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Self-Help & Relationships

  • 5 Steps to Drop Your Rocks and Liberate Your Fears

    by Tricia Priest
    Have you ever wondered what your life could look like if fear didn't hold you back? Fear holds us back from having the life we want and deserve. Fear keeps us stuck in careers we hate, in unfulfilling relationships, and it prevents us from being the best version of ourselves. This is a transformational life coaching book that offers guided steps to identify your fears, help release emotional blocks, and step into a new found self-esteem you need to become a fearless decision-maker in your person... more
  • 15 Ways to Make Love Impossible

    by Lori McClure
    Lori and Steven went straight from college to marriage to parenthood to ministry, which made for some rocky moments in the early days of their life together. Now, after nearly twenty years of marriage, they've decided to share the lessons they've learned along the way. From the excitement of new babies to the stress that comes with financial struggles, Lori and Steven have a simple message for everyone who's made the decision to fight for love; you're not alone, and it's worth it.
  • In Lieu of Therapy

    by rena c. winters
    In Lieu of Therapy is a quick and easy read to uplift the spirit and motivate people in their lives. In today's accelerated and busy world, it is important to find niches of time that one can use to calm the inner soul, find pathways to reflect on our lives, and help us overcome adversity. We all need to pause and regroup our thoughts, energies, and emotions at some point, and this book will do it.
  • Overcome Hoarding and Transform Your Life: How to Choose Hope and Life Instead of Things

    by Gloria Valoris
    Overcome Hoarding and Transform Your Life helps adults who want to stop hoarding to be able to do so by providing a wealth of insights and resources. Drawn from my 50 years of experience in working with people who hoard and five years of teaching classes with the same title as the book, the material is, as one of my students put it, "inspirational guidance for preventing hoarding-related crises, for mental, physical, and emotional recovery, and for building a happy, healthy life without hoarding... more
  • Turn the Corner

    by Anita LaRaia
    "Turn the Corner"--Subtitle: Sex, Morality, Drinking, Money--Military/Colleges/World--Tate Publishing, $13.99 has 5 Star Reviews on Amazon. Full of warmth & passion, brilliantly structured, convincingly detailed and yet easy to read, this vivid discussion of women & men on the battlefield of the sexes helps all of us develop personal power for protection and to achieve victory thru equality. Though it is sexual assault prevention for Military, College students and everyone trying to successfu... more
  • The Nature of Things

    by Brigid Elsken Galloway
    Watching her mother slowly succumb to dementia, Brigid Galloway felt the first pangs of loss — and that was only the beginning. Within two years, both of her aged parents passed away, her job as an editor for Time was eliminated, and she faced divorce after 14 years of marriage. At age 47, she found herself starting life over with an 8-year-old son in tow. In "The Nature of Things" Galloway shares 24 stories that chronicle her journey from fear to faith. With humor and wit, she recounts the... more
  • Christianity (The Deceit)

    by Claude Roberts

    Evidently, we have become a world of "democratic partiality " Everything from our speech, actions, and way of life to cultural ideals is lost. As a result, unfamiliar traditions have set our cultural bounds of Christianity especially the ways in which people define that belief. For a majority this is how we explain our religion, others proclaim undeniable faith through it. So the question becomes, what is Christianity, how has religion shaped this country including the way individua... more

  • How to Gain Nothing from Buddhist Practice

    by Darren Littlejohn

    This is a how-to book. Do you feel frustrated with spiritual books that are complicated and confusing with too many strange terms? Then this is the book for you! This book will tell you everything that you need to know about how to begin Buddhist practice. It includes practice instructions in each chapter to deepen your experience with the teachings. It's a complete guidebook for individuals, groups, beginners and experienced meditators alike, and is the perfect complement to an existing ... more

  • Grieving the Death of a Loved One

    by John Krohn PhD
    The pathway of grief is one of the most painful pilgrimages that any person will ever take. Those connecting points in our lives that link us to one another in a family and establish bonds of love, security and meaningfulness, are woven with cords entwined with intimate devotion, and have a myriad of memories laced within their tapestry. When one of those significant love connections is broken, our whole being cries out with profound pain that flows from our deepest heart. It is scary to think a... more
  • Holding on to faith when God is silent

    by John Krohn PhD
    The silence of God when we are in the midst of difficult circumstances, can be one of the most challenging lessons to learn as we discover how to walk by faith. God isn't silent … He is listening … He is waiting … and He is tenderly urging His child to take those needed steps of trust to become mature in Christ.
  • Trusting God in the Midst of a Life Storm

    by John Krohn
    One of the most challenging times in our life often comes when we find ourselves on the edge of facing a distressing life storm for which we feel completely unprepared, and inadequate to deal with it. As the storm builds with intensity upon the horizon, we know we are at the very edge of our ability to cope, our capacity to access urgently needed inner resources, and we desperately need our faith to see us through.
  • Healing the Wounded Heart ISBN-13: 978-1533642950

    by John Krohn
    Throughout our lives we face challenges and hardships that can leave an indelible mark upon our heart. Growing up in a troubled family, a lifetime of loneliness, betrayal, rejection, and abuse affect the way that we see ourselves, other people and the pathways that we choose in life. It can be difficult to share with others that there is something hurting deep within that just never goes away. The loss of a loved one touches all of us at some time in our lives. Grief is a journey that opens our ... more
  • Souled out of Slavery

    by Darryl Diptee
  • PERSONAL BEST: Transform Your Life By Thinking Like an Athlete

    by Josh Black


    We are living beneath our potential, allowing our doubts and anxieties to close us within an ever-tightening circle of possibility. We are too willing to accept things as they are. Though we might daydream about things as they might be, we do less than we could to realize our potential, to live the life that is available to us if only we will reach out and take it.

    Personal Best will help you unlock your potential by pointing you towards the kind o... more

  • Bring Your Dreams to Life: Discover Your Soul's Purpose & Turn Your Visions Into Reality

    by Jodi Chapman
    What’s YOUR Dream? Having a dream is wonderful. It inspires you and calls you toward your highest destiny. But having a dream is very different from living your dream. It’s the difference between longing to visit your ideal vacation spot and actually going there…or perhaps even living there! But how do you begin this journey? With 150 thought-provoking questions and inspiring writing prompts, this guided workbook leads you into your dream life in three soulful steps: 1. Your Soul’s Cal... more