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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The All Seeing Digital Eyes: A Guide to Privacy, Security & Literacy!

    by Neville J Kattakayam
    A Guide to Privacy, Security & Literacy! This book is the result of all my experiences, and my research into what I should tell my 13-year-old daughter, as she is taking her first steps online, flying solo. When I was explaining to her why she would not get her first smart phone until she turns 18, why she cannot have a social media account when all her friends have one and why she has restricted access on our family PC and no personal laptop; I found it relevant to convert all this content int... more
  • Gratitude Shmatitude! Don't just think it, do it!

    by Amy M Adams
    Stuff happens, life gets messy and once in a while, you get thrown a curveball that unexpectedly hits you square in the face. Getting knocked down from time to time, it’s not always easy to get back up again. You might even lose perspective and forget that there are more extraordinary experiences coming your way. In fact, gratitude is no easy task especially when you’re tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and struggling. That’s where Gratitude Shmatitude, comes into play. It is a practical guide — y... more
  • The Gift of Crisis: Finding your best self in the worst of times

    by Susan J. Mecca, Ph.D.
    Crises can rip away our sense of control and shake our beliefs to the core, leaving us feeling stranded in unfamiliar territory. The Gift of Crisis: Finding your best self in the worst of times is a practical and inspirational guide for individuals going through medical, interpersonal, or professional crises and their caregivers.
  • Pre-Diabetes: Your Second Chance At Health: Second Edition

    by Gretchen Scalpi
    A pre-diabetes diagnosis is a wake-up call and a call to action! The news that you have pre-diabetes should be taken seriously, yet many people who learn they have pre-diabetes take no action, and realize the negative consequences later. Even though pre-diabetes may have no apparent symptoms, anyone with this diagnosis should understand what this condition is, and what to do about it. The more you understand about pre-diabetes, the better you can take action to reverse it or minimize your risk o... more
  • BREAKING THE MOLD: you are enough

    by Sajatha Jaffer
    Everyone faces adversity in life. Yet, how many times do we hide who we really are? Breaking the Mold: you are enough is a poignant memoir by Sajatha who offers a powerful collection of personal stories to help women of all ages overcome their fears and take charge. An Indian woman who experienced cultural suppression and an arranged marriage, Sajatha fit into her family ideal of what good Indian woman should be––until she found the courage to change. Her words empower others to take charge o... more
  • Love, Forgive, Never Give Up!:

    by Bill Hargenrader
    As an 8 year old boy, Bill spent 3 years in a mental institution for a crime he didn’t commit. As a 9 year old girl, Daniele was diagnosed with an incurable disease, then lost her father to heart attack, and spent her teens depressed and overweight. Through the powers of love, forgiveness, and never giving up, they were both able to turn their lives around and find strength from their darkest moments of struggle. Now they are sharing their stories and their most valuable lessons learned so y... more
  • Behind Every Dark Cloud - A Caregiver's Heart

    by Bernita A. Glenn
    The chapters in this book are consequential to the life of a Caregiver. They are written to alleviate the guilt associated with giving care, strengthen the mind, body and spirit and also to give insight to the newcomers who are just beginning the journey of Caregiver.
  • The Road to Glory

    by Judge Thomas Dillon
    Whenever we are traveling from here to there, we can be reassured that signs along the way can give us direction and warn us of dangers. And as we travel from our lives here on the earth to our futures in the eternal city in heaven, God has also provided us with a guidebook and signs to show us the way. In The Road to Glory, author and judge Thomas Dillon explores the signs, illustrations, and symbols in scripture that will keep us on the right path on the way from here to heaven. Each chapter ... more
  • Love Letters

    by Claudia Rhodes
    1. ?Moments in Time,? A Model?s Book 2. ?Style of Dress that Rocks, Fashion Zen Calm? 3. ?Easy on the Eye? Design & Dec. Made Simple 4. ?Snoot to Snoot? 3 Pug Dogs? Tail 5. ?Where You All From? Cook Book 6. ?Honor? 7. The Sock Monkey & the Teddy Bear 8. ?Cavier & Dreams to Montrovane? Mary?Oriental Guerino
  • Yes-Anyone Can! A Secret to Attract Success by Using the Three Big C Principles

    by Rose P. Burton
    Ready for an adrenaline charge? No matter your age, this stimulating book will become your companion and guide you on an exciting journey into the realization of the power and capabilities you already possess. It will open your eyes and heart to new beginnings! In each plain-language chapter you will discover motivational steps and tips that will nurture you with inspiring techniques and skills to successfully achieve happiness, en... more
  • From Bounced Checks to Private Jets: The Mastery of Miracles

    by Hazel Ortega

    Hazel always thought she had the worst story in the room until one life-changing day.

    What Lies Are You Telling Yourself? With brave honesty, Hazel peels off the layers of lies she had been telling herself and at the same time inspires you to go on this courageous journey too!

    What Miracles Are You Ready To Master? Follow along on your journey of mastering miracles throughout the book. When you realize everything you want is on the other side of your fear, Hazel has got your back.... more

  • Man, You Rock! 12 Essential Life Skills to Build Your Character, Vision, and Future

    by Dr. Rex Vanderwood
    Do you desire to have your son and/or grandson be responsible, respectful, and successful in life? Man, You Rock is the perfect answer providing "12 Essential Life Skills" to include strengthening his vision, character, manners, dress and appearance, choosing friends wisely, education, attitude, priorities, value of working hard, money management, health and fitness, and marriage. It's a fast read. It's simple to understand. And it works!
  • The Elohssa: A Phenomenal Pest

    by Jorge Rodriguez-Walling
    This book and the characters in it are all fictional accounts of a particular kind of person who has always been a perpetual presence in all civilizations. There are no specific names mentioned or photographic visuals provided in this work in order to protect the rights of privacy and the innocent. It is, however, a descriptive account of a generic specie of person who has long survived by his unique talent to annoy others for a lifetime. The subject is treated colloquially, subjectively, even s... more
  • Crazy Smart!

    by Joe Slade
    Who benefits from this fast read that teaches you ten things winners bring to accelerate your greater success aligned with your passion and purpose. You do! Crazy Smart! presents 10 perspectives of what winners look like, how they got to be winners, the outcomes they produce and what they do with the positive attitudes that come from winning. And 20 case studies that document these for you.
  • The Guide To Walking By Faith Volume 1&2: Faith is a guide by which we live

    by Jalesia Packnett
    All I can say is just be ready to be taken on the most enlightening spiritual journey EVER!!!
  • Zionism vs. the West

    by Jonas E. Alexis
    A person can be brought into bondage in two different ways: by force or by his own will. Force is a crude way of bringing a person into submission, but using the person?s own free will can be done sophistically and covertly. Under the banner of ?democracy? and ?freedom,? America has been under the bondage of what E. Michael Jones has aptly called ?sexual liberation and political control? for over fifty years. In the first two volumes of the trilogy, Alexis explored these ideological themes. In t... more