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  • Dictionary of Emotions: Words for Feelings, Moods, and Emotions

    by Patrick Michael Ryan
    Dictionary of Emotions: Words For Feelings, Moods, and Emotions is a comprehensive reference book of feeling focused words. The book's accompanying definitions are based on the context of feeling and are intended to be a starting point to help shape an individual's interpretation of both the word and their experience.
  • Are You Living to Die or Dying to Live?: What Will Your Legacy Be?

    by Aaron Lumpkin
    This powerful, positive guide emphasizes the urgency to celebrate every day so we can create memorable legacies. Readers will be inspired to live with passion, courage, hope, and faith. They will strengthen their desire to conquer self-defeating behavior patterns that may be holding them back from living the kind of lives they want to live. Included are encouraging words for women and young people and an encouraging letter for cancer patients. Readers will see aspects of their lives that may nee... more
  • Happiness Anywhere Anytime

    by Bruce Wells
    In the delightfully witty and remarkably down-to-earth book, Happiness Anywhere Anytime, motivational wellness expert Dr. Bruce Wells reveals the secrets of happiness in a collection of warm, humorous and insightful stories. Describing common everyday events from kissing, to makeovers, and to reading horoscopes you discover that the secrets are actually within yourself. He then combines 20 years of experience as a stress management consultant and wellness coach to guide you through a user-fri... more
  • Dream in Color, Think in Black & White: How to Get Unstuck and Fulfill Your Dreams

    by Jonathan Bissell
    Admit it. You’re stuck. Somewhere along the way, you had a dream that you let go of. But it hasn’t let go of you. You’re the reason this book was written. Because dreams matter. Dreams are powerful. And sometimes dreams just won’t go away – no matter how impractical, ill-timed or financially risky they are. This is a book about getting unstuck in your life or career. It’s about learning to Dream in Color and Think in Black & White. There are three parts to this book: Dreaming in C... more
  • Humbling and Humility

    by Rian Nejar

    A Multicultural View of Infidelity, Domestic Violence, State Intervention, and Parenting.

    "Humbling and Humility" is an intense, detailed narrative of an Indian-American father and husband's struggle with betrayal by his spouse and its consequences upon himself and his children.

    Including a critical view of state intervention into domestic discord in families in America, the narrative explores this father's attempts to mitigate harm and accommoda... more

  • Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt & Advice Between Friends

    by Heather Dugan

    Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt & Advice Between Friends examines the impact of loneliness and social obsolescence on men and women in their second single lives and provides punctuating proof that looking for love from a place of isolation is as unwise as grocery shopping on an empty stomach. The likelihood of divorce for those over age 50 has doubled over the past 20 years, landing many baby boomers "Wizard of Oz" styl... more

  • The Garden of Life

    by Todd Michael Putnam
    In this warm-hearted and thoughtfully told tale, the Young Gardener, under the cool shade of his beloved Blossom Tree, and his next door neighbor, the crotchety Old Man, learn enduring lessons about life, faith and themselves as they work to grow their gardens through all of the trials and triumphs that life throws their way. From the scourge of distracting weeds to the pain of overwhelming loss by the storms of their lives, the two men choose to face life's hurdles each in their own way and eac... more
  • Smile: Happiness Is Right Under Your Nose!: How the Power of Your Smile Connects You to Happiness, Love, Longevity and Much More

    by Mary Anne Puleio Ph.D.
    Now the author has deciphered hundreds of current scientific studies on the smile, and presents it in a unique format that is easy and entertaining to read. The findings will astound you, and instantly motivate you to tap into the remarkable power of your smile to: - LIVE LONGER: Frequent smilers add seven years to their life span - BE HEALTHIER: Smile and your body produces powerful hormones that decrease pain, accelerate healing, and improve mood - RAISE SELF-ESTEEM: Sincerely smile and peo... more
  • Stop Eating Your Stress...and start nourishing your soul

    by Dina Hansen
    Stop Eating Your Stress...and start nourishing your soul is a book designed as a self-paced coaching program between you and the author, Dr. Dina Hansen. As you progress through your sessions you learn HOW to eat, instead of what to eat, and discover how to cultivate a more nourishing relationship with yourself, your stress and your food. Liberating you from the restrictions, denial and guilt you may have imprisoned yourself with for years. You'll learn how to reconnect mind & body so that you c... more
  • From Anger to Enlightenment: A Survivor's Story of Faith

    by Robert Palasciano
    My name is Robert Julius Palasciano and I was murdered on November 29, 1990, the 333rd day of the year. The following chronicle is a factual account of how I died and journeyed to Heaven, the Most Glorious Place. In Heaven, I met Our Lady of Mercy, who saved me from a tragic death and gave me a wondrous gift with a message. Then She returned me to live once more. This is my story of personal revelation. It’s led me to understand the mystery of why Our Lady saved and sent me back. This book is ab... more
  • Someone for Everyone: Discover the Science of Romance

    by Davor Jedlicka
    Someone for Everyone: Discover the Science of Romance is a non-fiction book written to help anyone find lasting love. The author, Davor Jedlicka, is a sociologist and licensed family therapist. In Someone for Everyone, Dr. Jedlicka distilled years of family science research into an engaging and entertaining book that can benefit everyone, including non-academics.
  • Laura and Me

    by Sylvia Peterson
    Laura and Me is a unique look inside the mind and personality of serial pedophile Laura McCollum who is currently being held indefinitely at Washington State’s Commitment Center for violent, serial sex offenders. The author had an opportunity to meet with Laura over a period of nine years, during which she explored questions regarding her own childhood sexual abuse—questions such as, “Why did he do that to me?” “How could God let that happen?” “What do I need to do to heal?” Perpetrator and vic... more
  • After the Affair Emotional Healing God's Way for Church and Ministry Leaders

    by Arnita Fields
    Are you a Church or ministry leader who has struggled with sexual sin in the past? Or maybe you are a Church or ministry leader seeking help for someone on your ministry team who desires freedom from adultery, fornication or pornography. After the Affair: Emotional Healing God’s Way for Church and Ministry Leaders is the final installment in the After the Affair book series. In it leaders will find practical wisdom to help guide them as they walk fellow ministry team members through the deli... more
  • 978-14525-1526-7

    by M Eric Donlan
    This book will remind you of your power, and assist you to reclaim whom you really are inside. We are all born worthy of creating a wonderful and joyous life. We all have the same amazing inheritance when can connect with our source. We are all powerful creators blessed with different gift that make us each special in our own way. Life is meant to be good. We are here to expand our experiences, and enjoy interacting with each other. We are here to live and enjoy the blessing of life. That is wha... more
  • What is Life trying to tell me?

    by Nicole Anderson
    There are moments in your life, that you will never forget, in which you became aware of “Why am I living a life I do not want? …How did this life happen? …How did I get here?” …Do you feel like you are not living the life you envisioned for yourself? …Do you feel like your life is not your own? …Are you frustrated with your life? …Is your life stressful and unfulfilling? …Do you feel like you are on life’s treadmill? Have you ever stopped to give mindful thought to a moment such as this, or co... more