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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Removing Your Shame Label: Learning to Break From Shame and Feel God's Love

    by Eddie Capparucci
    In this new book, “Removing Your Shame Label: Learning to Break From Shame and Feel God’s Love” you will discover how to remove the shame label from your life by overcoming harmful behaviors such as: irrational thinking; the inability to emotionally connect; self-loathing; excessive worry; a hardened heart; and being stuck. Utilizing real case studies, the author provides insights and real-world solutions to help you manage behaviors that destroy relationships, limit personal growth, and cause... more
  • Enlightened Real Estate: Transforming Ourselves and the World Around Us

    by Barry Scherr
    Does real estate evolve and grow with the times? Or does brick-and-mortar, by its nature, hold back progress, trapping us in traffic, low affordability, and endless rebuilding? Enlightened Real Estate will open our eyes to the astonishing potential of the man-made world. The reconstruction of buildings, towns, and cities will be the basis for the next great economic expansion. From abstract idea to practical application, Enlightened Real Estate explores the mindset behind the built environmen... more
  • The Success Process Handbook

    by Tony Fielek
    Using tested motivational and persuasive methods, this detailed program will show how you can influence the key people who are important to your success in your social life, career and personal relationships.
  • Suddenly Alone

    by Ken & Donna Wright
    If you were suddenly alone, could you wake up in the morning, operate effectively throughout the day as you performed the activities of daily living, retire self-assured at night, and repeat that process in the weeks, months, and years to come? Could you today, without help from anyone, put your hands on all your financial records, legal documents, personal identification cards, insurance policies, medical records, prescriptions, computer logins and passwords? Have you thought about what... more

    by Dylan Clearfield


         Any person can be analyzed on sight.  This book tells you how, using the latest 21st century methods.  It’s perfect for someone on a first date, at a job interview, or any time a new person comes into your life.

                While there are many books on this topic none of them are like this one.  This book is filled with “valid” photos which will be used to demon... more

  • Why Are They Following Me?

    by joyce gillie gossom
  • Neurodiversity: A Humorous and Practical Guide to Living with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, the Gays, and Everyone Else

    by Lois Prislovsky
    A candid, practical, and defiantly funny guide to embracing neurological differences—from a bitingly witty autistic mute and her dyslexic, ADHD-wired, lesbian therapist. Shattering the conventional notion of disability, Neurodiversity sheds light on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), dyslexia, and other neurological differences as natural human variations with their own challenges and strengths. While backed by brain science, the authors write from persona... more
  • In the Jumble

    by Victoria Lochhead
    In the Jumble shares with you Victoria’s experiences and top tips on how to shop second hand, what to look for, where to go, how to sort your wardrobe, and most importantly, how to reconnect with the colours, styles and shapes that will bring your wardrobe together and reflect the very best of the fabulous you. This book will: Show you how to shop second hand, where to go, what to look for and what to avoid. Give you tips on how you can regain control of your wardrobe, understand your styl... more
  • The Dating RX

    by crystal parham

     NO MORE DEAD-END RELATIONSHIPS You met the man of your dreams. You fell in love. You did everything you thought was right. Your relationship was perfect, but then it wasn't. Suddenly you're single – dumped again – and you have no idea why. It feels like you always draw the short straw when it comes to men, and you are fed up. You're tired of being dumped. You're exhausted from being stuck in a rut—dating the same kind of man time and time again. It beco... more

  • Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!

    by E. A. Barker
    This book was created for everyone, from young adults to seniors. It was written from a male’s point of view, speaking to men who are endlessly struggling to understand the opposite sex. For women, this is a fascinating journey inside the male psyche. The book gives a young reader a glimpse of the future, with a recommended time-line for key life events. Mature readers, who have already experienced much of what is discussed in the book, should come away with a new-found understanding, and perhap... more
  • Bridging Engagement Gaps: An Essential Resource Guide to Strengthen Workplace Engagement

    by Vincent Miholic
    Miholic’s comprehensive rendering, Bridging Engagement Gaps: An Essential Resource Guide to Strengthen Workplace Engagement, is grounded on the central argument that engagement, foremost, is a result of valuing others, helping others identifying the talent and gifts they bring to work, helping them feel and know that they make a difference is central to motivation and engagement. The text further explores finding those aspects that cement personal value in the context of organizational values an... more
  • CORE 4 of Wellness: Nutrition | Physical Exercise | Stress Management | Spiritual Wellness

    by Kaushal B. Nanavati, MD
    CORE 4 of Wellness: Nutrition | Physical Exercise | Stress Management | Spiritual Wellness is a complete guide to help you manage your stress, improve relationships, and find balance and peace inside and out. If you think of health care as a tree, think of the trunk as disease prevention, the branches as disease management, and the leaves as innovations, some of which become new branches and others of which fall by the wayside. The roots of the tree are wellness promotion. Nutrition, physical ... more
  • The Heart Blooms in Silence

    by Dhammadasa
    An ordinary man set out on an extraordinary journey, a year of solitary meditation in the heart of rural Virginia. This book offers insights into his experiences and discoveries of the human condition and the timeless and personal quest for true happiness.
  • What's Your Sexy Sense & Sensibility?: A funny personality quiz on women and relationships, dating advice for women, seeking a m

    by Edward Cavanaugh, Camille Bardo
    Which would you choose? 1. The most mind-blowing sexual experience? 2. The most profound emotional connection? 3. Or, a genius-level, Einstein-esque mental love match? Writers Edward Cavanaugh and Camille Bardo ("Sex & Dessert") claim it depends on your "sexual style" and that mismatched Eros is lurking behind years (decades!) of bad dating karma and weird mating choices. In this hilarious hybrid quiz-cum-essay full of quippy neo-modern narrative fractals about sex and romance, sexy stats, ... more
  • The Unbound Soul: Applied Spirituality

    by Richard L. Haight
    An instructional memoir, The Unbound Soul is the true story of a young boy's spiritual vision and his subsequent trek across the globe in search of truth. Tormented by visions of coming worldwide economic, social and ecological collapse, he presses ever onward in his search and eventually realizes the elusive truth of awakening. Through The Unbound Soul, Richard L. Haight reveals the understanding that transforms your life and provides a unique meditation method and set of powerful awareness too... more