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  • Crops and Carbon: Paying Farmers to Combat Climate Change

    by Mike Robbins
    Rich countries are paying poor countries to fight climate change on their behalf – and one way they are doing it is through carbon sinks. These are reservoirs of organic carbon tied up in plants and in the earth, rather than being in the atmosphere as greenhouse gases. This book looks critically at this mode of climate change mitigation. Can it work? Is it just? Will poorer countries benefit? The book considers the scientific, economic and ethical basis for this type of mitigation. Previous a... more
  • Unknown Skies: Leslie Kean and the Case for Rational UFO Investigation

    by Steven Donoso

    Unknown Skies is centered around an informed and in-depth interview with investigative journalist Leslie Kean, who has been researching and reporting for the past fifteen years on a subject which carries a cultural taboo on rational discourse: the presence in our skies of unidentified flying objects. Kean's articles have appeared in the Boston Globe, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, International Herald Tribune and other publications. Rational, eye... more

  • Form or Viscosity

    by payman sheriff
    Two clumps of matter pass through each other without sharing space; In some cases the colliding clumps of matter appear to deepen their distance even as they pass through each other. Clumps of a few hundred thousand lithium atoms that are cooled to within one-millionth of a degree above absolute zero a temperature so cold that the atoms march in lockstep and act as a single matter wave. The Interaction of light with matter has long been a field of interest for many quantum physicists, however,... more
  • Ecological studies of Parlatoria date scale insect, Parlatoria blanchardii (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) infesting date palm trees in

    by Moustafa Bakry
    Ecological studies of Parlatoria date scale insect, Parlatoria blanchardii (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) infesting date palm trees in Luxor Governorate, Egypt.
  • The Sandboa Book

    by Warren H. Treacher
    The Sandboa Book - 272 pages. 200+ photos by 31 photographers from 4 continents and 10 countries. With the largest part on East African sandboa [colubrinus], the book also covers rufescens and their crosses. It includes chapters on all 11 other sandboa species. with range maps, descriptions and known husbandry for all. Finished with three morph galleries, The Sandboa Book is the most comprehensive book on sandboas written.
  • The Airman's Arctic Survival Guide

    by Isabel Browne Driscoll

    The Airman’s Arctic Survival Guide  by Belmore Browne

    “Wars are fought outdoors.” - Belmore Browne (1880-1954) Alarmed by the high casualty rate of downed airmen in the north during the opening months of World War II, military planners turned to Belmore Browne, American artist, illustrator, explorer and experienced outdoorsman. As Civilian Consultant for the new Arctic Training School, he prepared courses based on his lectures and original poster-sized diagrams to... more

  • Ripe Seed Recorded

    by J. S. King
    You want to collect wildflower seed but when will it be ready? This guide tells you when the seed will be ripe and make more efficient your collecting forays. Plants for your shady beds, plants for your sunny borders, the native landscape has something for every niche. Look at your local wild areas with a new eye and see which flowers will enhance your garden.
  • The Dance of the Moon

    by Pari Spolter
    Explanation of the complex motion of the Moon. In this book, you will not find a long series of advanced mathematical equations. There are no theory or assumptions. Instead, you will find many easy to understand graphs based on the latest ephemerides of unprecedented accuracy.
  • The Wild Horse Dilemma: Conflicts and Controversies of the Atlantic Coast Herds

    by Bonnie Gruenberg

    Tirades and threats. Hyperbole and deception. Living traditions and dead animals. The conflicts that rage around the wild horses of the Atlantic coast can be loud, confusing, and downright vicious. Wild horses have lived on these barrier islands for hundreds of years, and many people would like to see them remain. Horse advocates and horse detractors alike turn to research to support their claims, but often reach different conclusions from the same information. Bonnie Gruenberg, a healthcare ... more

  • Are the Androids Dreaming Yet?: Amazing Brain. Human Communication, Creativity & Free Will.

    by James Tagg
    One of the most important questions of our time is whether human beings are computers? Are we 'wet computers' made from flesh and blood rather than Silicon but essentially the same? If we are then how do we create and exercise free will. The book is very topical. We have just had the launch of two Hollywood movies in this field, the Imitation Game and the Theory of Everything. What are the questions these great minds - Turing and Hawking - grappled with and what do their answers mean to our ... more
  • Beza, Who Saved the Forests of Ethiopia, One Church at a Time – A Conservation Story

    by Meg Lowman, Ph.D.
    BEZA is the story of an Ethiopian girl who is helping to conserve the last forests and biodiversity of northern Ethiopia. BEZA not only inspires girls to pursue science, but she also illustrates the power of kids to seek global solutions.
  • Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land

    by william d boehm
    Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land is a natural history and photographic book that explores one of the earth's last primeval places, a spectacular mountainous landscape penetrated by fjords created by retreating ice, home to wildlife including whales, seals, sea lions, sea otter, moose, mountain goats, brown and black bear, wolverine, bald eagles and puffins. More than a half million visitors come yearly to this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Southeast Alaska's northern panhandle, drawn by its un spoil... more
  • Ideology versus Science: Climate Change Denial

    by William McPherson
    Climate change is a daunting prospect for the earth and many people would like to avoid thinking about its consequences. Wouldn't it be great if someone had a way to avoid worrying about climate science? Well, someone has. Denial ideology is a set of beliefs about climate science that denies the principal findings. Using canards such as "the globe is cooling" and "climate change is entirely natural" enables denial ideologues to argue against acceptance of the findings of climate science. These c... more
  • Soundoff

    by I.S. Petteice
    A vetting of Barack Obama that was never made by the media. Soundoff gives every reason why you should not have voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and more than 50 legitimate reasons why Barack Obama should have been and should be impeached by Congress. Corruption in the media, corruption in Congress, and throughout our Government is exposed.
  • When Eagles Roar: The Amazing Journey of an African Wildlife Adventurer

    by James Alexander Currie with Bonnie J. Fladung
    Follow the daring safari of James Currie as his love of birds, fascination with wildlife and craving for adventure lead him into humorous and life threatening situations. James captures the essence of what it means to be African today, facing everything from the Big Five to the vestiges of apartheid to the AIDS epidemic. He provides authoritative information on African wildlife and illustrates hair-raising encounters with lions, buffalo, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros and snakes through excitin... more
  • The Humem State: The Emergence and Establishment of Our Extended Presence

    by alan brook

    The founder of the Humem State Foundation portends and advocates the next stage in cultural evolution—the creation of a state for our extended presences.

    • How can we as individuals benefit from the astounding advances in technology without continuing to surrender the control, ownership, and privacy of our data to corporations and governments?
    • How can we ensure that our personal data will be securely accessible for our lifelong use and that... more