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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The Misery Manifesto: A Self-Help Parody for the Self-Absorbed

    by Barb Best
    A parody on happiness that will delight you! With cartoons by Roz Chast, Liza Donnelly, and Andrew Genn. Self-help sucks! Self-absorbed attempts to be happy are WORK. Why eat kale, exercise to the bone, and embark on a “thoughtful, engaging, and compelling” pursuit of happiness when kvetching a blue streak works wonders on your lousy mood? In this hilarious month-by-month survival guide from Barb Best, you’ll learn: • How to coddle your inner curmudgeon • 20 great reasons NOT to have sex • ... more
  • The Secret Life of Fathers (2nd Edition - Updated with new sections added)

    by James Bond

    ARE MEN BRAIN DAMAGED? (for women, the answer may surprise you.)

    Here's an Unexpected Guide to Understanding Men... and Fathers.

    In this 2nd edition of his provocative book, behaviorist James I. Bond takes you on a journey where few have ventured, deep inside the mind of men, beneath their often carefully-guarded defenses.

    By eavesdropping on 101 father of daughters (when no woman is in the room) and accessing breakthrough research, you will discover...the profound influ... more

  • The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed

    by T. R. Bosse

    The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed provides the full comprehension of the Trinity without the so-called mystery. The book stems from a revelation and covers everything from the Creation in Genesis to life as it pertains to God and man (what is the purpose for your life) and a touch of the health/science technology of our day.

    It answers every question concerning the Trinity, allowing no doubt about its validity. It fulfills the age-long quest to realize the mo... more

  • Coaching For Life: A Guide to Playing, Thinking and Being the Best You Can Be

    by Paul Annacone
    Coaching for Life is not merely a book about tennis–it is a revelatory book where tennis becomes a metaphor for life’s everyday adversities. A world renowned coach to Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Tim Henman and other tennis greats, and former player himself, Paul Annacone draws on his own personal experiences with the sport's champions to give readers a "how-to" blueprint on overcoming challenges and succeeding both on the court and in life. Through anecdotes and insider stories, Annacone gives ... more
  • Divorce Made Simple, the Ultimate Guide by a Former Family Law Judge

    by Linda Schoonover
    Divorce Made Simple offers common sense and a holistic approach to avoid the chaos associated with pursuing a divorce through the court system. Using more than thirty years experience as an attorney and judge, the author navigates potential litigants through the divorce process and steers them away from unnecessary delays and obstacles that threaten their financial and personal well-being. Practical advice, unique insights into the court system and hot tips empowers readers with or without an ... more
  • Shatterproof: 7 Powerful Principles to Rise Above Any Stress & Crisis

    by Conrad Drapeau
    Building on 25 years of study and practice, entrepreneur and author Conrad Drapeau developed a simple 7-step system to ensure that, no matter what happened, he would be able to cope with any stress, problem or crisis. In Shatterproof, Drapeau reveals how to easily and quickly enter what he calls “The Shatterproof Zone,” a place of impenetrable calm. In this state, you can be free from stress, chaos and noise and cultivate a quiet confidence that enables you to stay fully present and experience j... more

    by Marvin Marshall
    Live Without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey is a comprehensive stress management book written in simple language demonstrating how to use some simple strategies to significantly reduce stress, promote responsibility, increase effectiveness, improve relationships, and truly enjoy life’s experiences. Whether stress stems from work, parenting, teaching, relationships, work, or a situation that cannot be changed, the book shows how the brain-body connection can be used to reduce and relieve stress... more
  • 978-0-9890634-4-9

    by Marvin Marshall
    From 2017 US Review of Books: “Live Without Stress, Dr. Marvin Marshall, Piper Press – This book is a fresh and innovating read that details the various ways individuals can improve their lives by shedding the psychologically debilitating exoskeleton of stress. Marshall states that people are affected by their mental states, and fear paralyzes and traps them in a self-imposed shell, one they perceive to be their armor or strength, but in reality it is an anchor weighing them down, miring them i... more
  • Win in Your Life: Follow the Path of Champions

    by Michael London

    "This is a book about winning in every aspect of your life!"

    This Collector's First Edition has 100+ full-color photos. 

    Author Michael London was inspired by the Villanova Wildcats extraordinary victory in the 2016 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship. 

    As an avid fan, London noticed most news commentaries focused on the final 4.7 seconds of the game. Looking past the sensational headlines abou... more

  • A Pocketful of Seeds

    by Debbie Johnson
    You can change the world. Is that a naïve idea? Maybe. Maybe not. Each person has a "pocketful of seeds" to plant for positive change. Inspired by the teachings of Christ, this book is for anyone wishing to make a difference in the world around them. Each entry combines a compelling story with an action--a seed to be sown that day. Some daily seeds will fill you with delight, and some will call for sacrifice. All will make the world a better place, because one thing is infinitely true: when seed... more
  • Nevermind: You, Deconstructed

    by R R Deehan
    Ever wondered why there's a 'you' inside your head? At some point, everybody asks that very same question, and for literally thousands of years, philosophers and scientists alike have puzzled over how your mind bootstraps itself into existence. Nobody's ever been able to storm the high ground occupied by consciousness, or offer a coherent, convincing explanation of what our minds are, let alone how they work. Until now! This book takes you on a fascinating journey using a series of extrem... more
  • Your Soul's Partner: Seven Steps to Attract Love and a Relationship of Bliss

    by Ra Heter & Mu Skher Aakhu
    Your Soul’s Partner is a book on healing and awakening practices to help you attract a partner for this life, sustain a relationship with him or her, and evolve spirituality. This work first outlines the seven aspects of the self and how they are connected to the seven chakras, the role of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual communities in shaping who we are, and how early experiences with love shape how we love and continue to evolve. It explains how such experiences cause energetic ... more
  • Understanding Me, Understanding You: An Enquiry into Being Human

    by Manoj Krishna
    We are educated to understand the world around us but not ourselves, and this is responsible for many of our problems. This book enables you to understand yourself clearly, and with this clarity of insight, problems can dissolve. Understanding ourselves helps us to empathise and connect with others because, despite our apparent differences, and hidden from our awareness, the human mind functions in the same way in everyone. This realisation can transform our relationships and also lead to freed... more
  • God's Divine Help

    by Kenneth Lee
    A self-help guide to rinding spiritual peace through any of 73 subjects with Old and New Testament devotions and prayers.
  • Top Secret: 37 Laws of Political Power

    This book is a guide to every aspiring leader who desires to succeed in politics. You will learn how to seize power in less than 30 minutes. Illustrated with real-life examples of how others succeeded. It aims to equip the leader with vital tools to succeed where others failed and to safeguard the reader against possible pitfalls schemed by custodians of power. Some of the principles explained in this book can find useful applications even in other public sectors where power is desired With its ... more
  • To Think is to Grow, Quotes to provoke the Mind

    by Alberto Cappas
    This is my first book of original quotes. I was provoked to write these quotes based on my interaction and personal experience with the public, especially with young people. As a Puerto Rican poet, writer, publisher, and community activist, I’ve conducted numerous workshops and speaking engagements in the schools and in community settings. I’ve found that living-day-to-day, without any thoughts of tomorrow, or an understanding of their personal relationship to the universe, is the norm for ma... more