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  • Practical Wisdom: The Seeker's Guide to a Meaningful Life

    by Frank Mallinder
    Untapped potential exists within all people. In Practical Wisdom, author and intuitive coach Frank Mallinder shares practical wisdom that can help individuals live purposeful, high-energy lives that truly match their distinctive talents and capabilities. Filled with real-life examples, Practical Wisdom gives simple yet powerful steps that can dramatically improve people’s lives. Mallinder helps readers face their fears of making big life changes and assists them in determining how their talents ... more
  • It's Not the 14th Century, It's the 21st: The Changing Saudi Society

    by Ahmad Q. Al Darwish
    Since 1970s, Saudi Arabia became the most conservative country in the Arab world, ruled by Islamic traditions considered systematically resistant to modernization. Unlike their parents and grandparents, the younger Saudis consider these customary and traditional norms to be outdated and incompatible with the current times. Furthermore, the present generation’s openness to outside views on religion, politics, education, society and women’s rights have polarized the Saudi society, triggered public... more
  • The Listening Child: What Can Go Wrong

    by Stephen Prescod
    The struggle to survive in today’s noisy classrooms is real. The child’s poor performance often leads authorities to apply undue pressure on him, frequently concluding that he is lazy or of low intelligence, which is certainly not the case. The child’s brain is a complex storage and retrieval organ, which mandates that information be properly received, stored, and organized in order to be retrieved for proper use. The child who processes information normally in the classroom is constantly assign... more
  • The Secrets of a Fifty-Year Romantic Expedition: A Golden Anniversary Celebration

    by Matthew McLaren
    Do you remember the first day I saw you? The first date we had? The first time I took you into my arms? The vow we made? Do you realize it is fifty years since we said “I do”? I love you my first lady, my queen. With Jesus as our guiding light we will continue to walk together until death. By the power of prayer I have found you. You are my special treasure. You are a life partner with so much strength and compassion, a partner with such integrity and goodness in your heart; you have guarded the... more
  • RV Living in the 21st Century: The Essential Reference Guide for All Rvers

    by Peggi McDonald
    RV Living in the 21st Century continues where Spirit of the Open Road leaves off. The author, Peggi McDonald, has taken the best of her internationally-acclaimed first book and has revamped and updated it to reflect the changing technology and rules in post-9/11 North America. After Peggi and her husband John retired from the military (Peggi from the Air Force; John from the Navy), they sold their four-bedroom house and took up residence in their motorhome. They now call all of North America the... more
  • The Heart of Grief Relief Journal

    by Richard Ballo
    The Heart of Grief Relief Journal is more than a journal and more than a book. Each page contains an encouraging, supportive, or affirming quote to guide the using in their journaling. The act of writing in a journal has been proven to provide physiological and health benefits. It is one of the methods the author used in his grief recovery. The back of the book contains informative articles on dealing with grief, and their are resources pages too.
  • This Giraffe Can Laugh: A Simple and Concise Guide To Overcoming Depression and Anxiety By Someone Who Has

    by Helen Theuma
    This book changes the way you view your own mind and can give you back the power to control it. This Giraffe Can Laugh is a unique, holistic perspective on overcoming depression and anxiety by someone who has done just that. It brings insight and hope to the topic of mental wellbeing to help you to move out of the darkness towards a brighter future. It covers your mental, physical and spiritual realms of being to give a complete yet simple guide to becoming happy and well.
  • Escaping the Dark House: A Self-Help Memoir of Depression

    by William A. Peters

    It’s unreasonable to expect one session of therapy a week to cure a lifetime of psychologically unhealthy living. A depressive has to work on themselves in the days between therapy sessions. Their speed of improvement is dependent on an attitude of self-help. This book provides many ideas on what to do outside of therapy sessions, and what to talk about in therapy sessions. Many important lessons are shared in this book. It is both a memoir and a self-help book written for both depressi... more

  • If I Only Knew: No More Excuses

    by Keyven Lewis
    This book is not intended to outline the things one must do to become a professional athlete or businessperson. It should be read so that the reader can have a general understanding of how to manage their finances via budgeting focused on giving, saving and then proportioning living expenses. Although the storyline includes professional athletes, the principles of the book apply to all professions as captured with the Fred character as a comparison.
  • The Listening Project: Lessons of Life, Love & Listening to God

    by Christine C. Williams
    The Listening Project tells the true story of a woman who decides to make an unusual and quirky deal with God to become a better listener. What starts out as a step-by-step business model approach to learn about listening to the Divine voice within, soon turns into a far more personal and unexpected journey of loss, grief, healing, and love. An inspiring and at times irreverent book, The Listening Project makes you laugh, cry, and think about the many opportunities we have to hear God in our da... more
  • Tender Heart of Joy: Tools for Reclaiming Your Full Measure of Delight

    by Carol S. Bean
    As humans we arrive already designed to experience joy; not just a little or only on special occasions but rivers of joy--gushers. While life's myriad "challenges" threaten to rob us of that joy, the fact is, it's still there--humming away on the inside. In this book I will show you how to get back to your natural state of joy using effective tools that will surprise and delight you. In our world we need more joy. fortunately it's infectious--when you increase your own joy, you make our worl... more
  • Breaking the Hush Factor

    by Robin Tucker
  • Bailey's Remarkable Plan

    by David Hardiman
    A dog. A man. A miracle. In Bailey’s Remarkable Plan, David R. Hardiman shares his poignant story of struggle, prejudice, and pain. But this is also a story of perseverance, triumph, and love. Hardiman discovers that his four-footed companion, delivered to him by chance, is more than his best friend. Bailey is also his service dog, a shih tzu with an extraordinary gift—part of God’s “remarkable plan”—that allows her to assist, to protect, and to love. Bailey’s Remarkable Plan will inspire you, i... more
  • Venomous Relationships: Learn how to avoid common relationships bloopers

    by Tamara Neal
    Venomous Relationships exposes the most common, but often unrecognized, abusive relationships--those where one partner emotionally manipulates and verbally abuses the other. Through solid, all-too-real examples, author and emotional abuse survivor Tamara Neal helps you identify emotional abuse and makes practical suggestions for moving on, healing, and entering into new, loving relationships. Reading Venomous Relationships is like having a heart-to-heart coffee shop conversation with a good ... more
  • A Candle Lit, Deconstructing Alcoholism

    by Mark Urso
    Carry this book with you as a candle, and become part of the solution. A stubborn look at addiction and alcoholism based on 20 years of study and a keen ability to connect a vast amount of information. A Candle Lit is an easy-to-read solution-focused study of alcoholism and addiction, causes and cures, with open-mindedness and eye-opening detailed description. It's intended for therapists, professionals, caregivers and sufferers, and aims to connect the community by identifying common experi... more
  • Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven On Earth

    by Unity CounseloroftheHeart
    Experience a genuine difference in the way you feel and in what you experience. This book gives an Understanding beyond the physical - a knowing of how life truly works. This is personal and spiritual awakening. Self awareness, along with the new-found wisdom, and the new choices you will make because of this Understanding ... will produce unbelievable changes. Being able to re-align/re-center and see clearly during challenging times - changes everything. This is how you change your vibration, w... more