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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The Journey: How I Cheated Death and Cured My Diabetes in 21 Days

    by Ernest Quansah

    When Ernest Quansah was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, there was so much sugar in his body that, each morning it began to exit from his tongue and from the corner of his eye lids as a sticky substance. His doctor informed him that his condition was so dangerous that he was not far from going cardiac arrest.

    Even at death's door, with the assistance from Western as well as Eastern doctors in addition to weeks of research, Ernest was able to reverse his diabetes in 21 days. His docto... more

  • SAP Sales and Distributions Quick Configuration Guide

    by syed awais rizvi
    SAP Sales and Distributions Quick Configuration Guide focuses on very simple, easy to understand approach. The first chapter has simple and easy definitions, so the reader can easily learn. Throughout the book, the reader will find very informative technological related definition, along with configuration step-by-step screenshot. Book was written to make reader grasp a better understand on configuration and some tricks. Book also provide variant configuration pricing setup. Learn Definitions fr... more
  • Gumptionade - The Booster For Your Self Improvement Plan

    by Robert B. O'Connor
    “Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.” — Thomas Huxley Simple. Not easy. We try and fail to lose weight, be better partners, better parents, get fit, get organized or fix our finances. For most of us, the main barrier to personal progress is ourselves. We know what to do, but we can’t make ourselves do it. Gumption is the power to do what needs to be done, when it n... more
  • Practical Conscious Creation:Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires

    by Jackie Lapin
    Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires (Findhorn Press) breaks new ground by providing a manual for applying Conscious Creation principles on a daily basis to anchor these practices and speed up the manifestation process. The book has already been ranked as’s #1 Hot New Release and it has been selected the best Spiritual Book of the Year by both the Los Angeles Book Festival and the Coalition of Visionary Resources. From Jackie Lapin, author of the ... more
  • Manifest The Life You Love

    by Paulami R Mukherje
    "Manifest The Life You Love" is a self help book which works with the Mind Tools and also paves a pathway through Angelic Connection, Laws of the Universe and some well kept spiritual secrets (revealed here) to manifest the life we would love to live.
  • Go Tell It!

    by Debby Efurd
    Go Tell It!, by Debby Efurd, is the story of a woman who looked perfect on the outside, but was tormented by a secret that robbed her of real life and living for decades. But God intervened and brought her to a time and place where she finally surrendered all of herself . . . even her deepest, darkest hurt . . . to the One who transformed her and gave her hope. With breathtaking honesty, Debby Efurd peels back the layers of her roller coaster life and plants surprising lessons in your heart. ... more
  • Do It Better: Twelve Sexual Routines and Principles You Wish You Knew

    by Jeff Harris
    Sarah and Jeff Harris have been married for over twenty years. In a frank interview, they share the relationship principles necessary for true intimacy and greater sexual intensity. If you want a better sex life, you need to know the principles that govern great sex. In addition to giving both the male and female view of those principles, they also provide detailed descriptions of the sexual routines they enjoy most, providing inspiration that will not only deepen your intimacy but will also tak... more
  • Workbook For Releasing Anger, Fear, Resentment, Shame, Addiction, & Trauma From Your Mind, Body, & Life: Change Your Body, Mind,

    by George Araiza
    This workbook is designed to help people release trauma, anger, fear, shame, and guilt from mind/body and improve self-esteem. I outline effective exercises for releasing trauma stored within the muscles of the body so that the subconscious mind will release this trauma also. I also discuss the remarkable results that can be obtained from animal therapy and mirror work.
  • A Year Unplugged: A Family's Life Without Technology

    by Sharael Kolberg
    In A Year Unplugged, Sharael Kolberg chronicles her family’s brave attempt to wean themselves from technology in an effort to reclaim quality family time. The Kolbergs decided to turn off their television, unplug their iPods, iPhones, laptops and digital cameras, and disconnect from e-mail, cell phones and the Internet. Not an easy task. Sharael’s true-life tale explores how dependent we are on technology and the impact it has on interpersonal relationships and society. Through thought-provok... more
  • Winning Your High-Conflict Divorce: Strategies for Moms and Dads

    by R. Shelly Loomus, JD, MSW
    Winning Your High-Conflict Divorce provides successful strategies for managing your high-conflict divorce both within and out of the court system. While many books offer advice on how to manage conflict, they are based on the assumption that your adversary is a rational person who wants to end the struggle. In a high-conflict divorce things are different. When one person lives for the fight, even willing to sacrifice your children to win, you must engage. Winning Your High-Conflict divorce provi... more
  • Develop Your Medical Intuition: Activate Your Natural Wisdom for Optimum Health and Well-Being

    by Sherrie Dillard

    The wise inner voice of our spirit is always communicating with us through our intuition . . . if only we can learn to listen. Develop Your Medical Intuition shows you how to improve your health with easy step-by-step exercises, guided visualizations, case studies, and practical advice from author Sherrie Dillard’s twenty-five year career as a professional medical intuitive.

    Thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs play an important role in our ability to heal. This book provide... more

  • The Healing Power of Negative Thoughts and Uncomfortable Sensations

    by David Friedman
    How many times in the course of our New Thought studies have we heard phrases such as "Think POSITIVE", “CANCEL those NEGATIVE thoughts!” and “Don’t think NEGATIVE thoughts or NEGATIVE things will happen!” And how many times, as students and seekers of health and happiness, have we found ourselves unable to stay with that "Think Positive" philosophy and ended up thinking “There’s something wrong with me, I’m just not doing it right.” Could it be that by trying to get rid of our “NEGATIVE” though... more
  • Dating Tips from a Wolf

    by Paula Whidden
  • Lessons and Beliefs: Searching for Love in the Gay World

    by Mark Tedesco
    Beginning with beliefs and ending with lessons, Mark Tedesco's latest journey takes the reader on a ride through the search for love in the gay world. Sometimes a roller coaster and other times a gentle ride, this work will speak to every person, man and woman, who has ever sought out another as the object of love. Lessons and Beliefs: Searching for Love in the Gay World is both self help and memoir, giving a riveting account of healthy and unhealthy love, interdependence and co-dependence, and... more
  • Dear Investor: What the HELL Are You Doing?

    by Ken Weber
    Even Smart people do dumb things with their money. Are you one of them? Despite its irreverent title, Dear Investor, What the Hell Are You Doing has a serious purpose--to help you identify and fix the common blunders you may be making with your money. Long-time investment advisor Ken Weber exposes the minefield of financial tricks and psychological traps that ensnare millions of investors--beginners and old pros alike--and shows you what you should be doing instead. Whether you're in... more
  • Co-Parenting When Your Ex Won't: A How-To Guide to Changing the Co-Parenting Relationship

    by Karen Becker
    You know you need to start co-parenting. You also know it takes two people to co-parent, so what do you do when your co-parent refuses to work with you? You become the confident influence in the relationship! By utilizing the steps in this book, you can work to change the co-parenting relationship from one filled with bitterness, anger and resentment to a business partnership dedicated to a common goal - raising your children together. It only takes one of you to start to change the co-par... more