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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Naked Thinking - Your essential handbook to effectively tame your emotions, focus your thinking, and make better decisions

    by Phil D'Agostino, MEd, LPC-NC
    Focusing on how to tame your emotions at critical times, this self-improvement book offers a step-by-step guide to help ordinary people find a way to be happier and more effective in daily living. Naked thinking is thinking with the suffocating cloak of emotions stripped away. It isn’t that emotions are bad, but when it comes to sorting out difficulties or making decisions, emotions can change the way you think so dramatically you often can’t think at all, or what you do decide to do looks ve... more
  • Leaving Lack and Limitation; Revealing Balanced Abundance Vol. 1: The Power of Words

    by Chanda Pilgrim
    This short book gives readers an understanding of how and why words are powerful. It explains how our negative or positive thoughts are creating our life, and gives a formula for using your words to create the life you want to live.
  • The Queen's Journal

    by Maria Luchsinger
    The Queen's Journal is a daily planner for women designed to plan the most important tasks for the day, keep appointments and list accomplishments. There are also 52 inspirational quotes included.
  • Creating Your Leadership Discipline

    by Joe Cleggett
    This book will show you ways to: Learn how the economic changes in the world will affect your leadership style Help you honestly understand who you are Discover, understand and promote your talents Develop simple routines and disciplines to use your talents consistently and effectively Respect your talent meritocracy based education Learn to manage around your weaknesses Strengthen your mindfulness skills Help you develop emotional and sensitivity skills for dealing with others Help you discard ... more
  • Rapid Relief From Emotional Distress II

    by James E. Campbell MD
    This book takes a look at how certain thinking processes create "psychiatric" symptoms, and how different choices can eliminate those experiences. Better understanding of the accurate meaning of commonly uses words can improve the likelyhood of working through conflicts with others, and can improve the quality of one's life.
  • Beautiful

    by Sheila Hoffman
    God Has A Beautiful Plan For Your Life If You Will Do It His Way Women today live in a world that demands excellence and perfection. Every woman, no matter the age, the culture or the background desperately searches for love and acceptance. In the worlds kingdom, it is all about outward appearance. Come journey with me through the pages of "Beautiful" into God's kingdom where beauty is all about His inward presence. We will take the word "Beautiful" and letter by letter discover truths ... more
  • Truths

    by Donald R. James
    Over thirty years ago, I began writing articles to send out as letters to the editor in a number of newspapers. As matters developed, a number of the articles were too long to be put on the editorial page and wound up nesting in my files. A few of the longer ones were published in magazines, but none of them yielded any money. That was okay by me because being a writer had been my desire from childhood. I had strong beliefs regarding various issues affecting my fellow man, and I continued to put... more
  • Anything is Possible: Thought-Provoking Quotes to Inspire Your Mind

    by Lorenzo Victory
    What happens in my book is readers discover how I overcame adversity and obstacles in my life to become successful. It shows how through confidence and belief in one self, anything is possible and overcoming obstacles is possible. Many original inspiring quotes are in the book to motivate and inspire. The book is written to inspire all ages facing everyday life with issues from bullying to medical to all types of life stages.
  • Paths of Fear: An Anthology of Overcoming Through Courage, Inspiration, and Love (Pebbled Lane Books) (Volume 1)

    by Connie Kerbs
    Paths of Fear is a rich exploration on a universal experience and one of our most primal emotions, one we all eventually face in one form or another. It is an interesting and informative work chocked full of diverse stories and helpful ideas. Poetic voices, old and new, are pleasantly woven throughout this compelling excursion through one of the most intense aspects of the human psyche – fear. The collection contemplates a broad range of fears from that which manifests in screams of sheer ter... more
  • Stepfathers' Anonymous Playbook... The Season That Never Ends

    by Joe Pritchard
    Author Joe Pritchard shares a humorous and heartwarming account of his rookie season as a stepfather to two teenage stepdaughters, two female stepdogs, one fiery new wife, and one tiny bathroom.
  • Let Go, Heal, Be Happy: An In-Depth Roadmap to Life-Long Emotional Mastery

    by Mark Linden O'Meara
    Sometimes life can present difficulties that leave you feeling unbalanced and with unresolved emotions, or perhaps you have never fully let go of events from the past. We’ve all been told “just let it go”, yet it’s been hard for you to do that. This book shows you how. Let Go, Heal, Be Happy helps you learn about emotions and human nature, gain insight, develop new beliefs, heal, and ultimately transform adversity into strength, resilience and a new found sense of joy. Through tears, laughter, ... more
  • Spoken Silently: The Art and Practice of Reading People. a Comprehensive Guide to Nonverbal Communication and Human Behavioral I

    by Terry Beckstrom
    Spoken Silently will significantly improve your communication and relationship skills by teaching you to recognize and interpret the subtle messages delivered through body language. The author provides the reader with the keys to unlock the silent code of nonverbal communication, equipping you with the ability to recognize the emotions of others while improving your personal influence and success. You will Learn to: Interpret Emotions and Behaviors of Others; Connect and Build Rapport with Other... more
  • Nessa's Nuggets

    by Manessah Willis
    This book is a Devotional type book that leads the reader on a 30 day journey with an impressive collection of meaningful words of wisdom. Each day will prompt inspiration and encouragement among readers, enlightening them with helpful solutions for their problems and guiding their eyes back to God in the process. A person can only live up to their highest potential and discover their destiny and purpose in life by removing life’s excess baggage and connecting with the Creator. It stresses that... more
  • Wisdom of a Life Well-Lived

    by Gary Springer
    Overview Through a series of articles written over many years, Ethel Pearson Levine teaches us about life through her eyes, giving words of advice about friendship, marriage, divorce, health, and more. Description Over a period of 30 years, Ethel Pearson Levine wrote monthly articles for the Sunrise Lakes community in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her articles embrace universal subjects from marriage and divorce to relationships, aging, and death. She took on subjects that affect us all. Within... more
  • 24 Hour Journey

    by Yvette Wilson Bentley
    In 2015, I was on top of the world. I had everything I needed and a few of my wants. Having celebrated my 50th birthday, this was going to be the year I would inhale my second breath and continue dancing in the sunlight. The day came the sunlight transformed into darkness. Within three months, the rug was snatched from under me. I found myself jobless, carless and almost homeless. I also found myself without a plan of how to make it from one day to the next. Have you ever feared not knowi... more
  • Take Your Power Back: Healing Lessons, Tips, and Tools for Abuse Survivors

    by Evelyn M. Ryan
    In Take Your Power Back, author Evelyn M. Ryan offers a step-by-step guide that teaches you to regain and use your personal power to turn your pain-based life into one filled with joy. This resource is a product of Ryan’s decades-long search for the truth to help adult survivors of childhood abuse and other traumas heal from pain addictions. It will help you discover that the source of truth-based healing resides in you, and you can tap into that infinite power. Ryan discusses: • the real or... more