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  • I Tried, I Failed, But I Stayed Strong!: Ever wondered what's it like losing 25 pounds in a week? This book takes a look at the

    by AMIR JOY
    I am sure most of us had thought about losing some weight. Some haven't just thought and wondered but attempted to lose the weight. But this 17-year-old boxer had brought it to the next level by risking his mental and physical health by attempting to lose 25 pounds (11kgs) in less than 10 days for his weigh-in. Ever wondered what's it like losing this much weight in such a small period of time? Well... By reading this book, you will bear the method, the process, the hardships, and the journey of... more
  • Wanderlust: How I Learned to Rethink Love and Unlearn Lust.

    by Stephen Peter Anderson
    There is an entire generation whose brains are permanently shaped by unrealistic standards of beauty, fostering unwanted sexual conditioning that governs their intimate behaviours. Lust - not love - is rendering millions unprepared for relationships, marriage, and parenthood in an unmonitored, hypersexual virtual world. But what if freedom from these unhealthy social mores meant unlearning what you've already learned? For more than two decades, Stephen Peter Anderson experienced how his unrea... more
  • Calm Brain, Powerful Mind: Abolish Stress to Unleash Your True Potential

    by Aziz Velji
    Creatively illustrated self-help book about how a person can eliminate stress from their lives to access the inherent power of their mind. It links the relationship between developments in neuroscience, and quantum physics to stress, mental health, emotional intelligence, and the teachings on meditation from the East, to help the reader understand the true causes of stress, and how the various parts of the brain are critical in its development… and ultimately, in its removal. 
  • Love Vaccine

    by Carl Bene
    If you find that your relationship is suffering or fizzling out – you’ve come to the right place! In this book, you will find tips and ideas on how to reconnect with your spouse and rekindle that fire that made you take that huge step in the first place. Keep in mind that these ideas are not foolproof; each couple is different, and you have to find the best course of action that suits you as individuals. That said, these strategies could get you started on the right path, make you ask the right ... more
  • The Art of Failure: The Anti Self-Help Guide

    by Neel Burton
    We spend most of our time and energy chasing success, such that we have little left over for thinking and feeling, being and relating. As a result, we fail in the deepest possible way. We fail as human beings. This mind-bending, award-winning book, written by an Oxford psychiatrist and philosopher, explores what it means to be successful, and how, if at all, true success can be achieved.
  • Mindful Beauty

    by Dr. Debbie Palmer

    Today, more than ever, mindfulness—the act of being more present and focused in everything we do—is so important to our health and well-being.

    Mindfulness is a simple change we can all make for better health, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In Mindful Beauty, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer unveils her secrets to helping patients develop more mindfulness and, in the process, cultivate inner peace and outer radiance.

    Mindful Beauty is a p... more

  • AfterLIFE

    by Carlo Pietro Sanfilippo

    AfterLIFE: Waking Up from My American Dream, empowers the reader to live with purpose and to know that change is possible. It shares a story of transformation in a way that gives the reader a sense that this is their journey. With introspection and honesty, AfterLIFE shows how living the American Dreams does not guarantee a life of happiness.

     Carlo Sanfilippo spent many years living what he thought was the American Dream. A p... more

  • Blended, Not Shaken

    by Ginny S. Warren
    Blended, Not Shaken offers support for step-parents struggling to navigate tumultuous waters of blended families. Taken from my experience as a mom, step-mom, remarried divorcee, it provides practical help and gives raw, humorous, and biblical perspectives to give hope to stepparents. Q & A throughout for group or couples' discussion.
  • When The Fog Lifts

    by Seme Eroh
    A racy ,yet intimate account of a young girl, in a foreign land, struggling through college and finally ending up in a relationship which in the end was toxic. The overly protective childhood did not prepare her for the realities of life. Now caught between an emotionally abusive husband and childhood memories of a very different situation with her parents, Seme, gives a brutally frank account of her experiences. One can see how she struggles through the years,.. The initial hope that things wi... more
  • New book

    by Henry Duodu Appiahkorang
    Find out in this book: 1.How to connect to an anointed vessel. 2.How to unlock the anointing of the Holy Spirit 3.How to operate in the anointing. 4.How to receive the anointing on any anointed minister of God. 5.How to keep the anointing of the Holy Spirit. 6.How people lose the anointing of the Holy Spirit. 7.More deep secrets of the anointing.
  • Laymans Handbook

    by Aidan McNally

    Layman's Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live. we can consider it that we struggle in life or we find day to day life a little difficult at times. Layman's Handbook, a journey to self, takes a look at life scenarios and simple tools to practice and reinforce ourselves to achieve and reach more times of contentment, a clear view at what or how we are molded by society. there is no feeling or thought that can completely consume us.

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Aging ...But Were Afraid to Ask!

    by Marlene Jensen
    Aging in our society is like stepping into an alternate universe. It looks the same, but it’s really not! Dangers that could ruin the rest of your life: * Medical professionals who think a three-question test is sufficient to label you mentally impaired * A broken guardianship program where a used-car dealer is made a judge — and he can declare you incompetent without even seeing you. * Medical research that has willfully ignored seniors — risking your health and even your life Get the... more
  • Power of Me

    by Keith Timewell
    This book is designed to aid readers to create an mind shift of change in their thinking by interactivity using the personal touch sheet after each chapter to make a commitment to update what they want to start doing and what they want to stop doing this over ten chapter building a mind map to change thinking in line with the massive change happening throughout the world as result of darkest time we ever had to endure going through change the world as we've know it to met the future changes Powe... more
  • Financial Infidelity: Relationship Love and Theft in Retirement: Conversations with a Victim

    by Laura L. Whittemore
    This is the true story of my friend who became the victim of financial infidelity and was led down the path of deceit and betrayal by her loving, second husband. When she almost lost all of her retirement funds, she finally confided in me. Our phone conversations over five years eventually revealed the true story, which is written entirely in dialogue. Since Financial Infidelity is one of the leading causes of relationship breakups at any age, it is on the rise and women are at risk for financia... more
  • I Hear Some People Just Have Sex (An Infertility Memoir with an Ambiguous Ending)

    by Sandra Vasher

    Eight and a Half Years

    Sixteen Infertility Cycles

    Four Timed Intercourse Cycles

    Two IUI Cycles

    Two Egg Retrievals

    Seven Frozen Embryo Transfers

    Thousands of Dollars

    Two Miscarriages

    Three Pregnancies

    Live Births...?

    This is not a “how to have a baby” book. It’s not a “how to survive until you have a baby” book. It’s a “how to survive and maybe even thrive while trying to have a baby” bo... more

  • Spiritual Flights

    by Bunny
    Inside these pages you find an exploration of reincarnation and discover some striking examples of the rich and the famous in the present century with compelling parallels to their probable past lives-from Oprah, George Clooney to Prince Harry. You the reader will be thoroughly amazed.