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  • Griffin's Heart, Mourning Your Pet With No Apologies

    by Reagan J Pasternak
    Griffin's Heart, Mourning Your Pet with No Apologies -- A memoir, healing journal and keepsake. Losing a pet can be devastating and isolating. The trauma and grief that ensues is often trivialized or misunderstood by friends and family but it is unyielding and must be attended to. Griffin’s Heart is an interactive guide to loss and navigating the grief process. Through journaling, healing exercises, and contributions, readers will find an outlet for their pain while creating a keepsake fi... more
  • Caught Between Two Worlds

    by Marion WEATHERBURN
    Caught Between Two Worlds takes the Reader into the inner world of my life as a naturally Gifted Australian Psychic and sometimes Medium. A life that has always been normal for me. It is part memoir, part fascinating recount of 35 of my almost 6500 Readings and Teachings. Being Psychic wasn’t a choice for me, it has been a Calling, one that runs through my family. I share my life with others to help demystify the psychic world and teach people how they too, can encourage and begin to understand... more
  • Navigating Life's Journey: Common Sense in Uncommon Times

    by Richard V. Battle
    Does it Seem Like Common Sense Has Vanished? You’re not alone! How do we go forward? Our journey in life is easier and more fruitful when we leverage the wisdom and experience of others to help us navigate our journey through these uncommon times! Navigating Life’s Course uniquely combines common-sense principles and optimism with a wealth of examples in an easy-to-read referable format. It will restore confidence in your beliefs, encourage you to defend them, and inspire you to teach ... more
  • Tough: Building True Mental, Physical and Emotional Toughness for Success and Fulfillment

    by Greg Everett
    Toughness is defined by character—who are you and are you secure in your identity? Capability—what are you able to do? Capacity—what are you able to withstand? And Commitment—what are you willing to do? Tough is an inspiring look deep into what makes us tough and why it matters, and provides the practical tools and steps to achieve genuine change in your life.

    by Alex Exarchos
    From the dawn of humankind, the absolutely fundamental question, the one which matters the most, is the one every human being consciously and / or subconsciously pose to themselves as of the very moment they are born: Who am I? Who are you, indeed? As per its self-revelatory title, this book aims at guiding you, its reader, through a unique and quite radical 18-stage self-investigation, self-realisation and self-transformation quest, which can be performed in no more than 18 consecutive days.... more
  • The Little Book Of Greatness

    by Ari Gunzburg
    David is overwhelmed, falling apart, and moments away from possibly ending it all. He feels there should be more to life – but what?! A stranger appears as David sits on a cliff, and convinces David to try to rediscover the magic of life using five simple keys. As David starts his quest, he learns he may never have the chance to learn the keys. Journey with David as he tries to learn the 5 Keys To Greatness, and see how the 5 Keys can help you also, as you discover how to unlock your destiny,... more
  • Smiling at Strangers: How One Introvert Discovered the Power of Being Kind Paperback

    by Nancy Lewis
    It all started with a smile. A trip to the local farmers market created an opportunity for the author of Smiling at Strangers to offer a simple kindness to a stressed young mother shopping with four small children. She made eye contact and smiled, and the mother responded with a soft "Thank you." This single act is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another. The message it sends is, I see you and acknowledge our kinship as members of the human species doing the best we can. I wish you wel... more
  • Let's Make a Contract: Getting Your Teen Past the Opioid Epidemic

    by Ann Schiebert
    In the midst of the ‘opioid epidemic’ Dr. Ann Schiebert’s book Let’s Make a Contract: Getting Your Teen Past the Opioid Epidemic could not come at a better time. This title expands upon the body of knowledge and techniques from her prior well reviewed and always relevant titles in the Let’s Make a Contract series. If you are reading this, you already know that opioids come with distinct danger and consequences. No other book on the market specifically targets the intersection of teenagers and... more
  • Ask: How to Relate to Anyone

    by Daniel R. Solin
    In Ask: How to Relate to Anyone, you’ll learn: •\tWhy asking for information is so much more powerful than conveying it. •\tHow to release “happiness hormones” which make others feel great about themselves and you. •\tWhy having low self-confidence might make you happier. •\tHow using facts makes it more difficult to persuade someone you’re “right”. •\tWhy self-awareness isn’t enough. The lessons in ASK are based on cutting-edge research in psychology and neuroscience. Putting... more
  • Shifting Gears

    by Richard Haiduck

    "Shifting Gears" is based on interviews with retirees, describing how they shift into this stage of their life. The stories reveal the rich abundance of retirement choices, from the exotic to the mundane. Discover their joys, challenges, and inspirations that were part of their journey in this next stage of life. Here are a few examples of their experiences:

         Donna recovered from 4 leg surgeries and then decided to climb Kilimanjaro

         ... more

  • Black Family Reunions

    by Dr. Ione D. Vargus
    Dr. Ione Vargus has long been convinced of the value of family reunions, especially among black families. For quite a few years, she traveled around the country to visit various black family reunions to observe what families did. She interviewed various members of those families as well. The result is this book, which delves into the social and psychological benefits of having reunions, as well as some advice and guidance on the nuts and bolts of planning and holding a reunion.
  • What's In Your Box?

    by Dr. Linda L. Singh
    Boxes are a part of everyday life. You have boxes of food in your pantry. Boxes help you organize your office supplies and the items in your bathroom. You store your childhood mementos and the memories of your children in boxes. You keep important papers in fireproof boxes. You use boxes to safely transport things. In What’s in Your Box, author Dr. Linda L. Singh challenges you to be open-minded about boxes. Begin to see boxes from a different perspective. They aren’t just practical cubes you... more
  • Crossroads

    by Julia S. Dane
    The author identifies aspects of her belief system as depicted through the life of the main character of this story, Rebekah. Julia has no doubt that all people have value and the ability to contribute in some form to the betterment of the human condition. People bring this reality to life in varying degrees, depending not only on their choices but on the choices made by the influencers in our lives. The experiences discussed in this book demonstrate how people can continue to repeat patterns wh... more
  • Woozie (AKA Grandmother) Wisdom (About Life, Sex, Love)

    by Lynn Hubschman
    This is a lively, fun, down to earth book with helpful ways to look at life, sex, and love. It offers practical applications to make life fulfilled and joyful. While there is no all-knowing guru, my over forty years of experience as a relationship counselor and sex educator provides some answers for problems as well as how to avoid them. The book has won a national first runner up award from Eric Hoffer. “Author Lynn Hubschman has constructed a book that gives grandmotherly advice to those... more
  • Mind Management, Not Time Management

    by David Kadavy
    You’ve done everything you can to save time. Every productivity tip, every “life hack,” every time management technique. But the more time you save, the less time you have. The more overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted you feel. “Time management” is squeezing blood from a stone. Introducing a new approach to productivity. Instead of struggling to get more out of your time, start effortlessly getting more out of your mind.