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  • Manifesting: A Planning System for Visual, Creative & Spiritual People

    by Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D.

    A fun and easy spiritual planning system to help you organize your life, manifest your desires and improve difficult life situations. 

  • How Love Wins

    by Doug Carnine

    In this simple but powerful guide, Carnine leads the reader through a process of transformation, opening a toolbox of skills and techniques that anyone can use to live more fully in the moment and be more kind to themselves and others. Carnine reassures us that everyone is capable of building a mindfully kind life — and making it stick.

  • Kill the Jerk

    by Rob Shepherd
    Jerks! Jerks are everywhere, and most of them have access to a computer. Whether it’s neighbors, family, coworkers, bosses, social media, or people we go to church with, all of us know someone who is a jerk. Typically, we try to confront or ignore jerks, but is there a better way? Kill the Jerk is for anyone looking to improve their relationships. Most people want healthy relationships, but few people are willing to do what it takes to have them. With humor, practical application, and a desir... more
  • The Grey Dance of Love

    by George Araman

    "This is a helpful, uplifting book, full of good ideas for you to start and build loving relationships with other people in your life." ~ Brian Tracy, author of Stay in Love Forever

    An enchanting love story, 1 magical formula, 8 relationship archetypes (and YOU are one of them), 8 tailored love potions to solve all relationship problems and a step by step guide to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
    ... more

  • How Kind People Get Tough

    by Marléne Rose Shaw
    Based on therapist Marléne Rose Shaw’s work in helping thousands of clients, How Kind People Get Tough helps the reader gain confidence and create happier, more fulfilling relationships by learning great assertiveness and communication skills.
  • Find Your Values, Find Yourself: The Simple 3-Step Method to Discover Your Values

    by Hana Wurzelova
    Find Your Values, Find Yourself: The Simple 3-Step Method To Discover Your Values is a brief and actionable guide which helps you discover your personal values in one sitting. The book provides you a list of values to use and gives real-life examples of people going through the process of finding and living their values.
  • Learning the Growth, Achievement and Potential of the Child

    by Ajitesh Mishra
    The child at birth is a complex being. It is composed of abilities, attitudes and emotions undefinable. The Growth, Achievement and Potential of a Child follows the experiences and milestones of a baby from birth until its 2nd birthday- explaining the growth through the lens of developmental psychology.
  • The Lessons of Caring: Inspiration and Support for Caregivers

    by Santo D. Marabella
    Many Baby Boomers have enjoyed having one or both parents living well into their 80’s and 90’s. What is truly a blessing, can at the same time pose significant challenges and overwhelming responsibilities. With good reason, we devote resources and attention to the needs of the loved ones in our care. What we may need to do is dedicate more attention to the needs of the caregiver. Caregiving for loved ones of any age can be both a life-affirming and a spirit-draining experience. The Less... more
  • Think and Be Unstoppable

    by Josh Racioppo
    Whether it's relationships, career, finances or success in any way, you have the power to completely change your life. You can live a life that is stress-free and without a care in the world. If this is your desire, then I will help you create a life that you have always wanted. Helping people improve their lives, is my one true goal in life. I am here today to let you know that you can have a life that is truly unstoppable.
  • Bankruptcy Didn’t Break Me: How to Learn the Keys to Success to Increase Your Credit Scores

    by Kassondra R. Lewis
    I am passionate about helping others. I believe being transparent can change lives. This book is about how to recover quicker from life events like foreclosure & bankruptcy. The steps to rebuilding your life, credit and buying a new home. Good credit and low interest rates can be yours again. I am results driven and committed to your success! Starting life over is never easy. I am here to help you recover quicker. My perspective is unique. I share my personal experiences as well as my knowled... more
  • Mental Health Recovery: Three simple steps to overcoming depression and anxiety

    by Rusty Ford
    Are you sick and tired of suffering depression and or anxiety? You have the power to overcome and live a full and happy life. Mental health recovery is the most powerful set of tools for overcoming depression, anxiety and most mental health conditions. In this book, you will learn 3 simple steps that make a dramatic change in your life. If you are tired of suffering every day from depression or anxiety then understanding the principles of mental health recovery can propel you forward towards liv... more
  • Living, Learning, Healing: Inspirational Stories from the Heart

    by Diane L. Dunton
    Diane Dunton marries artful storytelling and magnificent Maine nature photography in this collection of true, heartwarming and inspirational essays. Through words and images, she invites readers to let go of limiting thoughts and behaviors and embrace possibility. Includes personal journal space.
  • Do: The Path of Continuous Growth

    by Genaro Torres Celis

    Do: The Path of Continuous Growth a new self-help book by author Genaro Torres Celis aims to help readers:

    - Embrace a higher personal responsibility while you are truly enjoying your Do (in Japanese pronounced “doh”); your path, your truth.

    - Become aware of your gifts, your purpose, your passions, and embrace a higher personal responsibility to achieve your goals.

    - Develop a martial mindset by learning profound and practical concepts from “Budo” (T... more

  • Broken Liver: Musings on Leadership

    by Dr. Shawn H. Robinson
    Broken Liver is a continuation of Six Heads with a focus on maintaining one's sanity while in leadership positions and not harming oneself irreparably. This book continues to describe the author’s experiences and observations that he feels are connected to leadership. In this book, his frame of reference is overcoming adversity, making course corrections, and truly turning the corner on past errors and bad choices. This book focuses on being observant about one’s self, so as not to abuse one’s s... more
  • Six Heads are Better than None: A Guide for Leaders

    by Dr. Shawn H. Robinson
    Six Heads is written to reach anyone involved in leadership. Whether you are aspiring to take on a leadership position in an organization or need to reinvent your leadership style, this book can help. Six Heads gives you hints and suggestions on how to improve your value as a leader through anecdotes and humor.
  • Widow's Walk How My World Ended And What Happened After

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    This is not a self help book. It is not full of web sites and famous people telling you what to do; nor does it have doctors of any kind telling you how you should feel. It is one woman’s story of losing herself and the daily, infinitesimally small cell by cell attempts to find herself again. To drag herself out of the hole she had fallen into when her world ended. One year, in which she discovered that some days she was not as strong as she thought she was followed by days where she was stronge... more