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Political & Social Sciences

  • Two American Voices of Nazi Propaganda

    by Dr. Frank Rybicki
    During World War II the Nazi doctrine was being spread to homes across the United States by way of short-wave radio. The goal was to undermine the nation's will to fight. The Federal government had its own interpretation of these broadcasts and decided to re-define the term "treason." Propaganda efforts aimed directly at American homes by American radio commentators in Berlin would not be tolerated. Eight U.S. citizens were indicted for treason but only two would ever stand trial on American soi... more
  • Sovereign Debt Crisis and Economic Sustainability

    by Nazimudeen Saleem
    The concept of market economy and capitalism is said to have created miracles in lifting the economic prosperity and the standard of living of people worldwide, particularly in the developed economies of the West and Japan since the forties. In an age of globalization and commercialization, the author of this book Nazimudeen Saleem wonders if we could continue to enjoy what we are endowed with, particularly when debt inflicted nation-states of the West find it difficult to sustain this rather fa... more
  • The Secret Peace

    by Jesse Richards
    Recessions. Terrorism. Global warming. There's no doubt that countless dire crises consume the world. And yet, positive change is also all around us, under the media's radar. Here is evidence of history's true trend: a convincing picture of declining war, advancing health, equal rights, revolutionary technology, and more. This powerful shift in perspective - not trite "positive thinking" but a realistic look at hidden data - is needed now more than ever. Could the world really be better off than... more
  • Reawakening the Public Research University

    by Renee Beville Flower
    A core institution in the human endeavor—the public research university—is in transition. As U.S. public universities adapt to a multi-decadal decline in public funding, they risk losing their essential character as a generator, evaluator, and archivist of ideas and as a wellspring of tomorrow’s intellectual, economic, and political leaders. This book explores the core interdependent and coevolving structures of the research university: its physical domain (buildings, libraries, classrooms), adm... more
  • Wommack’s The Art of Parenting: Lessons from Parents & Mentors of Extraordinary Americans

    by David R. Wommack
    Let's be honest. No other parenting books even try to show you how to make your son or daughter a great American. We do. Thirty-one (31) great men and women from across many professions, genders, politics, religions, and walks of life--the products of extraordinary parenting and mentoring. This book offers the exact techniques, words, phrases, mantras --to propel your offspring to incredible success -- toward rich, vivid lives. They worked for those parents and mentors. They can and will work fo... more
  • The Snowflake Effect

    by Trey Willis
    Just about everyone under the age of thirty is an entitled, unhappy, lazy, shallow, egomaniacal monster. At least that’s what they say. They, of course, are pretty much anyone over the age of thirty. They are also pretty accurate in their description of us. This has become something of a problem for our society. The Self-Esteem Movement was the catalyst for the shift in cultural norms and values that has allegedly ruined an entire generation. Everyone was suddenly a special and unique little... more
  • DARK SPELL: Surviving the Sentence

    by Mara Leveritt

       “Dark Spell,” the second book in Leveritt’s trilogy about the infamous case of the West Memphis Three, picks up where her best-selling “Devil's Knot” left off. She follows Jason Baldwin, skinny and near blind, into the adult penitentiary he entered at sixteen. Few expect him to last in that violent place, especially in light of his conviction for having murdered children as part of a Satanic ritual.

       But Jason endures. He prevails over nights of loneliness and days of hatred and ab... more

  • Rethinking Religion: Finding a Place for Religion in a Modern, Tolerant, Progressive, Peaceful and Science-Affirming World

    by Barbara O'Brien
    Rethinking Religion argues that today’s clown-shoes religiosity is an infantile caricature of religion that the great theologians, scholars, saints and sages of the past wouldn’t recognize as religion at all. Religion may be salvageable, and may even be beneficial, but only if we can rediscover what it is and how to make use of it. Rethinking Religion is a proposal for how we might do that.
  • A Nation Under Judgment

    by richard capriola
    A Nation Under Judgment reviews social polices from a Scriptural point of view and enables readers to decide for themselves if our nation is moving away from being One Nation Under God?
  • Age, Old Age, Language, Law

    by Howard Eglit
    This book addresses the uses and misuses of language to both create and to perpetuate ageism, i.e. negative biases regarding the elderly. The primary focus is on depictions, reports, etc., in the print news media, with attention also addressed to age bias in movies, television, and literature. Legal analysis is presented in an effort to determine whether there are law-based means to combat the rampant age discrimination that these vehicles of communication both create and nurture. Non-legal in... more
  • The Seamy Corners of American Politics: Current Conservative Articles on American Politics

    by Kevin Caffrey
    The book represents a 21st century Edmund Burke conservative approach. The Tea Party is important in the book. The progressives are dismantled throughout the book.
  • Research in Information Studies: A Cultural and Social Approach

    by W. Bernard Lukenbill
    Provides of a holistic approach to discussing research and its components and uses, and demonstrates how research is an important element in culture and social life.