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  • Live Passionately: The Blueprint to Design a Life Truly Worth Living

    by Moustafa Hamwi
    DO YOU KNOW WHAT Makes You Tick? Without knowing the answer to this question, you will always feel like something is missing, no matter how successful you are. This question triggered Moustafa to start a journey—an inner search—of true passion, purpose, and meaning which eventually led him to buy a one-way ticket out of Dubai in 2012. Since his return in 2013, he invested all his time and effort into studying and researching the topic of passion and conducting in-person interviews with, to... more
  • Life In 20 Lessons: What A Funeral Guy Discovered About Life, From Death

    by Chris Meyer
    After fourteen years in the funeral business, Chris Meyer has seen a lot of things. He sat with families, listened to their regrets and wishes, their "should’ve," "could’ve," "would’ves." And, in doing so, he learned many lessons, lessons that kept repeating themselves year after year. Meyer knew he could help a lot of people with this information. So, he memorialized the lessons to share with the world: some simple, some profound, some practical; lessons from life, from death... from s... more

    by Raphael Dume
    TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE; DEVELOP AN ABOVE AVERAGE CONFIDENCE. Self-confidence 101 contains a self-empowerment guide to overcome self-imposed limitations, insecurity, self-sabotaging, and boost self-esteem. Self-confidence is the starting point to psychological health, personal happiness, achievement, and good relationships. The key to reaching your personal and professional goals and living the life of your dreams lies in the power of self-confidence. Self-confidence begins with knowing your... more
  • How to Be an Effective Public Servant

    by Nabil Hourani
    How to feel good about your work? How to enjoy your Job? How to grow and adapt? The answers are in the following short chapters in this book with seven effective practices. My aim is that these proven deeds will help you gain knowledge and confidence, recognition among piers and the public, motivate yourself and your peers, and achieve a successful career. This book is a personal development document to help you succeed as a professional. The advices are based on my experience working and cl... more
  • Wear Your Purpose Like It's a Fashion Statement

    by Shavonda Robinson
    This motivational book is about taking your vision and turning it into a reality while you are in your thirties. This book will educate those who are in their thirties to plan ahead for the future, and how to take care of themselves along the way. Learning how to build your legacy, empire, and set yourself up to become successful for life.
  • SAVANTING: Outperforming Your Potential

    by Lauren Holmes
    Savants outperform their potential. They display incredible feats of genius from deficient brains theoretically incapable of them. Savanting is a biology-based protocol which exploits savant methods to enable everyone to similarly exceed our known potential. First, savant genius is explained and demonstrated in the lives of well known savants. Similar capabilities are then demonstrated in multiple categories of nonsavants confirming we may all have savant potential. The lives of six superac... more
  • Defining Moments of a Free Man from a Black Stream

    by Frank Douglas
    From growing up in poverty to developing drugs that fight diabetes, seizures, and cancer, Dr. Frank L. Douglas has lived a life based on values, hard work, and self-control. Defining Moments of a Free Man from a Black Stream is a reflection on the events and people that made him into the man he is. In 1963, the year of the murder of Medgar Evers, Civil Rights marches, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, twenty-year-old Douglas arrived in the United States. A Fulbright scholar fr... more
  • The Boy With Zero Self-Esteem

    by Aone Ofmany
    We all have heard of the terms and disorders so many of our fellow citizens in society deal with daily: depression, loneliness, anxiety, anger, paranoia, agoraphobia, attempted suicide, incel mindset, being bullied, low self-esteem and the list goes on and on. It is difficult to live a ‘normal’ happy life with just one of these mental health afflictions. Now imagine living with all of them! This book will open up the life of one ordinary man who started off just like any happy-go-lucky kid, and ... more
  • Don't Put Up with Anxiety: Cure It!

    by Avigail Abarbanel
    f you suffer from anxiety and all you have been offered so far are ways to manage it, if you have been told that you will have to live with anxiety for the rest of your life, this booklet will challenge this approach. It will encourage you to think about anxiety differently. Anxiety can be a useful prompt that we are neglecting something important in ourselves. Instead of treating anxiety as an enemy to vanquish, we need to listen to what it is telling us. Anxiety is curable in most people, but ... more
  • Connaître Sacral Olo

    by in Periculus AudAx
    I wrote this to help the American audience repair its relationship with sex. It took twenty-one years to write this book. No one has ever used one?s own life as grounds for data gathering for sex. This book is not about tips and techniques but about philosophy. A female philosopher wrote this book. This book is a companion to The Meaning of a Metaphorical Life, a memoir that focuses on Christianity to show the inherent compatibility of sex with Christianity. This book is novel not only in conten... more
  • Blacks and Poverty

    by Raymond L. Chukwu
    This book delivers the hard-hitting evidence to explain why blacks disproportionately suffer from limited access to technology, poor health, and inadequate professional health care treatment in the United States and throughout the world. Chukwu, former Republican candidate for Congress and a candidate to be the US ambassador to Nigeria, is an aerospace engineer and president of Black Technologies Advancement.
  • Human Consciousness and Its Evolution

    by Richard W. Coan
    How has human consciousness evolved from its primitive origins, and what course will it take in the future? How should it develop in an individual from infancy and through childhood and the adult years? Such questions have been the focus of many writers and many religious and philosophical traditions, both Eastern and Western. Most writers and traditions conceive of psychic evolution in terms of one universal pattern, and the evolutionary goal considered by a given writer or tradition may be one... more
  • More Space. More Time. More Joy! Organizing Your Best Life

    by Lisa Dooley
    Monday morning. Anywhere. Standing in your cluttered mudroom. Your youngest can’t find her backpack and “lost” her permission slip. The middle child is shouting from the bedroom because he can’t find his phone or soccer cleats. Your oldest needs the missing car keys. The phone is buzzing. Your partner is looking for the laptop charger because it’s missing, again. Did I mention that it’s Monday morning? Perhaps you’ve read a lot of organizing books. You’ve followed the checklists, the diagrams f... more
  • Questions are the Answers

    It is for the expressed purpose of expanded self-awareness and the unlimited sense of continual growth that has motivated me to write this book. Questions are the Answers is a thought-provoking conscious approach to stimulating self-awareness. I believe questions are the stepping stones, and answers are the wind that lifts the fog. This book is intended to awaken your optimism, fortitude, and invigorate the potential we all have within us. Lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise when we t... more
  • The Pono Principle

    by Robert DeVinck
  • Trust Your Intuition

    by Jill Sylvester
    Packed with tools the author has used for over 30 years of self-development that have also proven effective with clients including adults, adolescents and children, Trust Your Intuition will guide you to elevate your life and align with the wisdom that already exists inside of you.