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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Snapchat 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on Snapchat

    by Scott Perry
    The ultimate guide to Snapchat for beginners. This picture-filled handbook makes it easy for you to master the basics of the world's fastest-growing social network in minutes! Written BY adults FOR adults, so you get a clear, linear path to using Snapchat's key features, as well as tons of additional material for a greater understanding of the platform.
  • Exuberant Women Don't Age - No Time To Waste

    by Elizabeth Upton
    “Exuberant Women Don’t Age - No Time to Waste” is an empowering guide for women of all ages and all walks of life. While many self-development books have advice on personal improvement or bringing about social change, “Exuberant Women Don’t Age - No Time to Waste” uses dedicated exercises and affirmations to harness the intense power of the individual, helping readers to achieve inner peace, emotional strength and boundless happiness.
  • Be Not Weary in Well-Doing

    by Sarah Bell
    I often cry when I read parts of my book. Sometimes it was so difficult and I loved the kids so much. This is far from a "How To" book. I had no qualifications in child raising. I just wanted single parents to know that they are not alone, and to offer lots of encouragement and love. Raising well loved, healthy children is a great challenge for even two parents who are strong and love each other. Raising children as a single parent can be an overwhelming task. I felt compelled to write this book... more
  • The Writer's Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear

    by Anne H. Janzer
    Writing is an intensely personal act, yet all writers face similar problems related to focus, procrastination, creativity, and productivity. This book combines the field-tested practices of successful and productive writers with insights from cognitive science. By understanding how your mental processes affect the work, you can master the inner game of writing. The Writer’s Process is a practical guide to finding your best writing process. Topics include: - How to invite your brain to w... more
  • The Seven Senses of Leadership: The Brain Broad's Guide To Leadership Sensibilities

    by Lynette Louise
    The Seven Senses of Leadership explores with detail how to harness and understand our Leadership Sensibilities. By explaining how is is that our senses Lead us, highlighting the strengths and possibilities of each one, and how they rely on and affect each other, The Brain Broad reminds us of the power in Leading and the value of holding motivators and needs of the Group at the forefront. In reading this book we become better Leaders. We also become more educated choosers of who we want want Lead... more
  • What I Should've Said ...and now I wish I had!

    by Marc Kuhn
    Sometime in your life someone has upset you. It may have been a relative, a lover, your neighbor or your boss. And what did you do? Nothing ...absolutely nothing! Either you became tongue-tied or you went brain dead. You spent the rest of the day thinking about what you should have said. This book is targeted to daters or just about anyone involved in some kind of a relationship. It features a collection of whimsical retorts designed to help you prepare for the next time you get... more
  • Mold and Your Rental Property: A Landlord's Prevention and Liability Guide

    by Ron Leshnower

    Learn how to get a handle on mold problems and limit costly repairs and tenant lawsuits. From identifying mold to cleaning it up, this ebook provides essential information landlords and managers need to know about managing mold in residential rental properties.

    The ebook explains:

    • where you're likely to find mold and how it may spread from a small problem to a major issue
    • why and how rental property owners may be liable for mold ... more
  • The Ultimate Guide to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals in 10 Steps or Less

    by Dan McDaniel

    **Inspired by an exclusive VIP meeting with Oprah Winfrey >> The Ultimate Guide to Success is the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of success. Drawing on over 5,000 hours of research, this book shows you how to achieve your biggest goals in 10 steps or less!

    Including a **BONUS** interactive workbook + a FREE 20-minute audiobook sample, this book also helps you discover the five (5) simple questions to discover your life’s purpose, your #1 biggest obstacle to ac... more

  • Words at Work

    by Lynda McDaniel
    "Words at Work," winner of National Best Books Award, shows you how to create business writing that rocks! From entry level to C-level, you’ll learn how to stand out in the workplace and marketplace. When you finish this book, you'll be able to: 1) organize information creatively, 2) write in a clear, conversational style people want to read, 3) add creative writing techniques such as similes, vivid verbs, and rhythm to keep your readers reading, and 4) edit like a pro with hard-to-find tric... more
  • The Love Mindset: An Unconventional Guide to Healing and Happiness

    by Vironika Tugaleva

    After a decade-long struggle with mental distress, addiction, eating disorders, and profound self-hatred, Vironika Tugaleva faced a choice: change or die.

    Reluctantly, she chose to change. Nothing could have prepared her for what came next. Vironika's life as a suffering cynic ended when she found herself having a spiritual awakening.

    Drawing from first-hand experience, what Vironika says in this important and timely book isn't fanciful fluff or indoctrinating do... more

  • The Way Is Love: How to Walk in Love and Forgiveness

    by Errington Cumberbatch
    If Jesus is the Way and Jesus is love and the Bible is truth, having the love of Jesus in our hearts is the way to abundant life on earth as it is in heaven! Many of us have aspects of our lives we would like to change. Anyone who doubts that need only look at the self-help section of online or brick and mortar bookstores. Since more and more are published each year, it’s reasonable to assume they don’t work – at least not for everyone. In the meantime, the one book and person who can help ar... more
  • Invoking The Light: Lift the Veil of Illusion

    by C. F. Reynolds
    A Revelation. Inspired to seek the underlying truth of a profound spiritual experience, including numerous visions, C. F. Reynolds intuited a series of insights. They revealed answers to questions puzzling humanity since time began about the truth of our existence. Invoking The Light shares these insights in a Universal way, offering a fresh perspective on traditional and alternative beliefs. Invoking The Light Is Simple. We expend so much time and energy coping with the difficulties of lif... more
  • BULLI[ED]: Ending The Bullying Cycle & Taking The Power Back

    by J.D Wood
    BULLI[ED] Is designed to help those who feel powerless at the hands of bullying, and whether it be a child, parent, or an adult facing bullies in the workplace, it provides in-depth, personalized strategies to better understand and eventually overcome the bullying cycle in the readers life. Author J.D Wood's personal suffering at the hands of bullies for over 10 years in his early life allow him to get inside the mind of the bully victim and even the bullies themselves, and he has per... more
  • My Five Sisters: A Psychological Thriller Based on a True Story of Multiple Personalities

    by Pam Franklin
    My Five Sisters is a psychological thriller written by a sibling who was tortured mentally and physically from the age of six until she was thirteen by her older sister who had five distinct personalities. How long can a child be tortured mentally and physically by a sibling and still not suffer permanent psychological damage? Patra will tell you an entire childhood. By the age of six, Patra realized there was something drastically wrong with her sister, Angela. Angela, not knowingly, could swi... more
  • Cutting Truths

    by Michael Levy
    Do you know the name of the man or woman who invented the wheel? If s/he had patented it, how much would that be worth in to-days world? Quite a bit more that the value of Microsoft I should imagine. Well, there was no money in those days and people did things to help their community just for the good of each other. They were simple beings who enjoyed each sunrise, sunset and natures resplendent bounty with any distortion or distraction of an ‘educated’ intellectual mind. They required no rea... more
  • First Year of Marriage: The Newlywed's Guide to Building a Strong Foundation and Adjusting to Married Life

    by Marcus Kusi

    How to build a strong foundation and adjust to married life - EVEN if you don't know where to start;

    Do you feel overwhelmed and completely unprepared for marriage? Are you worried about failing in your marriage or considering a divorce?

    Do you want to have the best marriage you possibly can, but not sure where to start?

    You are not alone.

    In this book, we share our struggles and how we overcame adversity to build the great marria... more