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  • The Strange Birth, Short Life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl

    by Julian David Stone
    The golden age of live television comes to vivid life with the memorable and entertaining tale of Jonny Dirby, who unintentionally captivates the imagination of America with his creation of the hit show Justice Girl. This fun, engrossing work of historical fiction transports readers back to a time when television shows were chaotic tightrope acts balancing the agendas of actors, studio executives, advertisers, and politicians, and all of it broadcast live to fifty million viewers without the sec... more
  • The Killer App: Would You Die to Be Young Again

    by john writher
    The Killer App is set in a future generation where Britain is crippled by an ageing population, and the associated spiralling costs of pension, health and social care. The new Prime Minister, Robert Hand, pledged to strip-search the country’s finances, as well as funding research and innovation, to remedy the situation. He teams up with Bill Haugan, a ruthless American businessman with a penchant for pushing the boundaries, and Janet Icks, a hard-working genetic scientist wedded to her laborator... more
  • Lost Capital

    by Peter Wahl
    Great Gatsby meets Wall Street during the Dot-com boom and bust. For Guy Baxter, success comes at a price too high to bear.
  • The Birdcatcher

    by Walter Joseph Schenck, Jr.
    As terrorists launch continual rages of hate against an unprepared nation, Vietnam veteran Sergeant Abel Jarrett spends his days inside a military hospital mental ward, where he carries his war wounds with him twenty-four hours a day. But when newspaper headlines tell of a Birdcatcher, Jarrett realizes his past is coming back to haunt him in more ways than just flashbacks. Special Agent Ted Alignman has just been assigned to investigate a jihadist cult group's terroristic acts. As he immerses hi... more
  • Due Unto: Denmark Vesey's Story

    by K.F. Jones
    Due Unto by K. F. Jones: an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semifinalist. In 1799, Denmark wins the East Bay Lottery. With the money he buys his freedom and more. When everything he holds dear is threatened Denmark must ultimately answer the question, to what extremes will he go to protect his family, his life? --- What would you do? --- Different from the biographies, the plays, the films, the articles, but like Denmark (the character) in Sue Monk Kidd's novel, The Invention of Wings, the char... more
  • America's Greatest Blunder: The Fateful Decision to Enter World War One

    by Burton Yale Pines
    Entering World War One against Germany was America’s greatest blunder of the 20th century. America had no reason to join the devastating three-year-old struggle. By sending two million doughboys to the Western Front, America shattered the battlefield stalemate and won the war, allowing Britain and France to impose a devastating peace on Germany, igniting toxic German cries for revenge. Absent America’s entry into the war, the exhausted combatants, drained of resources and manpower, would have dr... more
  • Operation Saladin: Sequel to 'The Wayward Spy.'

    by Roger Croft
    In pre-civil war Syria, former MI6 agent Michael Vaux comes in from the cold to help Britain's Secret Intelligence Service persuade a dissident Syrian nuclear scientist to defect.
  • Games & Fate

    by Bill Gourgey


    From silicon germs to digitized souls, the future is here…

    Read book two of the Beverly Hills Book Award Winning Glide Trilogy, a mesmerizing tale of love, loss, and second chances. Set in a future filled with dazzling and perilous inventions, the trilogy has been read more than 6,000,000 times on Wattpad, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly (book 2), and has been queried for a future motion picture.

    In Games & Fate... more

  • 11 Stories

    by Chris Cander
    A superintendent falls from the top of his 11-story building, recalling relationships with the tenants as he descends. It'€™s a tale of loss, love and yearning for human connection. AWARDS: ~Best Indie General Fiction 2013 (Kirkus Reviews) ~Gold Medal, Popular Fiction, 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) ~Book of the Month, January 2014 (AiA) ~Silver Medal, Popular Fiction, 2014 eLit Awards
  • The Gondola Maker

    by Laura Morelli
    In 16th-century Venice, the heir to a family boatyard rejects his destiny, but is drawn to restore an old gondola with the dream of taking a girl for a ride.
  • Ghost of the Gods

    by Kevin Bohacz
    Ghost of the Gods is the sequel to my critically praised bestselling novel Immortality, which was awarded a STARRED review on Publisher’s weekly. Kirkus: If you thought Immortality was powerful, just wait until you read the sequel. Blending fierce action, twisted conspiracies and bold “transhumanist” visions, Bohacz once again drives readers through a whirlwind in which even the characters aren’t sure if their thoughts are their own or if they were installed by the god-machine… Bohacz... more
  • Hair of the Corn Dog

    by A.K. Turner
    PUBLISHERS WEEKLY STARRED REVIEW: A mother of two from Idaho, provides another hilarious account of parenthood. With her characteristic good-spirited, self-deprecating humor, Turner describes taking her kids to a children's art camp on the Jersey Shore and surviving a back-to-school night "ice cream unsocial." Well paced, entertaining, and full of endearing stories on parenting, this new addition to Turner's popular series will leave readers looking forward to the next installment. BOOK DESCRI... more
  • How to Be a Man

    by Tamara Linse
    A girl whose self-worth revolves around masculinity, a bartender who loses her sense of safety, a woman who compares men to plants, and a boy who shoots his cranked-out father. These are a few of the hard-scrabble characters in Tamara Linse's debut short story collection, How to Be a Man. Set in contemporary Wyoming—the myth of the West taking its toll—these stories reveal the lives of tough-minded girls and boys, self-reliant women and men, struggling to break out of their lonely lives a... more
  • Elysian Fields

    by Mark LaFlaur
    New Orleans, 1999. Simpson Weems is a 36-year-old aspiring poet whose life has been on hold—€”to the breaking point. All he needs to fulfill his potential is to move to San Francisco, but he’€™s torn between his long-held dream of being a great artist and obligations to his ailing mother and his emotionally volatile brother, the all-demanding Bartholomew. Will someone in his family have to die before he can get to California? And how might that be arranged? Written “on location” in New Orleans... more
  • Horse Vet - Chronicles of a Mobile Veterinarian

    by Courtney Diehl
    Lively tales from thirteen years in the life of a mobile veterinarian in the Colorado Rockies.
  • Tehran Moonlight

    by Azin Sametipour
    Love, loyalty and identity collide in this compelling novel. In a country where women have no voice, one woman’s fight for love and identity result in unimaginable consequences.