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  • Managing Your Doctor: The Smart Patient's Guide to Getting Effective Affordable Healthcare

    by Patrick Neustatter, MD
    Getting effective, error free affordable healthcare is challenging. Managing Your Doctor is here to help. An information overload no doctor can keep up with; endless manipulations by drug and medical device companies; a take over by profit seeking corporations; laws that disadvantage the patient; an epidemic of medical and billing errors combine with the ever increasing complexity of medicine all contribute to the problem. The antidote is the right information – which this book provides, divided... more
  • The Real Matrix

    by Michael Evans
    The Real Matrix is a high impact selfhelp resource for people who want to see the truth and heal their lives. Written by Michael Evans, The Real Matrix focuses on what is and is not real in your life. You may be shocked by what you read in this book. All proceeds from this book are being donated directly to a children's charity.
  • #HelpHope 7 Qauntum Humanomics

    by Solomon Atah
    Africa is at the turning point of the thought-leader revolution. The 7 Humanomics lead the reader to a new hope for our future, for connecting with each other to form an unbreakable net of HOPE. Our personal stories need to be shared to bring about shared experiences: a sharing that will form a collective shield against forces intent on destroying our humanity. Collective consciousness is aided by giving of ourselves to reflect each other’s strengths, and is the only way to honour our heroes. Ou... more
  • Why Doesn't God Fix It?: Shining Eternal Light on the Darkness of Chronic Illness and Any Suffering (Sick & Tired Series)

    by Kimberly Rae
    Have you ever wanted to ask... Where are You, God? Why are You letting this suffering continue? Don't You care? If you have, you're not alone. In Why Doesn't God Fix It? you will find chapters including: *Why Didn't Jesus Heal Everybody? *Illness and Depression *The If Onlys and What Ifs *When the Mountain Won't Move Join Kimberly Rae as she struggles through the hard questions about living with illness, and discover truths in God's Word that offer hope, peace, and joy. ... more
  • Soul Vampires: Reclaiming Your Lifeblood After Narcissistic Abuse

    by Andrea Schneider
    Are you in an abusive relationship? Are you feeling used and discarded by someone? Have you been hurt by a selfish, self-serving individual? If so, maybe you’ve been taken by a narcissist. This book can help you get past the hurt-- and heal-- providing a blueprint for moving forward with your life to a place of renewed strength and wellness. Andrea Schneider MSW, LCSW, an expert psychotherapist who has helped thousands overcome narcissistic abuse over her decades-long career, shows you the path ... more
  • Oneness: Principles of World Peace

    by Brian Scott Baskins
    Oneness Principles of World Peace is Book 1 in The Message of Global Unity Series. Every reader can actively participate in world peace right now. This book is comprised of insights that must be personally applied in life in order to enter the ever-available dimension of global unity. Oneness Principles of World Peace establishes a direct partnership between the reader and everyone on the planet for working together to successfully address the many problems created by racial and national iden... more
  • Beyond Me: Practices for Expanding Compassion

    by David T. Weibel, Ph.D.
    Beyond Me is a field manual for explorers aiming to realize satisfaction and build a global civilization. It synthesizes ancient wisdom and modern science to explain how the egocentric self is as useful as the anchor on a boat, and then reveal a path to transcend suffering, discover purpose, and possibly ensure that our fellow humans can thrive here for another millennium. These practices are not easy, but potential side effects include wisdom and joy.
  • Experiments in Personal Change: Transform Your Life

    by Thomas Carroll
    This is your life; make the most of it. This book will show you what to do to take control of your mind and your life. “Failure is a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” - Jim Rohn It's the small things that you do that create habits which can change the course of your life. Ideas in personal development are of limited value unless you act on them. This book is about taking six key personal growth areas a... more
  • Understanding Patients' Sexual Problems

    by Grace Blodgett
    For many, a person’s sexuality remains a very private issue, and when people are not familiar with sexual terms or have no experience with sexual practices that are different from their own, awkward situations occur. Imagine how uncomfortable it may be for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to discuss sexuality with their patients or support the diverse sexual needs of patients whose behaviors they do not understand or accept. HCPs tend to avoid the patients’ sexual concerns, and while avoidance is... more
  • Mental Silence

    by Bertrand Martin
    Although stress is a normal part of life, too much of it can have debilitating consequences.**Dr Martin, a psychiatrist and ayurvedic physician, has been teaching meditation to his patients since 1990. This has helped about 95 percent of his patients experience mental silence, a feeling he describes as "a totally peacefully state of consciousness in which thinking process stops and a deep physical and mental relaxation is experienced." He shares his techniques for achieving mental silence in his... more
  • Battered But Not Broken

    by Elsa Black
    Battered but not Broken; Confessions of a Battered Beautie is a declaration of self-worth from a woman whose beauty is not measured merely by attractiveness, but rather by an increased amount of confidence, love, and faith. Andon Elsa lives as a 'Beautie' and is Battered but not Broken. Chapters such as 'Big Booty and a Smile' and 'Making Love' serve as confessions of how her Battered Situations have affected her relationships, respect, and religion. This captivating book is refreshing to female... more
  • Oracle Exposed

    by Oracle Laura
    Oracle Laura opens up her incredibly bizarre world to fully explain everything that is involved in being a Psychic, Medium, Healer and Psychic Detective, from seeing ghosts, living in haunted houses. talking to the dead, working with the police on hundreds of homicide cases and healing people of life threatening illness including diabetes and cancer. She exposes her magical life in a way that will shock, scare and amaze you!
  • Continuing Actions: A Warrior's Guide to Coming Home

    by Dan Sheehan
    Modern warriors are extremely well prepared to go into combat. But we don't know anything about how to come home. Continuing Actions aims to fix this problem. Throughout history, returning veterans have always faced challenges readjusting to life after war. But these challenges are not mentioned in the modern warrior's preparation for combat. This lack of knowledge leaves returning veterans, and their families, exposed to needless injuries and pain. Continuing Actions is written by a veter... more
  • The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment Through Relationship

    by Maha Brown and David Pan Brown

    "The Esoteric Path of Marriage" is the Enlightened Relationship book the World has been waiting for." - Sacred Human Press

    Imagine forging a relationship that is a vehicle for your Spiritual Liberation; a relationship that allows you to walk the path of Spiritual Enlightenment with a partner.

    The Esoteric Path of Marriage sets out a blueprint for relationship in the coming age, comprised of practical guidance, universal... more

  • Warrior Wife

    by Hillary Sigrist
    When you hold the hand of a warrior, you’re joining him on a quest—one that traverses glory and pain. It’s a journey traveled by few, and fewer make it through till completion. Extraordinary men have run our colors across the battlefields of history, but behind them have been the women who have held vigil as they go. This passage in matrimony is unique in the way the military will change you, your husband, and your marriage. PTSD, deployments, or never-ending household moves are just some ways ... more
  • Bible Reflections x 52 with Chinese Proverbs

    by Roy K. McCall
    -Off the Shelf Themes for the Time Pressed Bible Study Leader. Topics covered include: Making Sense of the Past, Grappling with the Present, and Hope for the Future. Chinese proverbs illustrate 5,000 years of human behavior observed - a cynical, hilarious and insightful backdrop to scriptural inspiration.