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  • Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land

    by william d boehm
    Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land is a natural history and photographic book that explores one of the earth's last primeval places, a spectacular mountainous landscape penetrated by fjords created by retreating ice, home to wildlife including whales, seals, sea lions, sea otter, moose, mountain goats, brown and black bear, wolverine, bald eagles and puffins. More than a half million visitors come yearly to this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Southeast Alaska's northern panhandle, drawn by its un spoil... more
  • Ideology versus Science: Climate Change Denial

    by William McPherson
    Climate change is a daunting prospect for the earth and many people would like to avoid thinking about its consequences. Wouldn't it be great if someone had a way to avoid worrying about climate science? Well, someone has. Denial ideology is a set of beliefs about climate science that denies the principal findings. Using canards such as "the globe is cooling" and "climate change is entirely natural" enables denial ideologues to argue against acceptance of the findings of climate science. These c... more
  • Soundoff

    by I.S. Petteice
    A vetting of Barack Obama that was never made by the media. Soundoff gives every reason why you should not have voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and more than 50 legitimate reasons why Barack Obama should have been and should be impeached by Congress. Corruption in the media, corruption in Congress, and throughout our Government is exposed.
  • When Eagles Roar: The Amazing Journey of an African Wildlife Adventurer

    by James Alexander Currie with Bonnie J. Fladung
    Follow the daring safari of James Currie as his love of birds, fascination with wildlife and craving for adventure lead him into humorous and life threatening situations. James captures the essence of what it means to be African today, facing everything from the Big Five to the vestiges of apartheid to the AIDS epidemic. He provides authoritative information on African wildlife and illustrates hair-raising encounters with lions, buffalo, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros and snakes through excitin... more
  • The Humem State: The Emergence and Establishment of Our Extended Presence

    by alan brook

    The founder of the Humem State Foundation portends and advocates the next stage in cultural evolution—the creation of a state for our extended presences.

    • How can we as individuals benefit from the astounding advances in technology without continuing to surrender the control, ownership, and privacy of our data to corporations and governments?
    • How can we ensure that our personal data will be securely accessible for our lifelong use and that... more
  • Tweeting Da Vinci

    by Ann C. Pizzorusso
    Imagine if you could see the River Styx, bathe in the Fountain of Youth, collect water which enhances fertility, wear a gem that heals bodily ailments, understand how our health is affected by geomagnetic fields, come close to the flames of Hell on Earth and much, much, more. Know something? These things exist—on Earth—today—in Italy and you can visit them. Ann C. Pizzorusso reveals how Italy’s geology has affected its history, art, religion, medicine and culture. Her beautiful book is packed wi... more
  • Water Culture in South Asia: Bangladesh Perspectives

    by Suzanne Hanchett, Tofazzel Hossain Monju, Kazi Rozana Akhter, Shireen Akhter, an
    “Water is life” in Bangladesh. Based on five researchers’ long-term involvement with water development programs, this book introduces the reader to the vast range of meanings that water has in this South Asian country, where village women struggle daily for access to safe supplies. Mythology, ancient sciences, folklore, and language provide a cultural foundation for water's uses in the home.
  • “BRAINCHAINS. Discover your brain and unleash its full potential in a hyperconnected multitasking world”

    by Theo Compernolle
    Are you worried that you perform below your abilities and competencies at work? You are not the only one. 60% to 75% of brainworkers are convinced they under-perform. Lots of research agrees, but fortunately also shows that 4 of 5 major causes are within your own area of control! Based on 5 years of research, BrainChains explains the challenges and the solutions. The core message:you need to know something about your brain to get the best of it and of you ICT. What is your most importan... more
  • Sex Love and DNA: What Molecular Biology Teaches Us About Being Human

    by Peter Schattner
    Can 21st-century molecular biology answer age-old questions about the human experience? Can studying proteins and DNA help us understand how we make our choices in sex and love? How we communicate? Where our emotions come from? Or why we age and die? In this fascinating journey into the biology of cells, award-winning scientist and educator Peter Schattner explains how proteins and DNA affect our lives. Based on the latest scientific discoveries, "Sex Love and DNA: What Molecular Biology T... more
  • The Invention of God: The Natural Origins of Mythology and Religion

    by Bill Lauritzen
    How did mythology and religion first begin? Where did the ideas of "God," "spirit" and "soul" come from? The author takes us to ancient times, showing us how early humans struggled to make sense of the world around them. Drawing on history, geology, volcanology, anthropology, chemistry, astronomy, archeology, oceanography, biology and cognitive science, the author reveals the surprising meaning of our most sacred stories.
  • The Situation of Gravity - Fourth Edition

    by Reg Mundy
    Everything we see, everything we hear, everything we feel, everything we taste, everything we perceive, are all interpretations of patterns by our mind. We move through our existence conforming to physical laws apparently laid down in stone, immutable, never changing, swept always onwards in the river of time. But are the laws of physics immutable? Were they always the same, have they changed, will they change again? Is time a river, or just a current in an eternal sea? What happens if you make... more
  • On Location: Essays of Place

    by Michael Gessner
    On Location, Essays of Place explores locations that influence our identity.