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Self-Help & Relationships

  • WildWood Magic: A Guide to Walking as a Sacred Path

    by Collin Stuart Chambers
    Are you ready to feel empowered, lose weight, or find real magic in everyday life? Collin Chambers’ book, WildWood Magic: A Guide to Walking as a Sacred Path, is a complete step-by-step guide to finding peace, happiness, and purpose through the simple act of taking a walk. Collin offers personal insight and practical strategies to our increasing need to be outside in nature and move our bodies. By integrating walking as a spiritual discipline with all the details of adding a daily movement ... more
  • Just Say "$%#&! NO!"

    by Heather and Karen Tobin
    This is a humorous, illustrated, self-help book about saying no. The book began as a poem written by one sister to another who was going through some trying times. The idea then blossomed into an illustrated guide for others having similar problems. It is meant to be light-hearted and fun, but containing a real message.
  • How to avoid the chains of Coporate Slavery

    by Christy Obidigwe
    Its a book that offers long term solutions on how to be independent with regard to career, and working conditions.
  • Forces of Life Psychology: What Creates Success or Failure in Ourselves and our Children

    by David Lloyd Shepard
    What is it the greatest minds in psychology and those who are the most successful in life know about success and failure? How can we use this knowledge to prevent problems and increase success? Knowledge is a key to success and to surviving failure. “The only defense against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.” John Locke. We could easily use the existing educational system for a program of preventive psychology based on principles of psychology by the best minds in psychology. ... more
  • Welfare Cheese to Fine Caviar: How to Achieve Your Dreams Despite Your Upbringing

    Welfare Cheese to Fine Caviar is a true story of how your attitude absolutely determines your aptitude. Determined to escape the poverty he was born into, Thomas Wideman realized that education was his way out. Once he made up his mind, nothing could stand in the way of his ultimate goal. From experiencing friends become bullies and drug dealers to witnessing his favorite uncle become a victim of the crack epidemic, along with his own mistakes, Thomas was adamant about becoming a model husband, ... more
  • Making Marriage Happy: Hard-Won Wisdom from Real Couples

    by Claire Vande Polder
    Why are some couples happy when so many others are not? Is it just the luck of the draw? Or do happy couples actually do things that make their happiness possible? In this lively, encouraging, and occasionally irreverent book, author Claire Vande Polder interviewed real couples in happy marriages to learn what they do to make it work. What she discovered is collected here in short, readable segments on topics from romance to "roommate issues" like housekeeping and chores, conflict, money, li... more
  • Calm & Sense

    by Wendy Leeds
    Calm & Sense is a practical, well-researched resource that specifically targets womens' concerns and needs about anxiety. It includes: sound psychological approaches, physical techniques to ease anxiety, and simple life-style changes that can help avoid anxiety triggers.
  • Get Your Life Together: A practical guide to getting organized

    by Alissa DeLaFuente
    This book is for new college students and anyone else who might be feeling like disorganization is ruining their life. You might feel like papers are cluttering your house. You might be a student who chronically misses deadlines you didn’t even know about. My goal in writing this little guide is to condense some practical knowledge and doable next steps into a bite sized package for those who are busy and otherwise occupied. "This candid, constructive book lays the groundwork for self-reflect... more
  • Hybrid Self

    by Jebb Richard
    Many introverts feel as though we are living in a world designed for extroverts. Some books provide a rebuttal to this, and help introverts take inventory in their natural strengths. Other books extol the virtues of extroversion and promise the introverted reader that anybody can transformer themselves into an introvert. This book bridges these two approaches, and intends to help the reader develop themselves into an introvert/extrovert hybrid known as an ambivert. It discusses the advantages... more
  • Recovering from Workplace PTSD Audiobook Guide (Third Edition)

    by Kevin William Grant

    This volume is the companion guide for the "Recovering From Workplace PTSD Audiobook" and supplements the audiobook with additional context and detail.

    The "Recovering from Workplace PTSD Audiobook" paired with this companion "Audiobook Guide" will unpack contemporary workplace realities, educate you about PTSD, and help you build your personalized recovery plan for transformation and recovery.

    The core purposes of this recovery program are to:

    ... more
  • What Cootchie Wash Do You Use?

    by Wendi M. Davis

    What cootchie wash do you use? Hearing that question makes you curious now, doesn't it? In this book, we are going to explore what ingredients make up your own personal brand. With a unique twist, you will hear about the lessons learned from online dating and some real-life advice based on where these experiences can take you and what you can learn along the way. Don’t think this is just going to be the type of book that you are talked AT you the whole time. Oh, no. you are going to... more

  • Year of the Blog: How to Achieve Your Life’s Purpose in 5 Steps and 365 Blog Posts

    by Raven Sinclair
    Blogging is your vehicle to happiness.By accepting the “365-Day Blogging Challenge” and committing yourself to write a blog post every day, you can discover your “a-ha” moment and begin living your best life. "Year of the Blog" is an uncomplicated step-by-step guide to help you pursue the things that make you happy and live a purposeful life. Covering the basics on how to start your own blog and what to write about, "Year of the Blog" explores how you can achieve personal happiness and meaning i... more
  • Lick Like a Lesbian

    by Wise Cracks
    The book is a fun but informative guide to perfecting oral sex.
  • Guilty but Forgiven

    by Somi Omowo
    Separate lives, broken hearts, and struggles. Separate pasts, but destiny drives two hearts in a journey that explores forgiveness and how far each is willing to go to forgive. Can forgiveness really be total irrespective of what the past is filled with? What is forgivable and what is not? Can forgiveness really be all encompassing or are there no-go areas? Betrayal, denial, murder, and unjust imprisonment—can they all just be forgiven like that? Can Gbemi and Leke discover strength to forgive o... more
  • Love Thyself, First + Always

    by Michelle A Cawley

    We have self-love completely backwards.


    We strive to win the approval and affection of others without regard for our personal integrity. We give freely of our resources hoping our efforts will bolster our enoughness. We’re generous with our love and empathy towards others, but not towards ourselves. It’s a vicious cycle until we choose differently.


    Except that you’re not sure where to start. What you do know is this &md... more

  • What to Say to Men on a Date: Be Your Own Brand of Sexy

    by Susan L. Edelman, MD
    Ever wish you had the right words to say to a guy? Ever wanted to excuse yourself from your date to call a friend for advice about what to say? What to Say to Men on a Date is a “quick tip” Be Your Own Brand of Sexy guide to handling tricky questions from men in a way that you are comfortable with and fits your personality. Store it on your phone and you’ll always have the perfect response. If you’ve ever been tongue-tied or regretted your answer when he asked: Do you want to hang ou... more