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  • Transitioning-into-Womanhood-Journey-Realization

    by Codisha R. Matthews
    Transitioning into Womanhood-Journey to Self-Realization sparkles with the truth of what demotivates, inspires, destroys and elevates women. It provides the key tools required for self-discovery and self-exploration. The author draws a crystal-clear road-map to assist women on how to find, heal, love and build themselves; she challenges their old perspectives on the definition of womanhood and encourages them to seek their own truth.
  • The ABCs of Love: Learn How Couples Rekindle Desire and Get Happy Again

    by Diana Shulman, JD., Ph.D.
    Are you stuck in a cycle of conflict where your recurring fights leave you feeling frustrated, sad, worried, or alone? Do you sometimes feel like enemies instead of allies, roommates instead of partners? Do your efforts to resolve your issues lead to even more fighting? Whether you’re young or old, gay or straight, dating or about to celebrate your 50th anniversary, it’s time to have some fun and learn from the vignettes, tools, and skill-building exercises in The ABCs of Love. Get unStuck an... more
  • What's Your Financial Gameplan?

    by Neala Okuromade
    What does your financial situation look like? What’s Your Financial Game Plan? –The book takes readers on a step-by-step journey to learn the principles needed to develop a fool-proof financial strategy for their situation, whatever that might be. It opens their eyes to the possibilities that money has to offer if they utilise it wisely and also show them what happens when they don’t. Through the stories of four friends who have the same job with the same salary, we see how they end up in tota... more
  • His & Hers Relationship Do's & Don'ts

    by Tamara Neal
    His & Hers Relationship Do’s & Don’ts exposes the most common, silently abusive relationships and teaches both men and women how to avoid them. Using all too real scenarios, The author calls out obvious red-flag behaviors such as addiction, physical abuse, emotional abuse and adultery, but also highlight lesser-known signs of relationship trouble, including indications that a potential partner is only interested in a one-night stand. Throughout the book, reader is reminded there’s only one perso... more
  • Protect Your Child, Mentality

    by Bethany Neumann
    In this book you will learn how to prepare your child for the wildness of life. It addresses negative self-talk, bullying, meditation, mindfulness, mantras and has examples and stories to help you and your child move towards a lasting positive mindset! This book will be a relevant resource for years to come.
  • Loglines

    by Carlos Perez
    Loglines: A Workbook of Story Ideas for Writers by Carlos Perez is a how-to text for the beginning writer and the professional alike. It?s filled with story ideas as starters for the creative process of writing, along with having several writing exercises that Mr. Perez often uses in his writing classes and workshops. The text is useful for anyone experiencing writer?s block?whether it?s the solo writer, the classroom student, or a member of a writers group. The ideas in the workbook are the beg... more
  • How to Survive Homeschooling - A Self-Care Guide for Moms Who Lovingly Do Way Too Much

    by Brooke Benoit
    Brooke Benoit, who homeschooled herself and then her own children, has revealed the secrets and best practices to avoid burnout, live wholly and have a well-rounded approach to being a homeschooling mom. The book is broken into three main sections. “Part One: Your Surviving And Thriving Guide” is a collection of prompts to aid in identifying problem areas in your personal life and improving the homeschool-life balance of moms. “Part Two: My Mostly Abridged Homeschooling Memoir” gives a peek into... more
  • CCNA: Quick Reference Guide to CCNA Terminology & Concepts

    by Walter Schenck
    This is a must-have CCNA book. Walter Schenck received his CCNA, A+ and MCSE Certifications from FSU. Access-Lists, IOS Commands, Protocols, the OSI model, WAN/LAN terms, hardware terms, VLANs, are presented in an easy to read Subnetting course. Walter's computer book has consistently ranked among the top selling computer books in Amazon.
  • Just Because I'm Not Effin' Famous, Doesn't Mean I'm Not Effin' Funny

    by Diane Dean-Epps
    “Laughter is an instant vacation.” ~Milton Berle This quote inspired the pop art, vacation-themed organization for Just Because I’m Not Effin’ Famous, Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Effin’ Funny, if not the entirety of the comical contents contained therein. While the humor may not be all about vacations, the author definitely is! In fact, Dean-Epps says laughing has everything in common with vacations; both provide a release, offer a fresh perspective, and put you in a better space. They both also prov... more
  • Reflections from the Soul: Acknowledge, Ruminate, Be Inspired

    by Dr. Ebon Ivoryi Green
    Though we are often advised to seek "closure" in dealing with our grief due to the death of a loved one, Dr. Green, a nurse who specializes in the needs of caregivers, directs us toward a more satisfying goal, "homeostasis," living with our grief, using AIR: Acknowledgment, Inspiration, and Reflection. This beautiful book can help those who, like myself, have recently experienced the deaths of loved ones. Caregivers facing the prospect of death of their patients can also benefit. Each of t... more
  • Who Will Kill the Spiders?

    by Margy Pezdirtz
    Who Will Kill the Spiders? is a life story about facing one of life's most horrific challenges, the loss of your spouse. We went from running to catch airplanes to realizing life, as we knew it, had crashed. Now what do we do? How do I handle flipping from a well cared for woman to the care giver? How do I handle the loss of my soul mate? Who Will Kill the Spiders? rides the waves of emotions, frustration, life changes and then overcoming crisis.
  • Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind

    by Ameet Aggarwal

    Voted as one of the Top 43 therapists in the world5-times bestselling author, naturopath and psychotherapist Dr. Ameet helps you to easily heal your health issues, gut, liver, adrenals, depression, anxiety, mood, liver, skin, hormones, inflammation and sexual issues with nutrition, healthy foods, natural medicine, holistic therapies & emotional healing.

    Your health is th... more

  • Ego: The Ghost in Your Machinery

    by Louis D. Cox
    My book describes what an ego is, its purpose, and how it does its job within each of us, without our awareness. The book offers methods for making our egos visible and for stepping out of their constricting grip The book also identifies where to look for guidance instead of following the ego's dictates. It describes the inner resource, present in everyone, that gives us wise, trustable inner guidance for living moment to moment authentically, compassionately, and powerfully. Methods are provide... more
  • The Gift of Mystical Insight

    by Emmanuel J. Karavousanos
    The Gift of Mystical Insight provides the basis, the evidence and the logic of why mystical experiences occur. It gives a reader the impetus to reach for that unique, blessed experience so that the mystical state -- ultimate reality -- can finally be attained. Whether you are religious, an agnostic or an atheist, a priest, psychologist, scientist or philosopher, or you belong to the laity, you cannot but gain from its insights, wisdom, anecdotes and supporting parallel quotes. You may soon re... more
  • From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins' Guide to a Smoother Ride

    by Therapy Twins
    Intent on breaking the stigma of mental illness, Therapy Twins offer a look under their hood and into their lives. In From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins? Guide to a Smoother Ride, they reveal their own diagnoses with comedic twists while sharing traditional and nontraditional ?tune-ups? to guide you through a journey of healing. A survival guide in a Cliff Notes kind of way, Therapy Twins address a host of issues related to your well-being. Learn how to: ? rewire some of your worst experiences; ... more
  • Mental Illness: Mi Doesn't Look Like Me

    by Susie L. Landown-Clarke
    This is a story of intimate warfare among rivals, where friend and foe confront the spiritual suffocation of a woman suffering from complex mental illnesses and disorders. She was desperate to be unchained from layers and layers of emotional tyranny believed to have inadvertently transpired either at birth, after multiple brain traumas, or even from the daily hustle and bustle of ?having it all? (career, family, and affluence). Mental illness often emerges as a thief in the darkness, aiming to d... more