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  • Say It Out Loud: Revealing and Healing the Scars of Sexual Abuse

    by Roberta Dolan
    Breaking the silence about sexual abuse is vital—but it’s only the first step. What happens next? For most survivors, the wounds caused by such abuse are often left to fester, slowly destroying their lives. Say It Out Loud—a unique blend of memoir and how-to—exposes the emotional scars of sexual abuse and explains the process of healing. In straightforward prose, step by step, Roberta Dolan provides readers with tangible healing strategies—including journaling, visualization, and more—that she... more
  • A Footprint in Eternity: Evidence of Mother Nature's Form & Fingerprints Imprinted in a Near Death Experience

    by Lynnclaire Dennis
    Lynnclaire Dennis' first book "The Pattern" was published by Integral in 1997. In a “A Footprint in Eternity” she shares what is a true love story, an autobiography that exceeds the story of one woman. In these pages readers discover her story is in many ways theirs for in her words they find We reflected in every me. “A Footprint in Eternity” is the story behind the scientific/academic book published by Elsevier in 2013, "The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox". It is a fo... more
  • 0991198301

    by Eric C. Wentworth
    A Plan for Life, The 21sr Century Guide to Success in Wealth, Health, Career, Education, Love, Place...and You! helps readers reinvent their life to be successful in the fast-changing and challenging 21st Century. The book offers the best thinking of the best minds, important recent research, and hundreds of resources to help readers create a life of purpose, meaning, wealth, happiness, good health, and love.
  • happy now?

    by Theodore Wilson
    Starting with boy meets girl, when Theo and Veronica meet and it seems the stars have aligned.   They both have been working on their personal and spiritual growth; neither has been married but ready to commit, and each one has a grown child.  The timing is perfect and the mutual attraction is palpable.  However, as the relationship progresses and they fall deeper and deeper in love Veronica’s inner demons begin to surface.  Veronica, the very pretty and very intelligent girl next door, has live... more
  • 978-1-63336-000-6

    by Katie Clemons
    She is an introspective personal journal. Express yourself here. Step into journaling like you’ve never done before with Gadanke's original writing prompt journal. Explore your inner self, your secret wishes, and your hidden hopes. Celebrate what makes you jump out of bed, and most important: document who you are. For preteen to adult women.
  • holding th hand of god

    by michael walbridge
  • Forty-five is the New Twenty-five

    by Steven Sharp
    Forty-five is the New Twenty-five is a book within a book and shares how to adopt the life perspective of a young twenty-five year old. Written with humor and candor, Steven recounts how he developed a network of friends and supporters to help him achieve his lifelong dream of writing a book. Steven also shares how he was able to set goals to rediscover and achieve dreams long gone. He breaks down these goals and creates a balanced life that centers on his physical, emotional, and personal wel... more
  • Marriage - Think Before You Act: Are You Really, Really, Really Ready for This

    by Anastasia Beata
    So what really happens between a couple from the moment of total bliss, love and romance to the point when you can’t stand each other anymore? In this modern society marriage has become such a casual and disposable process, couples often get married for all the wrong reasons and not really giving it a second thought. This book will give you the tools and knowledge to overcome major issues couple face during their life together. After reading it you will establish strong communication channels ... more
  • The seven Laws of Reality and Being

    by Max Corradi
    A book based on the seven Hermetic Principles of Reality and Being which can be employed in order to change one’s life conditions and circumstances. These seven Laws of Reality can be found as the essential Principles of all the Western and Eastern spiritual and non spiritual wisdom traditions, and this is the reason why the book also draws many parallelisms with all these traditions and teachings. In final analysis, Truth is always found to be the same whether stated in modern scientific terms ... more
  • Alignment: Law of Attraction and the Seven Universal Laws

    by Joe Vulgamore
    This book is intended as a guide for readers who want to increase happiness, self-awareness, and personal performance including increased satisfaction with one's life. The instructions and exercises in this book can help achieve this more quickly than with conventional therapies. "Alignment" is based on the Law of Attraction and the original seven Hermetic Laws of the Universe. This book is written in easy to understand "Real world terms" that will guide its readers to attracting happiness and a... more
  • Actions Against Distractions: Managing Your Scattered, Disorganized, and Forgetful Mind

    by Geraldine Markel
    Here's a practical guide to ban work/life distractions, increase productivity and reduce stress. Whether you're a businessperson, community leader, parent or retiree, you can adapt an active role in enhancing your performance and quality of life--distraction free! Discover the root causes of your distractions, develop a 5-step plan and adapt strategies to move from good intention to positive action.
  • Success Is a Side Effect: Leadership, Relationships, and Selective Amnesia

    by Monica F Anderson
    Success Is a Side Effect is a powerful, practical guide to achieving more fulfilling relationships at work, at home, and in your community. Bestselling author and motivational speaker Dr. Monica Anderson's unique approach to personal growth is illustrated with real-world situations, surprising statistics, and laugh out loud anecdotes. Discover the positive side effects of authentically pursuing your passions with practical lessons in leadership like: Schedule Your Nervous Breakdowns Th... more
  • To the Survivors

    by Robert Uttaro
    Unlike many books about rape that include brief excerpts of survivors’ words, To the Survivors delivers uncensored stories from those who have been sexually abused plus the advocate-author voice that weaves their experiences together. The survivors are diverse in age, gender and ethnicity, yet each gives a similarly raw and heartfelt account of his or her victimization and recovery. The authenticity and vulnerability with which survivors speak resonates profoundly. Written for the millions of ... more
  • From the Other Side of the Couch

    by Judy Lair
    From the time Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, humankind has lived out of a rule-oriented, standardized framework. This strategy is great for getting tasks done, but significantly impacts the ability to do relationships well. Self-protection, anxiety, depression, bitterness, and resentment indicate a fear-based life. Learning how to love God, ourselves, and others requires a transformative process. Living a Relational lifestyle brings the happiness, contentment, and joy humans c... more
  • Mother's Letters...and mine

    by Joyce Davis

    Wouldn’t it be something if one woman, a small voice from the past, a farm-woman sitting at her kitchen table pouring out her heart on paper in thankfulness and gratitude for the children she adopted could in some manner impact the world? We never know the ramifications of our lives. We think they are simple. Are they? An Oregon farmer named Herry Holt began an adoption agency—mother adopted some of those magnificent children, and for ten years she wrote to Grandma Holt.... more