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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Discovering Love Online: Love May Be Closer Than You Think

    by Chuck Miller
    Tired of being alone? Still seeking love and companionship? Discovering Love Online: Love May Be Closer Than You Think equips you for success in the world of online dating. Chuck Miller offers an inspirational guide that leads you step-by-step, start-to-finish along a path designed to maximize your experience as you seek the love of your life.
  • Lucky Enough: A Year of a Dad's Daily Notes of Encouragement and Life Lessons to His Daughter

    by Chris Yandle
    When my daughter started fourth grade, it was Addison's fourth school in five years. It wasn't how we planned it, but as someone who moved around a lot as a kid, I knew this school year was going to be tough. Every morning, I wrote my daughter a note about life, school, or growing up, and I'd slip it in her bookbag or her lunch box to find later in the day. I shared the notes on Twitter and Facebook using #DadLunchNotes. Before I knew it, the notes became something others were seeking each day, ... more
  • The Sacred Language of Colour

    by D A Sheridan

    The Sacred Language of Colour will help you live a purposeful life - to live as a soul in the "world of meaning" as it's referred to in the Ageless Wisdom. Revealing how two ancient, universal icons - the colour wheel and zodiac wheel - connect with each other, The Sacred Language of Colour is interlaced with esoteric wisdom that will guide and support you as you learn to give meaning to everyday occurrences - by intuitively relating your enlight... more

  • 365 Days of Happiness

    by Jacqueline Pirtle

    Do you have fun with your own life?
    How often do you really pay attention and choose things to improve your day?

    In 365 Days of Happiness, bestselling author, holistic practitioner, and mindfulness teacher Jacqueline Pirtle has created daily inspirations that help you mindfully work towards living a more vivid experience of daily happiness. Showing that you can put in work to change your life while having fun, the practices are full of whimsy and delig... more

  • Banishing Loneliness, A Guided Self-Reflection Journal

    by Sara Lynn Inman
    Banishing Loneliness is a book for those seeking to add more joy to their everyday lives through self-introspection. It is a guided journal that will take you on a voyage full of daydreaming and self-exploration. With a goddess as your guide, you will be asked to journal about the experiences you have in nature and in your mind. You will also be asked to journal answers to questions about yourself. The theory behind this model of reducing the amount of destructive loneliness in your life is ... more
  • Just Be

    by Suresh Ramaswamy

    "Just Be is the ultimate manual for life," says Marci Shimoff, Transformational Leader and #1 NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason. Whether you are looking for a life that flows with ease, connection, and fulfillment, or whether you are a spiritual aspirant seeking enlightenment, Just Be offers you the understanding and tools to transform your life towa... more

  • Be the Hero of Your Life: How to Get Unstuck, Move Forward and Live Your True Authentic Life

    by J. Scott MacMillan
    This book addresses the chronic epidemic of low self-esteem, feeling less than, and fear which are the bedrocks of what is holding us back from achieving our dreams. Learning our Hero’s Journey helps us discover why we are stuck and how to heal and move forward. By using the Hero’s Journey metaphor, readers will be guided on a journey to find true identity, authenticity, and self-esteem. With these new superhero powers, they will gain the courage to move past fear and limiting beliefs and achi... more
  • Breaking Glass - Broken Barriers

    by Joyce Verplank Hatton
    Joyce Verplank Hatton?s life has embraced community and political leadership, entrepreneurial success, love and family, and worldwide sailing adventures. Writing with courage and candor, she shares her life?s journey following a trail from a small harbor town on Lake Michigan to Aspen Colorado, New York City, Washington, D.C., and beyond, while skiing the Rockies and sailing the Caribbean. Hatton?s entrepreneurial drive became evident in 1957 when she developed the first nursery school in Wes... more
  • The Elegant Warrior: How To Win Life's Trials Without Losing Yourself

    by Heather Hansen

    Can you win life’s battles without losing yourself?

    Life is full of trials, and sometimes you need a warrior spirit to overcome them. Award-winning attorney Heather Hansen has spent over twenty years fighting on the battlefields of the courts―but even in her fiercest clashes, she’s remained true to herself and her principles. She shares her journey to becoming an Elegant Warrior, and imparts the wisdom she’s learned from her decades on the bar.

    Armed wi... more

  • Let's Make a Contract: Getting Your Teen Through Substance Abuse

    by Ann Schiebert

    Substance abuse is a drama and a trauma for all involved. No one comes out a winner unless boundaries are set, good choices are made, and behavior modification practices are put to use.

    It’s time to stop feeling like you are being held hostage.

    ·      Discover how to make enforceable consequences

    ·      Learn how not to provoke and make a bad situation worse

    ·    &... more

  • Let's Make a Contract: Getting Your Teen Through High School and Beyond

    by Ann Schiebert

    For young adolescents, transition from middle school to high school stirs up many emotions ranging from excitement and anticipation to fear and anxiety. Although some issues will dissipate quickly, at this stage in their development, teens tend to strive for individuality and identity, upsetting the apple cart in the way the family has related to each other until now. This is the time for parents to choose their battles wisely and foster loving, structural growth with their adolescent child.<... more

  • Deceptions of A Dope Boy (Who Says A Princess Can't Come From the Ghetto Book 2)

    by Precious Swain
    Everything that glitters ain't gold, but you never know you have a piece of fool’s gold until it’s too late. You see the cars, clothes, and all that flashy jewelry and think you have found the meal ticket. But don’t be fooled.
  • He Was There All The Time (Who Says A Princess Can't Come From the Ghetto?)

    by Precious Swain
    Are you awaiting your husband? Are you wondering why God hasn't sent him yet? After five years of being single, not dating, not looking God sent my husband. In "He Was There All The Time" I will share with you my story. A story of growing, waiting and in the end winning. It wasn't easy but it was worth it.
  • Turn Your Happiness ON

    by Norma Nikutowski
    In Turn Your Happiness On, you will find the most powerful, scientifically proven, simple strategies to increase your feelings of happiness right now.
  • Creating Stories

    by Hank Quense
    Do you have a story in you? Do you know how to write it or how to tell it? Creating Stories has the answers. Hank Quense, the author of more than twenty books, tells you how to do it. He believes that stories come from the melding of three creating stories processes: getting ideas, story design and story-telling. Ideas have to come from the author. Creating Stories covers the last two.