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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Manly Manners: Lifestyle & Modern Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century

    by Wayne James
    Manly Manners: Lifestyle & Modern Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century is the first volume of a three-volume treatise on modern men’s manners by fashion designer, lawyer, former senator Wayne James. Elegant, sophisticated, and immensely informative—yet edgy, sexy, witty, and even irreverent at times—the trilogy is poised to become the definitive lifestyle guide for the modern man. Is there a difference in the way one holds a glass of red wine versus a glass of white? How should a youn... more
  • Removing Your Shame Label

    by Edmund Capparucci
    As a counselor, I see far too many Christians who live with needless shame that negatively impacts their relationship with God. They believe He can't possibility love or accept them because of their sinful nature. Readers of my book discover how to remove the shame label from their lives by overcoming harmful behaviors such as: irrational thinking; the inability to emotionally connect; self-loathing; excessive worry; a hardened heart; and being stuck. Utilizing real case studies, I provide ... more
  • The Bimbo Has Brains

    by Cathy Burnham Martin
    “Bimbo” bursts with facts, fiction, and fun. Not a run-of-the-mill relationship book, Cathy Burnham Martin delves into the sassy sides of our human nature to reveal why some relationships remain unfulfilling while others blossom and become ultimately satisfying. While she bashes dastardly double standards, her recipes for success flow tastefully, packed with hard truths, while seasoned with plenty of humor. A long-time journalist and corporate communications geek, Martin skillfully unrave... more
  • Lifeness

    by Tom Rubens

    Have you ever asked your yourself, “How did I get here?” The commitment to entrepreneurship can take over your life, and through a series of compromises and “temporary” decisions, erode the principles and values you care about until one day, you wake up and your life is far from the one you imagined when you started out on this path. The freedom you sought when you decided to start a business or follow your creative passion may have turned out to be a prison. Non-balan... more

  • Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife: Not Just Surviving But Thriving

    by Barbara K. McNally

    Imagine sending your spouse to war with a heavy heart, then receiving a life-shattering phone call telling you he's been badly injured. Your beloved returns to your arms, but changed, broken, angry, conflicted, and in need of around-the-clock care. What do you do?

    Meet the women who drew upon their inner resilience and prevailed. Their vivid personal accounts provide inspiration to those who face daunting challenges, and offer a path forward. Each one of these brave, strong military spo... more

  • Wisdom of the Holy Spirit

    by Donald Novak
    You’ll delight in this spiritual treasury, filled with the enlightened knowledge given to various men and women of faith by the Holy Spirit throughout the ages. Simple and straightforward, this divine collation of reason, discernment, and judgment will set you on the right path and profoundly affect your life. Wisdom of the Holy Spirit is easy to read and easy to comprehend—a book that will energize your spirit and fill your days with joy. Once you discover the nuggets of wisdom contained within... more
  • The Sibling Connection: How Siblings Shape Our Lives

    by Jane Mersky Leder
    When you think of siblings, I bet the first words to come to mind are "sibling rivalry." You're not alone. But here's the truth: while sibling rivalry may be part of your childhood, the majority of siblings change their tune by the time they hit adolescence or early adulthood. The sibling connection is like a lake or stream: it is constantly in flux. The Sibling Connection: How Siblings Shape Our Lives is a conversational, interactive book for adults filled with sibling stories, myths and fa... more
  • Become a Tech-Active Senior: Defeat Your Fear, Get Connected, Expand Your World

    by Marie Clapsaddle
    This short, easy-to-understand book helps seniors work through mental and emotional barriers to embracing a tech-rich life, and presents basic information about useful tech devices that match their needs and interests.
  • Double Thought

    by Mirfarhad Moghimi
    Double Thought is a collection of art-the art of words in short stories,the art of thought,and the art of the mind. The moods and words are of honesty,trust,and deep self-confidence. Subjects include law,adventure,history,philosophy,psychology,spirituality,religion,family,and romance. Take a trip and join the author on a journey of our galaxy and our thoughts. Double Thought is a world of a world of Double Thought . ( ISBN : 978-1-4809-6539-3 ) & ( eISBN : 978-1-4809-6493-8 ) .(http://www.rosedo... more
  • Prophetic Perils - End Time Events Revealed

    by Holly Drennan Deyo

    Welcome to Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed. This is the finished project that demanded 12 to 14 hours daily, 7 days a week to research and write for the past year and a half. It was as much a "requirement" to undertake as bestseller Dare To Prepare.

    Nearly everyone senses something is wrong; something isn't normal. They feel it. They sense it. People paying attention see things are really off-kilter. Compared to just two decades ago, life is on a tilt. People in... more

  • Dare To Prepare

    by Holly Drennan Deyo

    69 chapters of detailed information to assist the reader to prepare for many emergencies as thes chapters titles show:

    Chapter 1: Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs
    Chapter 2: Earthquakes - The Great Shaking
    Chapter 3: Volcanoes, Earthquakes' Cousins
    Chapter 4: Tornadoes - Nature's Most Violent Storms
    Chapter 5: Wildfires
    Chapter 6: Weird Weather Grows Wilder
    Chapter 7: Signs in the Heavens
    Chapter 8: Signs in the Sun
    Chapter 9: Si... more

  • Treating Borderline States in Marriage: Dealing with Oppositionalism, Ruthless Aggression and Severe Resistance

    by Charles McCormack
    Educates psychotherapists and those concerned with issues of mental health in couples and the family to the types of primitive mental processes to which we can all fall prey. Makes often very difficult to understand behaviors understandable. Discusses ways to deal with such behaviors that lead to the real possibility of gradual change.
  • The Kind of Old Man I Want to Be: A paradigm for 65 and beyond

    by Jack Chalk
    If you are middle age and beyond, you need to think about the kind of old person you will be because you will be one before you know it. The time to start is now, well before you reach 65 years of age. If you are already 65 or over it is not too late to change. Every day 10,000 people in the US turn 65. They may have plans for doing things, but most are without a paradigm for being content if they do not have the financial means or health to do them. Using humorous quotes, antidotes and illus... more
  • Depression Anxiety and the Brain in Your Gut: How Thought, Emotion and Behavior Work and How to Get Back to Normal

    by Kelly Burris

    Top 5 Critical Steps to Fix Yourself and the Non-Scientific Mental Health System
    Step 1: Define Normal
    Most people are astounded to learn there is not a clear definition for normal in the industry of Emotional Wellness (mental health). Without this definition, what is the objective? The answer is there isn't one.This leaves one subject to a recommended lifetime of medication and therapy.Burris Institute has defined normal... more

  • Calm, Creative, Joyful: Reflections on the Life-Changing Lessons of A Course in Miracles

    by MarciaGrace
    The Workbook of A Course in Miracles contains 365 lessons plus additional material which guides the student through the process of connecting with your Higher Self. It is a deep inner journey that can completely alter your life. Experiencing the huge shifts in my own thinking and in my relationships inspired me to write down what came to mind as i read each lesson.. These are the blog posts i wrote beginning in 2012. Then a student asked me if it was possible to have these blog posts in a writte... more
  • The Authentic Lover: Reclaiming Love's Beauty and Power

    by Chris Hakim

    Why is there so much conflict around sexuality? How does a relationship that began with joy end up feeling like a chore? Why is attraction so seldom reciprocated? And what, if anything, does online dating have to do with love? In The Authentic Lover, you will discover the four great enemies of love: violence, pettiness, vanity, and our reproductive agenda.

    If we can overcome these formidable enemies, nothing more keeps us from the vast experience of unconditional love. Starting... more