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  • On With the Butter!

    by Heidi Herman

    Carry on, keep doing what you’re doing, forge ahead, and keep moving. Icelanders have a saying for it: Áfram með Smjörið – on with the butter!

    If you’re looking for new ways to add zest to your life or have free time in retirement, this book offers a wide variety of activities and challenges, along with inspiring and heartwarming stories. Discover ways to explore, play, take, chances, try new things, make a difference, and have more fun in life.

  • Grand Distance

    by Susan Hoffman
    What happens when the grandparent-grandchild relationship is interrupted as a result of unreasonably denied visitation? It’s a losing situation for everyone involved, and while children have no voice and no choice, it’s the grandparents who do. Faced with a stay away letter from the parents, an act protected by California law, Susan Hoffman sought an alternative course of action to share in her grandson’s life, leading her to become an “undercover grandma.” Susan then successfully took on the... more
  • The Blackpill Theory: Why Incels Are Right & You Are Wrong

    by Dr. Castle
    Today it seems that almost everyone has a view on what it means to be an "incel" and why these sexless men behave the way they do. The irony is that very little of this debate is informed sincerely with scientific data or by what these men have to say. This engaging book takes an in-depth look at three contemporary issues – lookism, romantic satisfaction, and modern dating – by exploring how incel men experience them in a variety of circumstances. As the very first published approach to inceldom... more
  • Secrets Of A Strong Mind (2nd Edition): How To Build Inner Strength To Overcome Life’s Obstacles

    by LaRae Quy
    A former FBI counter-espionage agent offers field-tested methods for readers to develop mental toughness. She provides a curated package of tools and techniques to help them realize they are capable of far more than they believe to be possible. In this revised and updated edition of Secrets of a Strong Mind, LaRae Quy combines FBI training with no-nonsense real-talk on how you can develop your maximum potential.
  • The Offline Dating Method: 3 Steps to Attract Your Perfect Partner in the Real World

    by Camille Virginia

    Why settle for being swiped-over, when you can attract your perfect partner in the real world?

    Dating apps were supposed to be a fun new way to meet your future partner - but for many singles, they've morphed into a digital dystopia of lies, harassment, and few (if any) quality connections.  

    Stop competing against thousands online and start enjoying endless untapped opportunities to attract your match in the real world - from the ai... more

  • PROJECT BOLD LIFE: The Proven Formula to Take on Challenges and Achieve Happiness and Success

    by Edward M. Kopko
    Everyone wants to live a fulfilling life. According to our research, 89.5% of people have set Bold Goals for that purpose, but the secret to reaching them lies in how we identify, set, and achieve Bold Goals to actually enrich one’s life. That’s the premise of PROJECT BOLD LIFE, which blends inspiring stories and insightful research with invaluable tools like worksheets to identify goals and the Project Bold Life Formula. From the troubled youth who grew up to be a superstar, to the woman det... more
  • The Woo-Woo Sisters’ Wee Book of Wisdom

    by Cynthia Ann Drew Barnes
    Tired of living your life by the rules you didn’t make, based on how people you’ve never met say you should live your life, or by standards someone else has set? In The Woo-Woo Sisters’ Wee Book of Wisdom: Just Some Little Life Essentials I Wish I Had Known When, Cynthia Drew Barnes, PhD, writes heartfelt messages to you: about who you really are and can become, about the life you were meant to live, about the men you love or hope to love, and about why you’re really here on planet earth. Woo-wo... more
  • The Brave Little African Girl

    by Thabitha Mathabatha
    Fofo, a brave, little African girl, lives with her brothers and her strict aunt in the jungle. Fofo is tired of following her brothers around, and one day she decides to venture off by herself to swim in the natural pool at the foot of the mountain. As Fofo enjoys the refreshing spring water, she doesn?t realize she?s in danger. And then, on the bank, she hears the cry of an animal. She saves a baby lion being born, names him Angel, and carries the cub home. However, Fofo must give up the animal... more
  • Grammar for a Full Life

    by Lawrence Weinstein
    Why settle for a normal grammar book when you could be learning grammar and becoming your best self at the same time? The subtitle of Grammar for a Full Life gets to the heart of the book: How the Ways We Shape a Sentence Can Limit or Enlarge Us. Grammar for a Full Life homes in on some thirty-five elements of English syntax and punctuation. For each element, the book shows how using it in certain ways can be a key to one’s developing an attribute worth having in life, such as assertiv... more
  • Mindfulness for the Ultimate Athlete: Mastering the Balance Between Power and Peace

    by Prince Daniels Jr.

    An infinitesimal difference exists between a good athlete and a great one. To reach the ultimate level of performance, an athlete must first achieve a balance between inner peace and external power. In this book, former NFL running back Prince Daniels, Jr. shares the path to unlocking true potential through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. By diligently applying his practices, athletes can overcome all the noise and prior programming that keep them from attaining their highest goal... more

  • A Spiritual Pathway to Recovery from Addiction, A Physician's Journey of Discovery

    by Linville Meadows, M.D.
    How to beat alcoholism and drug addiction through the use of spiritual tools—a simple and successful treatment that works for impaired physicians and can be used by anyone. Dr. Meadows empowers his readers with a new understanding of the disease of addiction and its treatment. The techniques are not new, but their intensive application yields a success rate of over 80%. The story is told as a memoir of a group of physicians undergoing rehab for addiction to drugs and alcohol. These are the ... more
  • Be the Hero and Rescue Yourself: Creating the Inner Courage to Wear Your Own Cape

    by Kelly Fuhlman
    It's time to Be the Hero and Rescue Yourself. Author and speaker, Kelly Fuhlman shares her personal journey to teach others how to create the inner courage needed to wear your own cape and save yourself. Have you ever wished a superhero would come down and rescue you in those chaotic life moments of life? The easiest thing to do is wait for someone more qualified to come along and fix what has been broken for so long. What if I told you that hero was you? From dyslexia, drug addiction, and... more
  • Melanated Fun Facts

    Melanated fun facts teaches the readers what it means to have melanin. It gives a break down of what melanin is and why it is important in our everyday lives.
  • Words to live by: How to stay positive through lifes challenges

    Words to live by teaches the reader step by step on how to over come lives challenges by incorporating basic self healing techniques. It focuses on connecting to our center through self help activities that focus on connecting the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Parents in Highschooland: Helping Students Succeed in the Critical Years

    by Karyn Rashoff
    Take the drama and frustration out of high school and homework! 19, 602 parents conferences and 33 years of dedicated service as a high school guidance counselor taught author Karyn Rashoff specific behaviors for school success that parents and students can use at home. 53 "stories" from teens, parents, teachers, coaches and guidance professionals in the trenches illustrate what to do and what NOT to do as a teen and a parent! "There is little doubt if most parents would take the time to re... more
  • Warren's Politically Incorrect View of How Most People Believe the World Works

    by Cynthia Planker
    This book is a clear presentation of two basic approaches to life; the Rationalistic approach (that of the status quo) and the Empirical approach (one in which optimal living is pursued). The reader will quickly recognize the differences between these two approaches, and to which camp they belong. Discover new approaches to everyday activities that will result in experiencing greater quality in life by living as an Empiricist. This book is a journey of self-reflection and challenge. It is fo... more