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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The Grieving Parent's Book of Hope: How to Survive the Loss of Your Child

    by Norma Sawyers-Kurz
    THE GRIEVING PARENT'S BOOK OF HOPE is a comprehensive and compassionate journey down the road of grief toward healing. The book helps take the parent away from the lonely path of lost hope to a life once again filled with meaning and purpose. It is written from the intimate firsthand experience of a mother who has lost her child and holds the reader in a continual warm embrace. Although competent professionals have written many books about the grieving process, this book has been written someone... more
  • Friend Grief and the Military: Band of Friends

    by Victoria Noe
    “They were killing my friends.” That was how Medal of Honor winner Audie Murphy justified his heroic actions in World War II. As long as there have been wars, men and women in the military have watched their friends die. Experts warn that delaying our grief will complicate our lives. But what about those who have no choice but to delay it until the battle is over? In the fourth book in the Friend Grief series, Friend Grief and The Military: Band of Friends, you’ll meet military and non-com... more
  • Friend Grief and 9/11: The Forgotten Mourners

    by Victoria Noe
    “Families only.” Those who were killed on September 11, 2001 left behind more than family members. They left thousands of friends who are often forgotten and ignored: co-workers, first responders, neighbors and survivors who struggle to find a way to grieve the friends killed when the World Trade Center towers fell. In the third book in the Friend Grief series, Friend Grief and 9/11: The Forgotten Mourners, you’ll learn how they adjust to life without their friends and find ways to honor ... more
  • Friend Grief and AIDS: Thirty Years of Burying Our Friends

    by Victoria Noe
    It’s been likened to a plague, but AIDS was never just a health crisis. The second of a series on grieving the death of a friend, Friend Grief and AIDS: Thirty Years of Burying Our Friends, revisits a time when people with AIDS were also targets of bigotry and discrimination. In stories about Ryan White, ACT UP, the Names Project, red ribbons and more, you’ll learn why friends made all the difference: not just caregiving or memorializing, but changing the way society confronts the medical es... more
  • Friend Grief and Anger: When Your Friend Dies and No One Gives A Damn

    by Victoria Noe
    “It’s not like they’re family.” Sound familiar? If you’re grieving the death of a friend, you’ve probably heard that from people who just don’t get it. And if it made you angry, well, you’re not alone. In the first of a series on grieving the death of a friend, Friend Grief and Anger: When Your Friend Dies and No One Gives A Damn, you’ll meet people who also struggled with anger after their friend died. And they’ll help you answer the question “Okay, I’m angry: now what?”
  • Real Palmistry

    by Mark Seltman
    This is the e-version of Mark Seltman's paperback, Hand Book. It's in full color and contains many links to other relevant sites. You don't have to be a palmist to see all kinds of important issues such as your relationship, career, and health potentials in your hands. Real Palmistry's mission is to give readers a helping hand, their own.
  • The Hunger For Home: The Map of My Journey, with Space for Yours

    by Elizabeth Brewer

    We all want to feel better. It’s what drives us. We want an easier life or a richer life or a life full of freedom, or love. The problems come when we feel bad about ourselves or about things that have happened to us. Or maybe we just feel bleh about life or trapped by it. But whatever bad things people have done to us or the mistakes we believe we’ve made, the anger and sadness and regret left behind are ours alone to deal with. Railing at the people responsible might feel right,... more

  • Hand Book - Your Life is in Your Hands

    by Mark Seltman
    Hand Book shifts the paradigm of palmistry as a fortunetelling scam to palmistry as a valid form of self-help. You don't have to be a palmist to see your relationship, career, and health potentials in your hands.
  • How Chipmunk Got His Stripes

    by Alan Emtage
  • When Love Speaks An Unusual Conversation With Love

    by Dr Maha Khalid
    Like many of us, I had such a hard time with love. My heart was broken and my spirit was crushed. I had this powerful longing for love but it remained an elusive and distant entity. I had such a hard time reaching to those I truly loved until one day I met love and it answered all my questions bringing me to such clarity I always longed for and this book is about the conversation I had with love hoping to share this clarity with you.
  • Magnificent...Married or Not: Reaching Your Highest Self Before, During, and After Divorce

    by Cloris Kylie
    Magnificent ... Married or Not: Reaching your Highest Self Before, During, and After Divorce provides easy strategies to help you heal from the challenge of separation or divorce and transform this life challenge into an opportunity for unprecedented personal growth. The book combines spiritual and practical advice based on the author's own healing journey and her experience helping others in the same situation. Cloris Kylie writes, "Magnificent … Married or Not allows you to use this most tu... more
  • Redefining the Soul Through Quotes: The Quiet Philosopher Series

    by Jason B. Cunningham
    Unlike many traditional quote books, this captivating collection represents the author’s own words as opposed to famous people’s words. Get ready to open up wider your heart to love with greater focus and your eyes to see more of life’s blessings and dilemmas as you engage in this philosophical journey guided by hundreds of original quotes.
  • Grief: The Lonely Road

    by Marvin Petsel
    Grieving widowers are told all the wrong things: Pull yourself together. Be strong. Don't cry. If your wife has died and you have heard these words, or ones like them, this book is for you. Written in a conversational way by someone who has suffered the pain of grief, it includes topics that provide both comfort and understanding of: a. Ways to deal with men's mourning and grief. b. Stories from other grieving widowers. c. Ideas to help overcome loneliness and sleeplessness. d. Methods to work t... more
  • The Ultimate Wife: Discovering How Every Woman Can Be a Dream Wife

    by Richmond Donkor
    What makes a woman a dream wife? Is it her appearance, her Career, her wealth, her fame, her spiritual life, her Social life, and her talents? I do believe with all my heart that every woman can be a dream wife. Men and women who marry usually love each other deeply, but that love too often transforms into anger and frustration, which leads in turn to separation and divorce. In such cases, something in the relationship was amiss—some problem that ought to have been prevented or addressed in orde... more
  • Your Soul at a Crossroads: (With Steps You Can Take Not to Lose It)

    by Valerie Harms
    This book enables readers to confidently choose the right path when up against many choices in their lives. It provides exercises on relationships, work, and health that uncover the spiritual wisdom rooted in the individual’s soul. It offers both inspiration and memoir.
  • Intentional Parenting: A Guide for Christian Families

    by Linda Stahnke
    Intentional Parenting is all about choosing your path, planning what to train into your children and how to go about it. It is the opposite of simply reacting to whatever comes up. It is the opposite of going with the cultural flow that surrounds your family. It is choosing to set yourself and your child(ren) up for success as adults and as believers in Christ. •\tSETTING FAMILY GOALS •\tDEALING WITH ANGER OR REBELLION •\tTEACHING RESPECT •\tWHAT CHILDREN NEED TO LEARN BEFORE THEY LEAVE H... more