by Jennifer Larson
    Most Americans, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, are tired of the politics in Washington. We voted for Congress to make changes and for our president to follow through on promises of hope and moving forward, but where have we truly gone and is there any hope of finding our way back?
  • The Cancer In Healthcare–How Greed Is Killing What We Love

    by Dr. Deane Waldman
    Healthcare Has Cancer! You're spending more and more (and more) on healthcare. Is Obamacare giving you what you want? Something is very wrong with our healthcare system. Some blame insurance companies. Some point to hospitals. Others accuse the government of being greedy for more power. But there's something far more insidious and dangerous at work.... • Exemptions • Exchanges that don't work • Bureaucrats collecting all your private information • One side blaming the other Who real... more
  • Sic Semper Res Publica: The Political Ramblings of a Disgruntled Midwestern Teenager

    by Nathan Richendollar
    "Sic Semper Res Publica:" is the tale of America's decline as told by a teenage onlooker. The author is highly accomplished in his studies and rolls his knowledge & experiences (& empathizes with the experiences of others) into this substantial and informative book. The author maintains a hopeful but foreboding tone throughout as he addresses all of America's issues, past precedents, and he makes suggests for solutions. From healthcare to the banking system, from immigration to national defens... more
  • Give America a Chance; The Rants and Raves of an American Patriot

    by A.J. Nelson
    Give America a Chance; The Rants and Raves of an American Patriot is not your typical "support your country" book. For one year, I challenged myself to purchase all-American products. I journaled every success, every challenge, and every failure. Give America a Chance; The Rants and Raves of an American Patriot gives you the opportunity to read my journal. Like I said, this is not your typical book. There's a reason "rants and raves" are included in the title.
  • Nuclear War: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and a Workable Moral Strategy for Achieving and Preserving World Peace

    by Raymond G. Wilson
    An insane world we created. Seventy years after the 1945 ending, the nuclear madness we created is now endemic for the world, like a cancer of the spirit of the world, like a multi-faceted plague, by which we all could succumb. If it were not so damned serious it would be laughable; that the great majority of all people of the earth want peace and a better life so badly, and their leaders seem powerless and sufficiently witless to obtain it for them. Where now are the leaders who have the w... more