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Self-Help & Relationships

  • More Than a Mum: Rediscover the Woman Within for a Happier, Balanced Life

    by Nikki Cox
    Somewhere along the journey of motherhood, have you lost a sense of who you are, what you want and what is important to you? Do you rarely do something just for you? Are you constantly feeling depleted of energy, drive and passion for life? It doesn’t have to be that way. Being a woman with children can be fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. As mothers, we often neglect our own wellness as we invest all our time and energy into nurturing our children. But you can’t pour from an empty cup! In... more
  • 5 codes to building your Queendom

    by Shea Zeigler
    Welcome to your new beginning, wether your becoming a better you or starting your entrepreneurial journey this book is for you. We all get to a point where we wonder what’s next or what we can do to move forward. The 5 codes to building your Queendom was written to make these thoughts less of a headache for you. Code 1: ESTABLISH YOUR REIGN, finding your legacy. Code 2: TAP INTO YOUR ROYALNESS, knowing who you are. Code 3: HAVE SOUND COUNSEL, find people who mean well for you. Code 4: PUT ON YOU... more
  • Alchemy the Masters' Path - Create You Calm & Peace

    by Alchemist Jedi
    This book pulls influences from religions and cultures around the world as well as medicine, neuroscience and physics and finds out what they have in common. Then is simplifies these complex concepts to give you tools you can apply in your life to cultivate your mind and emotions.
  • The Millennial Playbook: 9 Secrets to Living a Rich Life

    by Raphael Collazo
    Are you an ambitious and passionate young professional who constantly feels anxious about the future? Do you experience feelings of emptiness and confusion even though you’re an accomplished individual? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others via social media and seeking social validation through likes and comments? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Being a young adult is hard. We have so many different responsibilities vying for our attention that it ca... more
  • Lighten Your Day: Fast, Easy and Effective Stress Relief for When Sh*t Happens

    by Pete Alexander
    The book contains over 100 stress relief tips that are easy and effective for the reader to implement. The intent of this book is that you keep it handy for whenever or wherever you need it: that important meeting/presentation, that difficult conversation you need to have, the multiple priorities all needing your attention right now, or anything else that stresses you out when sh*t happens.
  • Manifest Your Man: Find Your True Love in 30 Days

    by Robin Austin Reed
    Discover How to Manifest A Good Man and Avoid Dead-End Relationships. Stop blaming men for bad relationships or wasting time trying to change them. Begin with you to become the woman men crave and are searching for. Women require two things: A great foundation of self respect and self care along with a set of proven dating rules that will allow you to make wise dating decisions, navigates the treacherous territory of Manifesting Your Man. How to Keep a Man Interested Without Becoming ... more
  • The Curious Dreamer's Dream Essentials

    by Nancy Wagaman
    Dream meaning is so powerful that one dream can change your life. Discover 11 keys to interpreting your own dreams in this book from the author of The Curious Dreamer's Dream Dictionary. With these practical tips, translation tools, and analysis techniques, you'll be free to explore your dreams and unlock their transformative power.
  • The Little Book of Tools: How to Change the Patterns We Practice

    by Jessica Neideffer
    The Little Book of Tools is intended to provide simple ways of shifting our attitude (energy) and thoughts during our daily interactions with others and our Self into a more loving, calm, centered space. Through my work, I have found that most of us are unaware that we are living in a subtle state of “fight or flight” due to the stresses that we experience every day. We may think we are “fine”, but the energy of this way of being projects out into our lives and has an effect on the Self and our ... more
  • RESCRIPT the Story You're Telling Yourself

    by Colleen Georges


    Are you living an old story script with the same patterns of difficult experiences or relationships? Are limiting beliefs, critical self-talk, regret, or worry holding you back? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us have an antagonizing inner voice that tells us we’re unworthy and unable to change. The voice is lying.

    Author Dr. Colleen Georges knows this firsthand. A recovering self-critic and... more

  • Leading Internet Service Providers

    by Arron Alton
    We are running in time of competition. Everyone seems to be a participant of this competition. There is competition in sports, different countries have best teams in different categories of sports. One is good in football and other is in cricket. If one is good in tennis then other is in table-tennis and similar situation with other games. Likewise, there is competition in technology; if one is leading in electronics and robots so other is leading in warfare- technology. Similarly, different dis... more
  • Message with Purpose: Swipe Dating Simplified

    by Michael Boothby

    On the surface, Message with Purpose is a how-to guide to Tinder and other swipe apps. On a deeper level, it's a guide on how to be more expressive, creative, and authentic in your communication. Michael combines his personal dating experiences as well as his knowledge of improvisational theater, stand-up comedy, and working in sales to provide readers with a clear model to follow for more successful (and fun) dates.

    He covers everything from how to write your profile, how to swipe,... more

  • THEY NEVER SAW YOU COMING: 6 Steps to a Self-Metamorphosis

    by Sandy Sahota
    Learn the truth behind what 'negativity' actually is. It is not something outside of you, rather is entirely inside you. By adopting the 6 steps experienced by the author, you are certain to see your life in a new way, and invite favourable circumstances that will allow the real you to emerge. The real you is that version that is negativity free.
  • Insights from the Rooms: Inspiring Daily Thoughts of Recovery

    by Moshe K
    "Insights from the Rooms" is a book of daily reflections based on the Twelve Step Program. There is an entry for every day of the year with very practical, down to earth observations. Whether you're in AA, NA, OA or any other fellowship, or just want to learn more bout recovery, "Insights from the Rooms" is a wonderful resource.
  • I Am Power: Divine, Powerful Affirmations That Can Change Your Life One Moment at a Time

    by Daya Devi-Doolin
    Many people don’t thoroughly realize that their words create their reality but the fact is, the power of words do. They are becoming aware that there must be a better way even if they don’t know what that is. They wonder why their lives don’t bring about a peace and a cohesiveness that they see happening to others around them. They read books and books about abundance and prosperity and listen to hundreds of audio books but still don’t get it. They don’t get that the intention they put behind th... more
  • The Art of Hunting Humans: A Radical and Confronting Explanation of the Human Mind

    by Sidney Mazzi

    The Art of Hunting Humans presents key aspects of the human mind. With straightforward language, weird metaphors and practical examples, it enables readers to understand human behaviour and evaluate their lives from an outsider’s perspective.

    Designed to challenge rather than comfort, The Art of Hunting Humans sets itself apart from anything else written in its field. The result is a sceptical, radical explanation of the mind that provides extraordinary insights into the inner worlds of... more

  • Addicted to the Monkey Mind: Change the Programming That Sabotages Your Life

    by JF Benoist
    In his book, J.F. Benoist—a visionary thought leader in the fields of addiction treatment and personal development—uses the journeys of two relatable characters to teach you how to develop a powerful new mindset and finally break the pattern of negative self-talk.