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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Stress Less, Live More

    by Nick Hoff
    Discover the Simple Hacks that Will Make Your Life Stress-Free! Are you often stressed or anxious? Do you work too much? Is it difficult for you to relax? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you have racing thoughts? Do you feel fatigued or even depressed? Do you have memory problems? Do you have problems in your social life or relationship? Do you have low self-esteem or are you perfectionistic? AND Do you want to: Live a better and happier life with more energy? Become more rel... more
  • Goddesses Fart Too: A modern guide to spiritual enlightenment for increased happiness, patience, and inner peace

    Have you ever looked at perfectly put-together, organized women and felt totally inadequate? Like somehow you’ll never match up? Do you ever feel like your days pass you by and you're not living up to your full potential? Are you desperate to find more time for you so you can be better in all areas of your life? Here's a secret: You CAN have all you desire. You can have more time and live your life with more intention. You can BE the woman you've always wanted to be. In fact, you alr... more
  • What Jesus Would Say to Same-Sex Couples

    by Aaron Milavec

    My friends say that I am a man on fire.  Yes, it’s true.  I am angry when the “religion of love” known to me as a cradle-Catholic gets turned into a “religion of hate.” 

    First and foremost, however, I am angry at the indifference and cowardice that kept me silent for over twenty-five years while I was being honored as one of the best and brightest teachers at The Athenaeum of Ohio.  I knew, from personal experiences, that the teaching of my church regarding homosexuality was a distorted... more

  • The 3 C's of Marriage

    by Gustavo Garza
    Marriage is tough and sometimes you have to take it back to the basics as the old saying goes. This quick read will get you back on track to a healthy and more successful relationship.
  • My F*ng Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path

    by Marla Goldberg
    My F*ng Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path is an account of my transformational journey and a guide to some of the most powerful Tips, Tools and Techniques (TTT’s) I learned along the way. It’s the story of my life, and how, due to the dysfunction, neglect, and abandonment that I encountered through my formative years, I would make decision after decision that didn’t serve me well, until I hit rock bottom. That “thud” brought me to my knees. It was during this very dark... more
  • A Holistic Sense of Home: A Quick Guide to Designing A Better Quality of Life

    by Deborah Rae Cerni
    Many people who want and actively pursue optimal well-being often overlook the pervasive impact of our home spaces. With our daily environments we setup behavioral patterns and internal responses that can help or intfer with our well being at every level. Thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra and Dan Buettner of Blue Zones fame have addressed the importance of designing indoor spaces to stack the deck in favor of a happy, healthy life. This book gives you pragmatic tips and an easy to understand... more
  • Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way! Seven Tools for Living Your Unstoppable Life.

    by Catherine DeMonte

    "Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way! Seven Tools for Living Your Unstoppable Life" is a practical self-help book written with nurturing warmth and humor and grounded in L.A. Psychotherapist Catherine DeMonte’s 25 years of clinical psychotherapy practice. This book is based on the Abundance Circle groups she created and leads in her private practice. It contains seven actionable tools that have brought in what her clients most deeply desired that had been previously painfu... more

  • Bohemienne

    by Monita Ford
    She is a dreamer, a natural-born wanderer stuck in everyday reality. An independent woman going her own way until the day she met him. She made the mistake of falling in love. Every girl longs for a fairy-tale ending. But if you are like her, you always get the dumpy end of the stick. She lost her prince and companion that she thought would stay a lifetime. The beauty of Mother Nature soothes the shattered pieces of her ragged heart. During the recovery of her broken soul, she struggles to love ... more
  • B07KX52CTN

    by Michael CJ Fox
    Bullying in the workplace by coworkers or bosses occurs so often that it's almost become a new normality. What lacks out there is a practical guide for the bullied on addressing these uncomfortable situations. You may feel it's a small enough issue to take to Human Resources but big enough that you can't jump out of bed with enthusiasm to get to work. This book also guides you through those in-between Bullying situations. After working for several years in fast paced teams in the corporate w... more
  • A Layperson's Guide to Legal Research and Self-Help Law Books

    by Kendall F. Svengalis
    An essential guide to legal research and the self-help legal literature for laypersons and students. Provides overviews of 85 legal specialties with sources of law applicable to each specialty, web sites for further research and content-rich reviews of nearly 800 significant subject-specialty texts geared to a lay or student audience. Fills a void in the collection of any law, public or academic library which fields legal questions. Introductory chapters examine the nature of self-help law ve... more
  • Revolutionary Powercycles: The Science of Sweat

    by Giacomo Fasano
    It’s YOU against Lead! Who is going to win? Sweet you? Or Rotten it? I’d like to tell you how it can and should be you! It’s a pretty big deal too, since if you back down and choose not to fight now, you will probably only need to fight twice as hard in the future when it bites you in the culo somehow. Then you’ll have placed forth twice the effort only to only fall twice as hard in defeat in the end, whereas now, you can beat it with relative ease with just a little concerted effort and concent... more
  • Finding a Job in Tough Times

    by Timothy Johnson
    Dr. Tim Johnson reveals a common sense approach to finding a job that will assist graduates as well as the recently unemployed. SIX STEPS TO A PAYCHECK gives the reader a lifeline to that first job or the next job. Through suggestions and exercises, the reader comes to a fuller understanding of who they are, what the employer wants, and a means to achieve their goals in life. This learning is translated into a framework that lets the reader plan the path to a rich and rewarding life. The purpo... more
  • From Man to Gentleman: A Beginner's Guide to Manhood

    by H.L. Sudler
    If you could detail for young men the fundamentals of being a man, what would you tell them? If you could give men information that would transform them into enlightened, consummate gentleman and arm them with tools for a full and successful life, what would you say? From Man to Gentleman contains practical, necessary information on money, sex, health, image, wardrobe, work, and empowerment. Of the myriad issues men face every day of their lives. This is a beginner's guide to manhood th... more
  • I Rest My Case: A Practical Guide to Sales Situations

    by Benjamin Tan
    Benjamin Tan, aka Cherry B, will give it to you in this guidebook for boosting results that includes eight common sales scenarios. The scenarios cover a range of industries, and each case includes background information and illustrations. By revealing common mistakes (ones you make consciously and unconsciously), realizing the solutions behind those mistakes, and learning from real-life situations, the author helps you add value and stand out from the crowd. Benjamin also emphasizes why it... more
  • Life Cycles - Relationships: Discover Confluence Is Your Relationship Fated?

    by Neil Francis Killion
    Welcome to the third book in the critically acclaimed “Life Cycles” series. This time a unique approach to relationships will be unveiled. Like no other theory ever devised; it is practical, easy to follow and most of all, it is derived from real world evidence.Based solely on biographical analysis, you will visit some of the world’s most famous love stories, marriages, families, friendships, even worst enemies. There’s everyone from Bogie and Bacall to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; along w... more
  • 9781732561601

    by Daniel Young

    The I-Ching is a book of life guidance which has be "read" by chance in order to find the portion relevant to your situation. The unique aspect of this version is that it was written to accompany my invention of the patented magnetic I-Ching method, That is the world's first direct, natural and purely Yin-Yang way to use chance to connect to the text of the book. In short, the book and the device are a unique breakthrough in this ancient method of life guidance. And acknowledged... more