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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The Way of Two Bridges

    by Peter J. Judge
    The Way of Two Bridges is a book that defines the life style choices that provide positive and/or negative life force energy. It clearly describes how incredibly unique each of us are. The book uses a bridge metaphor to explain the steps we can take, of our own free will, to find a deeply meaningful Christian Faith. The science of physics is used to help understand our life force energy being real and passing on to a nearby dimension as witnessed by near death experiences. Life without faith can... more
  • The Fiction Writer's Handbook

    by Anthony Maulucci

    The Fiction Writers Handbook provides advice on how to write great stories.  Based on Anthony Maulucci's 20 years' experience teaching fiction writing to adults in both universities and private workshops, The Fiction Writer's Handbook is a streamlined and straightforward guide to writing captivating and memorable fiction. It is brimming with advice and examples of the timeless techniques for telling a compelling story and bringing characters to life. Focusing on the four... more

  • Divine State of Mind: The Gateway to Finding Answers From Within

    by Susan Lawrence
    Divine State of Mind® Hypnosis Technique is the new Gateway to communication between people and other beings in the spiritual realm. In a deep hypnotic state, clients converse directly with their soul, loved ones, angels, and other spiritual beings. Discover how Divine healings from Archangels and the Master had profoundly transforming effects on the lives of those who experienced them. The Divine State of Mind® Hypnosis Technique allows clients to enter the Hall of Akashic records and a... more
  • The Power of Death: A Radical Path to Personal Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment

    by Gabriel Dee
    The ONLY Book You Need for Lasting Motivation, Personal Transformation and Spiritual Growth Do you want to change your life, but constantly lose motivation? Are you trying to find or transform yourself? Are you seeking spiritual enlightenment? Stop the search, and get the book now! The Power of Death will show you a revolutionary method to reach all of the above and more. This technique was invented by the Buddha, but it has not been widely used, because it seems so contradictory and radic... more
  • A Treasury of Old Souls

    by Eric Bergeson
    Through stories and helpful tips, the author encourages the reader to form friendships with the very elderly. By understanding the unique gifts and perspective of the elderly, we can enjoy some of the most rewarding friendships in our lifetime. The author's lifetime spent in an aging, Midwest small town fills the book with funny, poignant stories of the older characters who became his friends, sometimes after a rocky beginning.
  • Ride of Your Life: A Coast-To-Coast Guide to Finding Inner Peace

    by Ran Zilca

    Have you hit a crossroads in your career or life?

    Do you feel stuck and know you have more to offer the world than what you are doing right now?

    If you are yearning to make a change in life, Ride Of Your Life will be your inspiration and guide.

    Back in 2010, research scientist and entrepreneur Ran Zilca set out from his home in New York on a motorcycle, bound for California in search of the next chapter in his life. Along this soul-searching journey, he spent hundreds of hou... more

  • The Unseen - How Positive Thoughts & Feelings define Potential and impacts your Reality

    by Moriam S. Balogun
    What is the one thing people from all over the world aspire to? For some it will be a richness of happiness, good health and peace, whilst for others it could be the achievement of success and wealth. The saying ‘life is what you make it’, tells us that our lives are formed by the perspectives we choose to see and live by. If this is true, and we conclude that most people yearn for lasting happiness and financial freedom, then why does this desire elude so many of us? Are these aspirations... more
  • 9781310628337

    by Douglas R. Cootey
    Saying "NO" to Suicide explores the growing problem of suicide by breaking the process of recovery down into steps to develop awareness and coping strategies. Cootey uses his own experiences to explore the aspects of suicidism and how to escape the downward spiral suicidal ideation creates. Family & friends who deal with suicidal people also receive tips to develop coping strategies of their own.
  • Triumphant Womanhood: God's Never "Whatever"

    by Jennifer Houlihan

    Today's culture shouts at us to fight for gender rights and to live for self-gratification. Question for society: How's that working for you? Much of the world's confusion and heartache can be traced to the fact that we are Biblically illiterate. Triumphant Womanhood: God’s Never “Whatever” is a fresh, empowering book that takes a seemingly dull topic – the King James Bible – and makes it enjoyable and relevant to modern life. This uplifting work of n... more

  • Somehow I Thought I Would Be Taller: Finding the Courage You Need to Grow

    by Jeff Vanek
    Winner of the 2015 Gold Quill for best nonfiction, Somehow I Thought I Would Be Taller is a humorous look at life and career. After all, being tall isn’t a matter of feet or inches. It’s a matter of having the courage and belief that comes from thinking taller. Read this book and find that courage!
  • Unfold Your Mat, Unfold Yourself: Essays on Yoga's Healing Truths and So Much More

    by Anne M. Samit
    This collection of essays reveals 15 Healing Truths as discovered on a journey through movement atop a yoga mat. What began as a simple quest to exercise ignited a discovery of self and spirit and strength, all found by merely moving on the mat. Movement is a catalyst for healing. It shakes off the dust. On the mat, barriers get removed and whatever needs to be released is set free. The moves don't have to be complicated for a transformation to begin. The essays contained in each... more
  • The Staying Sober Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Long-Term Recovery From Addiction

    by Howard P. Goodman, MA, LMFT
    If you are ready to get sober, know some one who is, this book will show you that you can do it and how to get there. If you are sober and want to strengthen your resources for staying that way, this will provide the support you need. If you’re a family member or loved one of someone suffering from addiction, your life is affected, too—big time—and this book can restore stability and sanity. And if you are a clinician or therapist, you will find solid ideas for amplifying the effectiveness of y... more
  • Balance - It Is Yours If You Want It (Updated 2nd Edition)

    by Suzie Doscher

    A book for you if:

    • You are curious about personal growth and development
    • You are motivated to improve the quality of your life and want to learn how
    • You are ready to press the 're-set' button
    • You want to raise your self-esteem and level of confidence
    • You are looking to create a more balance life
    • You want to be happy and more content


    Updated and Revised 2nd Edition:

    The BALANCE Handbook helps you with dif... more

  • Balance - An Interactive Workbook for Self-Coaching

    by Suzie Doscher

    Whether you are new to Personal Development or not,
    this workbook will kick-start your growth.

    You will take a closer look at your:

    • Future – your goals, dreams and aspirations
    • Present – the reality check section
    • Past – have a look at it, take the good from it and leave the rest where it belongs – in the past

    Step by step you will:

    • Explore and gather... more
  • Fearless: How to Conquer Your Fear, Stop Playing Small, and Start Living an Extraordinary Life You Love

    by Nathalie Thompson

    So often it happens that we put off doing what we most want to do in life because we're afraid that we’re not good enough to pull it off; we're afraid that the road to success will be more than we can handle, or that we'll never be able to find that elusive path to begin with. But what if you could turn your greatest fear into your greatest ally and actually use it as a catalyst to help you achieve everything you’ve ever wanted?