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  • The Princible Based Parent

    by Adam Wilmet
    Many times are parents we are not always geared with answer. This book teaches you life lessons to pass on to your kids though history and story telling.
  • Child of a Prescription Drug Abuser

    by James Soil
    Based on a true story, Child of a Prescription Drug Abuser is a riveting, mind blowing book about a young man who in the early 70's at the ripe age of nine-years old witness his mother and aunt's downward spiral, from hard working middle class women to abusers and dealers of prescription pills provided by their family doctor.
  • I Am Not a Barbie

    by Cathy Rafferty
    Of all the relationships women engage in on a daily basis – friend, lover, wife, mother, co-worker, boss – the one we seem to have the most trouble with is actually the most important relationship of all: the one we have with ourselves. I Am Not A Barbie aims to end our non-existent and, in some cases self-destructive, relationship with ourselves and the others in our lives. How? By learning to understand what goes into a relationship, steps for making it work and how to fix it when it’s broken... more
  • Tending Fences: Building Safe and Healthy Relationship Boundaries; The Parables of Avery Soul

    by Terry Barnett-Martin
    Have you ever been in a relationship or friendship where you felt you were... Always on shaky ground, never sure what was going to happen? In a mental and emotional wrestling match that left you tired and on guard? Invisible and never taken seriously? Or taken for granted, pushed around, even bullied? We all want to feel safe and contented in our relationships, and the key is good fences. Let’s face it, everything in life is about relationships...with ourselves, other people, idea... more
  • Surrendering: A Blueprint of My Life

    by Deaidre Newby

    A Stimulating Story That Will Transform The Lives of Gays and Lesbians

    The lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, and their family members are looking for answers concerning the unique challenges they face. These individuals need real solutions to their sincere questions. Surrendering: A Blue Print of My Life provides answers to their pressing whys:

    •    Why do I think and feel this way?
    •    Why can’t... more

  • 1492822256

    by Tim Clausen
    How do male couples keep their relationship healthy and thriving for fifteen, thirty, even sixty years? Longtime couples share candidly in Love Together how they navigate issues of monogamy, intimacy, affection, communication, money, spirituality, marriage, and parenting. Included here are the first military couple in America to wed, a Catholic theologian, a pioneering Texas pair featured in a 1996 Life Magazine article, a practicing Buddhist couple who recently celebrated their 60th anniversary... more
  • Silence

    by Dionne L. Fields
    Today I’m breaking my silence, by writing this self-help novel for all the mothers in America. Who son was racial profiled by a security officer or a police officer. Every time I turn on the news, I hear stories of African- American mothers, who had to endure the nightmare of her son being racial profiled to death. This self- help novel is to encourage every heartbreaking mother, to continue to speak out and share your story with the world. And just maybe one day soon, racial... more
  • Cancer Survival Museum

    by Dionne Fields
    Cancer survivor museum for women diagnose with uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer and vulvar cancer. This museum is in honor of my mother Theresita Fields. She was diagnose with uterine cancer in 2012. And lost her fight just 10 days of her 64th birthday on October 26, 2012. About uterine cancer It’s my goal to help woman fight Uterine Cancer. To honor my mother's memory (Theresita Fields) 10-16-48 - 10-26-12. And to raise funds ... more
  • How to Instantly Size Up Strangers Like Sherlock Holmes

    by Mark A. Williams Sr.
    My book teaches readers to learn the methods Sherlock Holmes used to size up people. It provides tips, techniques and exercises readers can use to apply his methods.
  • 9780994172808

    by Anthony Bayss
    We live in a society where talking openly about your feelings and mood comes with reluctance. For some people their daily stresses and worries can grow into an unchecked illness. There is nothing more terrifying than living with a mental illness while it consumes your thoughts and ultimately takes control of your actions. The critical decision by author Anthony Bayss to voluntarily admit himself into an emergency psychiatric center was made to stymie another attempted suicide. Voluntary ... more
  • Why Am I Still Single?

    by Winnie Mbala
    Winnie Mbala shares encouraging words to those that need them the most – Christian singles. The author’s new book, Why am I still single? Advice for Christian single women guides single women, specifically, on the correct path to what God has in store for them. The essence of this book is to usher readers into their individual, God-ordained destinies. The author rightly insists that “Mr. Right” will always be drawn to the woman who is operating in her divine gifts and services for the Lord.

    ... more

  • Pages Of Me: Chapter 6

    by Dionne Fields
    My parents are , who I am today. I love you both, mom and dad. And I miss you both so, very much. This novel is dedicated to my mother Theresita Fields. October 16, 1948 - October 26, 2012 This book is dedicated to my father Waverly Fields. February 5, 1948 - June 30, 2014
  • Twelve Qualities of Highly Successful People: And How You Can Develop These 12 Qualities

    by Sati Achath

    12 Qualities of Highly Successful People is an inspiring and captivating book. In this book Sati explains the winning qualities of 130 highly successful people, including Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steven Spielberg, Jim Carrey, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sergey Brin & Larry Page (Google), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), and Je... more

  • The Doom Loop

    by Charles Cranston Jett
    The Doom Loop is an elegant, intuitive, and simple career management tool designed to help you make smart, tactical career decisions and to help see you through the seven common crises that nearly everyone faces in their career. It can also help employers take appropriate actions to improve the productivity of their employees by understanding the nature and causes of boredom. Created by the author in the 1970s, the Doom Loop is a 2x2 matrix to help you anticipate and solve problems related to bo... more
  • WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need to Succeed

    by Charles Cranston Jett
    Achieving success for one’s self and for one’s children has never been more difficult in this highly competitive world. The newly released “WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need to Succeed” defines and explains the eight critical skills that are needed to succeed – not just for adults, but for their children. Based on extensive research from real-world hiring practices, the book, by author and corporate expert Charles Cranston Jett, addresses a number of vital questions related to success: ... more
  • The Doom Loop! Straight Talk about Job Frustration, Boredom, Career Crises and Tactical Career Decisions from the Doom Loop Crea

    by Charles Cranston Jett
    The Doom Loop is an elegant, intuitive and simple career management tool designed to help workers make smart, tactical career decisions and negotiate the seven common crises that nearly everyone faces in their career. It also helps employers take appropriate actions to improve the productivity by understanding the nature and causes of employee boredom. Created by author Charles Cranston Jett more than 30 years ago, The Doom Loop is a deceptively simple 2-by-2 matrix that helps workers antici... more