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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Birthing Your Book: Even If You Don't Know What It's About

    by Mark David Gerson

    Let Mark David Gerson show you how easy it can be, with... 

    • Dynamic tools to get you started and keep you writing,
    • Surefire techniques to spark new concepts,
    • New content and new ideas, and compelling inspiration to keep you motivated, committed and impassioned.

    You don’t even have to know what your book is about! 82% of Americans say they plan to write a book someday. Will you be one of the few who does? Start Birthing Your Book Today...You&rs... more

  • From Memory to Memoir: Writing the Stories of Your Life

    by Mark David Gerson

    Whoever you are, whatever your experiences, whatever your perceived writing ability, From Memory to Memoir will connect you with the stories you remember and, perhaps even more important, with the stories you have forgotten. It will serve up the inspiration guaranteed to get you writing and keep you writing, the tools and techniques guaranteed to help you craft a rich, compelling narrative, and the support guaranteed to sustain you from the initial word of your book’s first dra... more

  • Grammar for Writers

    by C. Beth Burch
    Whether you're a beginning student, an advanced grammarian, or someone who wants to know more about how language works and how to use it, this textbook gives you what you need. Learn how to manipulate, join and transform patterns that undergird sentences; write sentence patterns, transformations, and figures to establish habits of strong and varied sentence building; compare kinds of grammatical and rhetorical structures and their effects on readers; and analyze sentences and chunks of text ... more
  • A Mindful Move: Feel at home again

    by Kiran Prasad
    A Mindful Move is for anyone who is about to embark on, or struggling with, a difficult move. Kiran Prasad uses her personal experiences of moving 29 times along with insightful interviews, expert research, and psychological and spiritual concepts to help you feel at home again. This book will: •Help you understand the psychological challenges of moving. •Provide a well-defined process to help you through your transition. •Provide tools like mindfulness practices to embrace being here no... more
  • Reflections on Humanity: Personal Commentaries on the Human Condition

    by Ivor van Rensburg
    In this narrative, I explore humanity's driving motivations in various aspects of life, and offer my perspectives of the human condition through the illustration of personal anecdotes. My hope is to invite healthy debate, as well as self-introspection in my readers (virtually everyone, of any age). The great Maya Angelou (1928-2014) once said, "when you learn, teach." Life has been a great teacher for me, demonstrating its rollercoaster twists and turns in myriad ways. Now, looking back on my... more
  • Challenge Your Assumptions, Change Your World: Introducing the Assumpt! a Break Through to Faster, Smarter Business Decisions.

    by Andy Cohen
    Andy Cohen, New York Times notable author of Follow the Other Hand, introduces the Assumpt!, a breakthrough way to make better business decisions, faster and smarter. Orville Wright, cofounder of modern aviation, dismissed the idea of creating a landing strip. He assumed that if man had to smooth out the airstrip, he didn’t deserve to fly. Houdini, master of escapes, didn’t know how to exit a new model car. He assumed that all door handles operated in the same way. Even the smartest, mos... more
  • How To Not Give A F-ck In Ten Easy Steps

    by Swami Pranayomama
    Enjoy a light-hearted yet meaningful approach to finding inner peace and living a life of purpose. Based on the authors own search for happiness, freedom and fulfillment, and delivered with his unique wit. Learn to live, laugh, love and let go of all the rest.
  • A Chance to Say Goodbye: Reflections on Losing a Parent

    by Lisa J. Shultz

    Award winning author, Lisa J. Shultz, is of the Baby Boomer generation and lost her father, age 89 in 2015. She embraces a challenging and often avoided topic of facing the end-of-life stage of a loved one. With courage, vulnerability and love, she recounts her dad's storied life, including its difficult ending. Wrought with what she felt was unnecessary suffering in for all involved at the end, she strives to help others find a more peaceful final chapter of life.

    She begins her bo... more

  • Practice Makes PURPOSE: Six Spiritual Practices That Will Change Your Life and Transform Your Community

    by C. Paul Schroeder

    The Six Spiritual Practices are a new formulation of a very old set of teachings and disciplines. If you apply them regularly, you will have more energy and vitality, more focus, more compassion, more clarity, and more joy. And these effects will ripple outward into your marriage and family, your parenting, your workplace, your friendships, your neighborhood and city. These practices will change your life and transform your community. They will connect you and the people aro... more

  • MicroCreativity: Basic Training: A 30-Day Plan

    by Trisha Doornbosch
    How do you come up with ideas on demand? That is a level of creative ability that can be easily learned. When you are creative, you have options. There's a goal to be reached or a problem to be solved and by working through the creative process, goals and solutions can be achieved. This book will provide you with the tactics you need to increase your creative power. Presented here in an easy to learn and follow format are some of the best techniques used in creative industries
  • The Surrender Prayer

    by Kristian Lynch
    YOU’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS… Many Christians doubt the legitimacy of their salvation because they still struggle with the same hurts and destructive behaviors that they suffered from before they were saved. They wrestle with their belief in the power of Jesus Christ because the pain of past trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, or pornography is still very present in their everyday lives. Here’s what I hear from the Christians who come t... more
  • prosperity cipher

    by racheal mutambo
    Prosperity Cipher, is a combination of the spiritual business of life that has been taught through the worlds greatest leaders along with her own analyzations, and decoding. Mutambo explains through great detail how these concepts have created more prosperity and business in her own life. Picking apart the topics to help people elevate themselves to a greater extent than what has been taught before. The guide is not a response to how others achieved success or went from rags to riches, but inste... more
  • Answering Your Inner Calling, 3 Practics for Following Your Soul's Guidance Toward Joyful and Fulfilling Work

    by Lisa Espinosa


    Do you have a feeling that there's work you're meant to do in the world, but you're not doing it yet? Are you ready for your 2nd or 3rd act? Are you longing to live out your life's purpose? In this practical and inspiring book, Lisa Espinosa shares three powerful practices that will help you step into the next phase of your life's work. Serving as a wise and gentle teacher, Lisa leads you on a path to connecting with... more

  • Love and the Art of Bookstore Book Signing

    by P. A. Ritzer

    P. A. Ritzer has sold thousands of copies of his first book, the award-winning historical Western Seven Ox Seven Part One, Escondido Bound, at over 275 bookstore book signings (over 265 at Barnes & Noble stores alone). He has written Love and the Art of Bookstore Book Signing as an answer to authors, bookstore personnel, distributors, and others in the book business who have sought to know how he does it. Ritz... more

  • Polygamy: Is it a Killer?

    by Christy 'Seyi Olorunfemi

    This book can be used to increase awareness among women in polygamy where such is practiced all over the world and health policy makers regarding the transmission of HIV/AIDS. This book is divided into two parts. The first part consists of Chapters 1 to 20. The second part is the note taken in the interviews that I conducted with American-based Nigerian women who live in the United States as citizens or permanent residents. The women expressed their lived experiences of polygamy and thei... more