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Self-Help & Relationships

  • The End of Self-Help: Discovering Peace and Happiness Right at the Heart of Your Messy, Scary, Brilliant Life

    by Dr. Gail Brenner
    The self-help industry perpetuates the myth that we are limited, damaged, inadequate selves who need to be fixed. Sadly, it keeps millions of us hoping for a better future when we will finally be happy and fulfilled. But what if it’s possible, at any moment, to be peaceful and free? In The End of Self Help: Discovering Peace and Happiness Right at the Heart of Your Messy, Scary Brilliant Life, psychologist Gail Brenner, Ph.D. reveals that in fact, it is—once we realize that who we are is not... more
  • Parent Wars: Dealing with an Ex to Build Emotionally Healthy Kids

    by Dr. Donald R. Partridge

    PARENT WARS provides separated parents and professionals with the two missing Principles they have needed to build solid, emotionally healthy kids. Now, regardless of either parent’s failures, by acting on these revolutionary Principles, one separated parent alone can prevent—even reverse—emotional damage in children and restore them to emotional health.

  • Just A Little More Money

    by Marie Bailey
    Just A little more money”; in just 30 Days! Yes, it can be done, and I’m excited to help you find out how you can do it too! I have some great new ideas that will help you achieve financial independence and freedom. Freedom to pursue your goals and take advantage of every opportunity that life has to offer. Please stay with me, as we travel through the financial maze of our lives, and let me show you how you can obtain some of the things that you have always wanted out of life.
  • Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven on Earth

    by Unity
    Experience a genuine difference in the way you feel and in what you experience. This book gives an Understanding beyond the physical - a knowing of how life truly works. This is personal and spiritual awakening. Self awareness, along with the new-found wisdom, and the new choices you will make because of this Understanding ... will produce unbelievable changes. Being able to re-align/re-center and see clearly during challenging times - changes everything. This is how you change your vibration... more
  • The Lightning Image & Seven Promises

    by Joel George
    I was blind but now I see the “LIGHT” of the glorious gospel of Christ, through THE LIGHTNING IMAGE & SEVEN PROMISES. I was blind but now I see the “LIGHT” of the glorious gospel of Christ, through THE LIGHTNING IMAGE & SEVEN PROMISES.The character of light is to reveal and to provide understanding and purity, while darkness is designed to obscure, to deceive, and to harbor impurity. Look into the true light of the eternal Son of God. I delight myself in the LORD, and I shewed you God’s signs; i... more
  • 101 Reasons Why It's Great to Be Single

    by Karleen Dee
    Singleness has somehow become a word that carries with it a negative connotation, as if being single means there is something wrong with you. Comments such as "she's such a lovely girl, I wonder why she hasn't found a good man yet" are coupled with looks of pity and suggestions of how to meet someone. Well, I'm here to tell you that the negative connotation of singleness is BS. We learn faster, discover ourselves more deeply, and are overall happier and more content with life when we are single... more
  • A Look Within, Volume III

    by Melissa Michaels

    Melissa Michaels' A Look Within, Volume III is a poetry book about adventure of art, love, betrayal, death and redemption. It's a journey within yourself providing fresh perspectives that will transform your life. 

  • Get Out of Your Cage: Keys to Freedom in All Areas of Your Life

    by Roxanne Simone Lord
    Get Out of Your Cage is a self-help book of fiery motivation to inspire readers to think outside of their comfort zone and to live the lives that they dream of. This book will propel the reader out of any rut and lift them to greater heights. Discover the keys to living free; financial freedom by faith, healing by faith, restoration and expansion by faith, how to develop more faith, how to fin happiness and love are just some of the keys to a better life being offered in this book that will ... more
  • Dear You, Live! Love, Life: Awaking your spirit, overcoming fears & excuses, and living a purposeful, fulfilling life

    by Michael Holbrook
    Sometimes you have to grab the bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground. To take some initiative and give yourself permission to live. To stop waiting for someone to tell you what to do, how to do it, and how to live your life. Ask yourself: Why did you get up today? Why are you not doing all those things you tell yourself you’re going to do? What are your excuses? Does it matter what someone else thinks? Are you ready to live? To love? What are you afraid of? What will it take for you ... more
  • Clear The Path To Happiness: Powerful, Practical Steps To Become Happier, Feel Better, And Enjoy Living

    by Paul Colaianni
    Happiness will reveal itself when we are finally able to live from our core being – who we really are deep, down inside. This “emotional core” as I call it, is the most sacred, vulnerable place inside of us where we are both the most sensitive, and the most powerful. When we can live authentically from that place, we can create the life we want. This book is designed to help you build (or rebuild) your emotional foundation from the ground up and guide you in removing the obstacles that a... more

    by Annette R. J. Phillips
    The Virgin Islands Backyard is a compilation of videos produced by Phillips Media Group, VI also the Producers of "By Deh Fence"" and De V.I. Backyard Television shows. Now we would like to introduce it to the world in Book Form with loads of Photos and links to websites with video!
  • The Biography of Linda

    by Clyde Hoch
    A young girl flees China with her family during the communist take over. They settle in Vietnam only to be caught up in the Vietnam War. She has a very abusive mother. She comes to America with the aid of an American service man. She suffers more abuse here in America. She overcomes all odds to become a very patriotic American and a wonderful mother. This book will inspire you.
  • You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction

    by Kelli A. Wilkins

    You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction

    If you’ve always dreamed of writing and getting published, but have no idea where or how to start—THIS is the book for you!


    You Can Write—Really! is an easy guide designed for beginner writers who need a boost of motivation and simple instructions on how to get started.

    Award-winning author Kelli A. Wilkins takes you step-by-step through the writing proces... more

  • My Personal Poems of Life...Volume 1 The Wilderness Experience

    by .Larry Jackson
    Simply put, the experiences and trouble that I have faced in life brought me to a place of despair. This book is filled with poems and song that was inspired once I began to trust Christ. I walk you through a part of my life and at time pose questions to my reader about life.
  • The Natural Laws of Selling: The Essential Truths

    by Dan Jacobs
    Several years ago I embarked upon a journey to isolate the fundamental principles and natural laws underlying all methods of selling. Ultimately I discovered that we've been focusing on the wrong target all along! This may be a signal event in the profession of selling as it reveals true power of all techniques and methods of selling. UNDERSTAND: The driving force behind all techniques and methods of l selling comes from harnessing the RAW POWER found only in the NATURAL LAWS of selling... more