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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The Seven Tools of Healing

    by Steven M. Hall, M.D.
    If you want to find and treat the real causes of the problems youre facing and take your healing to a higher level, then you need to do some work. That means not only striving to change the conditions you currently face but taking steps to change what brought problems or issues into your life in the first place. In other words, treating both the symptoms and the causes will help you get better results than focusing on one or the other. Steven M. Hall, M.D., gives you a blueprint to do both... more
  • Enlightenment in Suburbia

    by Enrica Mallard
    For fifty-five years, Enrica Mallard has lived a private life reflecting and contemplating the idea of who we are, divulging her discoveries, thoughts, feelings, and reflections only with close friends and clients in the past twenty years. In Enlightenment in Suburbia, she shares the wisdom she has gained throughout her lifetime to help you gain greater consciousness and reach your true purpose. Assisting you in your awakening, this book guides, clarifies, inspires, and reminds you who you re... more
  • Discover Your Passion, Release Your Power

    by Johnny Cavazos MD

    75 million people in this country, or half of the working population, would change jobs or careers in a heartbeat if given the choice. Are you one of them?

    Why are we so unhappy in our work lives? Do you feel like you are just trying to survive the daily grind during the week, just so you can get to the weekend? Is it hard for you just getting out of bed so you can get to a job that seems like sheer drudgery? How do we find the spark that seems to be missing in our lives?

    We all w... more

  • Brave The Wave

    by Johnny Cavazos MD

    Anxious? Stressed? Confused? Looking for Solutions?

    As a practicing physician for twenty years, that is exactly the situation that Johnny Cavazos was in. What stunned and shocked him the most was one inescapable fact. He didn't know what he didn't know.

    As he describes it, "The best analogy I can offer is that it's like taking your car to the mechanic to replace a faulty fuel pump and he hands you the keys to a brand new Mercedes Benz and says, "take it, it&#... more

  • The witch: How to overcome social fear and handle any social situation

    by Tim Gregory
    This book is for people who have social fears and anxiety, who feel bad around others because they are introverted or scared. It is a short book that gives exercise and unique methods to overcome social fear and become a confident person around others. This book can help people facing any scary social situation peacefully and with a lot of confidence.
  • Falling Up

    by Tasha Brooks
    Struggling with life-altering trauma? Learn how to transform your trauma into triumph. Are you struggling to cope with trauma? Does happiness feel like a thing of the past? Two-time cancer survivor Tasha Brooks will show you not only how to cope with your trauma, but how to thrive because of it. Around the time of her initial diagnosis, Tasha’s career, personal relationships, and her health all came crashing down. The worst setback of all, being diagnosed with thyroid cancer twice in her thir... more
  • The Write to Happiness: How to Write Stories to Change Your Brain and Your Life

    by Samantha Shad
    What happens when avid readers and aspiring writers compose stories? Writing stories transforms their brains and their minds. The Write to Happiness is a miraculous tool that can help readers and writers change their lives in the direction they choose. In her strikingly original writing manual, Samantha Shad teaches them not only how to write great stories, but also how writing will change their life for the better. The process of changing the brain and the process of writing a great story are t... more
  • The 12 Disciples of Great Men

    by J. U. Passion
    The 12 Disciples of Great Men is a motivational must-read for those who desire to learn strategies on how to become an effective change agent in these last days. Mr. Passion lays out a blueprint for men and women to follow if they are to fulfill their God given assignment upon the earth. This book is a combination of common sense and divine revelation. The author uses imagery to help the reader understand powerful concepts such as the benefit of being persistent. As you read the 12 Disciples of... more
  • Resolva o Dilema do Divorcio

    by Sonia Frontera
    This is the Brazilian edition of the book "Solve the Divorce Dilemma: Do You Keep Your Husband or Do You Post Him on Craigslist? translated into Portuguese.
  • Relationship Solutions: Effective Strategies to Heal Your Heart and Create the Happiness You Deserve

    by Sonia Frontera

    Your marital troubles are not the end of the road but a detour on the road to happiness. 

    Speed forward from heartache to healing!

    Whether you’re unhappily married, on the road to divorce recovery or somewhere in between, this inspiring guide will lead you step by step through a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation, so you can create the happiness you deserve--with your spouse . . . or alone.

    Cross the finish line and claim your best life now!

    ... more
  • The Earth Keeper's Handbook

    by Loren Swift
    In The Earth Keeper’s Handbook you’ll find stories, inspiration, and experiential exercises to help you do the inner work to come in to true connection with yourself and your heart, so that you can then do the outer work that this planet so sorely needs. It will show you how you can begin to more fully trust your place in the cosmos, so that you can step in to greater connection and collaboration with other human beings with focus and purpose. This is truly a handbook you’ll come back to again a... more
  • The Eyes on Growing Needs

    by Dr. Love Otuechere
    Each of us are created with unique gifts, divine grace, and a purpose. While some obstacles are placed in our way to prepare us to handle our assignments with good outcomes, many of us still need specific guidance in order to break through barriers, develop and grow, and ultimately achieve dreams. Dr. Love Otuechere relies on her diverse experience as a ministerial leader and community advocate to share inspirational advice intended to help a new generation as well as those hoping to break new ... more
  • Habits For Nurses: An Injection Of Simplicity In A Stat World

    by Beau Salts
    Nurses have a hard job. They need advice that works. Being a nurse is physically and emotionally demanding; the shifts are long and grueling, there are always more tasks than time, and both your patients and coworkers can be difficult. It’s no secret that a nurse’s life is hard. But finding ways to cope is hard, and most self-help books just aren’t written for nurses. If you’re working 12-hour shifts, you barely have enough time for basic needs, much less elaborate self-care routines designed... more
  • Psst! Bride... Here's How To DITCH YOUR DJ: and all your other wedding vendors too!

    by neil smith the dandy dj
    Hey Bride! Have you been thinking about trying to save cash and the frustration of researching vendor-after-vendor by DIY-ing all or some of your wedding? Then this book is for you!Neil Smith the Dandy DJ (author of The Barn Wedding Book - How To Hold Your Hootenanny Without A Hitch, Pick A Perfect Wedding DJ and The Wedding DJ Bible) is back to help “YOU” weigh the pros and cons of hiring professionals to handle certain aspects of your big day versus taking it on yourself! And if you DO decide ... more
  • A Book On Fear: Feeling Safe In A Challenging World

    by Lawrence Doochin
    We are meant to live in joy, not in fear. Even if everyone around us is in fear, this doesn’t have to be our personal experience. By taking us on a treetop journey through quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and more, "A Book On Fear" gives us tools and awarenesses to see where our fear comes from. When we see how our belief systems were created, how they limit us, and what we have become attached to that creates fear, we will come to know ourselves at a deeper level. Then we ... more
  • Transcending Depression

    by Larry Godwin
    The author's personal narrative represents the chronology of his mental illness over a span of 49 years, as well as his attempts to understand it and cope with it. Selected entries from his journals constitute the source and follow an authentic progression over time. In them, he relates insights about the origin of his disorder. He also describes thoughts and feelings that arose and his reactions to events that took place at various times, as influenced, for better or worse, by psychiatric medic... more