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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Change Journey: Voices of the Creative Quest

    by Andy Harmon

    Based on a presentation to the Alaska Writers Conference, Andy Harmon draws on over 40 years of experience as a theatre director and playwright and 25 years as a leadership coach, to engage hreaders in a dialogue about the real life drama of creativity: the archetypal crises and conflicts all of us face when we set out to make a difference in the world - and the inner resources we need to draw on to succeed.

  • Let Them Grumble

    by Nabelah Alneghaimshi

    Many hopes were destroyed in the beginning. Many initiatives came to an end before they even started. We did not give due respect to many great people. We gave more than they deserve to many trivial people. We have experienced many losses at times of colossal change because of ignorance and fear. Whoever wishes to transform from underdevelopment and consumption to development and productivity must make efforts proportional to these changes and must not exempt himself or herself from responsib... more


    by stephen malak

    For Independent Inventors

    and Corporate Design Engineers

    This book differentiates Quantum Inventing, a totally new way of inventing, from traditional inventing. Quantum Inventing shows independent inventors and corporate design engineers how to supplement their income with a new inventing method. It:

    - identifies relevant business conditions and opportunities,

    - shows how to use publicly available information to inform inventing effor... more

  • The Fundamentals of Sports Media and Sponsorship Sales: Developing New Accounts

    by david j. halberstam
    The Fundamentals of Sports Media and Sponsorship Sales: Developing New Accounts Sales are the backbone of support for both media rights and sponsorship. PricewaterhouseCooper is forecasting that these same two revenue sources will grow to $37 billion annually by 2018. In 2009, sponsorship and sports media rights produced just north of $20 billion. In today's general environment of restrained growth, sports revenue continues to outpace the expansion of many mainstream industries. Because of th... more
  • For All

    by Nabelah Al-Neghaimshi

    Through life, we live several roles—as mother, father, traveler, job seeker, retiree, etc. Each role has a different scenario, which we play. While we play a role, we forget to enjoy it. We take it more seriously than it should be taken. It is difficult to live with someone who often criticizes and insults others. It is much harder if the critic is you, criticizing yourself. Who is more precious than a self constantly sticking with you in all conditions. Isn’t it yet the time for ... more

  • The M.A.P.

    by Chester L. Hall Jr.
    In The M.A.P. you will be guided through a seven step process that allows you to begin creating the perfect vision for your life and finishing your journey by helping someone else begin theirs. It is an easy to read script which demands that you take MASSIVE ACTION to ultimately achieve the life you deserve. Full of how-tos, inspirational quotes, and stories to drive the points home, it will be a book you will come back to again and again when you feel you are "stuck in the mud of life."
  • Offensive

    by nicholas stewart
    A guide to offensive talk that includes examples of offensive talk, helpful perspectives to overcome the affects of offensive talk, counselling issues for offensive talk and fictional insights into offensive talk.
  • BEING GRATEFUL: How to Open the Door to a More Fulfilled & Abundant Life in 13 Easy Steps

    by Janice Almond
    In the monotony of our very, busy lives, we often forget the simple principle that our thoughts determine our destiny. And it’s not until we hit a rough patch, that we decide we need to retool our life’s compass. In her book, Janice takes you on a journey that causes you to unearth a heart of gratitude that will provoke you to change the way that you perceive and live your life. If you are looking for an abundant and more fulfilled life, this book is for you. In her thirteen steps, Janice giv... more
  • Invisible Grandparenting: Leave a Legacy of Love Whether You Can Be There or Not

    by Pat Hanson
    There are millions of Invisible Grandparents who because of personality conflicts, custody issues, distance, or consequences of choices made long ago, have no way to pass values and memories to those who mean the most to them. Born of one woman’s quest to become part of the lives of two grandchildren she has been kept from seeing, Invisible Grandparenting documents her journey to heal separation and provides a blueprint for ‘virtual grandparenting’ anyone can use.
  • Women's Wisdom: Pass It On!

    by Kathleen Vestal Logan
    Women's Wisdom: Pass It On! is a book for adult women who want to continue enhancing their lives. Families are smaller and research finds that we have fewer close friends than we used, so our traditional personal resources have shrunk. Women's Wisdom: Pass It On! can help fill that gap. One reader said, "It's like having a friend in a book." Women can turn to it for guidance and ideas on such topics as growing older; self-growth; emotions; building resilience; nurturing rewarding relationship... more
  • How to Do the Impossible: And a Whole Lot More

    by Stan Reynolds
    Creating a systematic approach to solving problems and achieving your goals has never been easier. You will experience a, “Why didn’t I think of that moment,” when you discover the LOGICDIE™, a mnemonic device in “HOW TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE AND A WHOLE LOT MORE” by Stan Reynolds. True, you already know most self-help principles, but finally you will have a simple step-by-step process for putting it all together. The LOGICDIE™ is a critical thinking tool that ties time proven self-help principl... more
  • Becoming Wise, a New Hope for Humanity

    by Mary Sue Wallace
    “Who am I? What do I want?” These are questions we all ask ourselves while in the process of creating a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life. These questions create the visions, dreams, and intentions that direct our lives and contribute to a better world for all of humanity. Then the question becomes, “How do I make my dreams come true?” “As above, so below.” The mind is the resource of infinite potential. Guiding the mind is the work of a master who would use this resource to his or her adv... more
  • Tune in: Use Music Intentionally to Curb Stress, Boost Morale, and Restore Health. a Music Therapy Approach to Life. Second Edi

    by Jennifer Buchanan, MTA
    Anyone who has blasted a beloved Motown classic at a party, pressed play on an energizing pop anthem mid-run, or nursed a broken heart to the strains of a sad ballad can attest to the deep transformative power of music. From helping patients recover from brain injuries to soothing crying newborns, the neurological effects of music therapy have been studied extensively, and time and time again, science has shown: it works. Tune In: Use Music Intentionally to Curb Stress, Boost Morale and Re... more
  • Travels With Charlize

    by David R. Gross
    After losing his wife of almost fifty-three years to lung cancer retired veterinary professor David Gross adopts Charlize, a German shepherd rescue dog with problems of her own. The two troubled souls embark on a yearlong journey to discover how to accept tragedy and craft a new life with each other’s help. They travel down the Pacific coast from the rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula almost to Mexico meeting new people and experiencing life. They travel inland and visit the widower’s old hau... more
  • Managing Your Doctor: The Smart Patient's Guide to Getting Effective Affordable Healthcare

    by Patrick Neustatter, MD
    Getting effective, error free affordable healthcare is challenging. Managing Your Doctor is here to help. An information overload no doctor can keep up with; endless manipulations by drug and medical device companies; a take over by profit seeking corporations; laws that disadvantage the patient; an epidemic of medical and billing errors combine with the ever increasing complexity of medicine all contribute to the problem. The antidote is the right information – which this book provides, divided... more
  • The Real Matrix

    by Michael Evans
    The Real Matrix is a high impact selfhelp resource for people who want to see the truth and heal their lives. Written by Michael Evans, The Real Matrix focuses on what is and is not real in your life. You may be shocked by what you read in this book. All proceeds from this book are being donated directly to a children's charity.