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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The Friendship Key to Lasting Peace, United Communities, Strong Relationships, Equality, and a Better Job

    by Dr. Winfried Sedhoff
    We all yearn for a deeply satisfying life filled with meaning, purpose, peace, and security. In this disaffected world we seek a sense of belonging; to be accepted and loved for who we are. The Friendship Key to Lasting Peace, United Communities, Stronger Relationships, Equality, and a Better Job! author, family physician and counsellor, Dr Winfried Sedhoff reveals how friendship empowers us to achieve such meaning, and by doing so reconnect with, and ultimately, change the world. But fi... more
  • River to Ocean

    by Katherine Jansen-Byrkit
    River to Ocean: Living in the Flow of Wakefulness reflects the human voyage of finding our awakened self. As with a river traversing steep mountains and winding valleys, our inner and outer worlds can be encumbered by old beliefs, preoccupation with death, or compromised relationships to others, all of which can interfere with living wakefully. In her work, Katherine suggest another possibility, to wake up through our human life, not in spite of it. She provides insights. practices and inspirat... more
  • Invent, Innovate & Prosper - A Step by Step Guide to Successful Inventing

    by Michael G. Colburn
    Invent, Innovate, and Prosper is a practical handbook for inventing based on Michael’s decades of work as a successful inventor. He shares his step-by-step system for launching profitable inventions, along with the surprising real-life lessons that helped him thrive. You’ll learn how to: •\tAdopt a detective’s mindset to find invention ideas in everyday life •\tResearch your idea’s viability and troubleshoot glitches •\tDesign, engineer, and build prototypes with minimal financial investme... more
  • Alchemy for Life: Formulas for Success

    by Mark Bradford
    What is life made of? Time, Energy and Resources - and we spend it on five facets. Alchemy for Life is the accumulation of wisdom through, coaching, through the Alchemy fort Life podcast, and life-long learning. This book Helps you to reach goals by looking at it as a system, helps you dissolve dread and doubt in a day, helps you to multitask properly and much much more. Complete with eight worksheets.
  • Woozie (Grandmother) Wisdom (about Life, Sex, and Love)

    by Lynn Hubschman
    This is an easy to read book that has everyday situations described about life, sex, and love. It is an accumulation of my blogs where thousands of people have avoided or improved their lives as a result of my over thirty years experience as a licensed therapist and sex educator. It is meant to be shared and enjoyed while learning.
  • Creating Positive Change: "CPC"

    by Nicholas Gambacini
    The tools of creating positive change, in any situation, in any circumstance. Delve into a world of science, concepts, and realms as "CPC" explores the vast array of theoretical "Elysium", the terrors of "The Box", and what it truly means to take hold of the reins, and create a better outcome to individual longevity.

    by Roger Mohn
    What's it like growing up in a dysfunctional home? Where your mother is bipolar, your father a functioning alcoholic? Roger Mohn's story is one that many families deal with: The struggles of mental illness, the shame, negative stigma and perceived guilt that surrounds families with a mental illness among them. They live in a closet of secrecy many times, but they, we, are not alone. This books shares his journey and offers hope to others in opening "his closet door" to others going through ... more
  • Thank You For The Ice Cream

    by Mari Benning

    "Thank You For The Ice Cream", is bursting with inspiration and power-packed revelations birthed from a deep soul-searching encounter that shifted her world and revolutionized her thinking and way of living.

    What started off to be a life lesson for Mari's youngest daughter, turned out to be a major life-altering lesson for mom.  You'll enjoy as she shares personal heart-wrenching stories along with embarrassing, comical accounts of how she was ab... more

  • Grab Life by the Ass

    by Aaron Dennis
    Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. -Lao-Tzu Are you happy? Are you where you want to be in life? Do you feel like you’ve lost your edge? Consider the following: You only have one shot—not at happiness, or love, or success—you have only one shot at life. Your life will end altogether too soon, so there is no time to waste in c... more
  • #Boycott

    by Dionne L Fields
    If you have been discriminated or mistreated by a business. Because of your race, gender or region take a photo of that business and tag #boycott on facebook, twitter and instagram today. I challenge 10 million paying customers from all around the world, to boycott all discrimination from all races and from all gender and religion. After being racial discriminated by a large business chain with my youngest son with me, I started boycotting every business that has never apologized with a large... more
  • choose Love

    by Darwin Stephenson
    In this remarkable, life-changing new book, renowned inspirational speaker DARWIN STEPHENSON introduces us to the power of Love and how this simple approach to life unlocks the key to lasting success and happiness.  In Choose Love, author and founder of the non-profit Center for Loving Studies, Darwin sounds a wake-up call. Despite all our accomplishments, we are less happy than ever before and hope is fleeting. In sharing this timeless, proven formula that the world's most successful people ... more
  • You Can Choose Your Life: A Guide to Experiencing More Peace, Freedom, and Happiness Right Now

    by N.G. Abramson
    This self-help book shows you how to “own” your past, so you don’t repeat it, especially if there are things about it you don’t like. You’ll become aware of the importance of choosing your experience of life, no matter what is happening or has happened. Abramson passionately believes that all people can move beyond the place where they feel stuck and live lives they love. While we can’t take back choices we’ve already made, we can stop making choices that are not moving us closer to living th... more
  • Re-creating a Life - Learning How to Tell Our Most Life-Giving Story

    by Diane M. Millis, Ph.D.
    This is a powerful new book by spiritual director, wisdom teacher and author Diane Millis. An engaging page-turner, it's filled with questions and practices to help anyone understand the power of their own narrative. In "Re-Creating a Life: Learning How to Tell Our Most Life-Giving Story," Dr. Millis shows us how to author a new story for our lives. "'Recreating a Life' is a portal to liberation." - Mirabai Starr
  • The Gospel of the God of Existence

    by Althemus Joseph Delahoussaye III
    The book is about existence and the purpose for which human beings were created. The book gives us the purpose of being in this little world.
  • Old Money, New Woman: How to Manage Your Money and Your Life

    by Byron Tully
    In ‘Old Money, New Woman’, author Byron Tully provides powerful insights and wit-soaked wisdom to help you make the most of your money and improve the quality of your life.Revealing 8 'Old Money Secrets' for women, the author shares time-tested tips and step-by-step strategies used by the women of America’s Upper Class, generation after generation. From education and etiquette to cosmetics and clothing, this must-read book details the coveted, rarely-discussed fundamentals that any woman can use... more
  • From Grief to Acceptance: An Active Process for Healing While Honoring Our Loved Ones

    by Misty Proffitt-Thompson
    A refreshing and different perspective when dealing with grief that introduces the Five Encouraging Phases of Grief. These phases include: Love, Vulnerability, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude. This perspective invites the reader to play a more active role in their grieving journey and encourages them to look at the death of their loved one in a new way. By appreciating their own unique approach to grieving and by honoring their loved one, it is the intention that they will move towa... more