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  • Do the right thing, Do it all the time: 75 Success Secrets Listed for Fast Reference

    by Frank Leigh
    This book is for you up and coming people that are starting to succeed in life and also for people that are struggling, frustrated,wondering why their success is taking so long and looking for answers. My hope is that it will be a tool to give you some very quick insight and a feeling of empowerment to speed up your success. This book reads like a reference list of 75 of the best success laws and principles, taken from wisdom passed down by people that have come before us. Each secret is only ... more
  • A Mother Goddess for Our Times: Mary's Appearances at Medjugorje

    by Judith Lambert
    More than 18 million people have traveled to the tiny Bosnian village of Medjugorje to witness daily apparitions of the Virgin Mary and experience her healing powers. Author Judith Lambert, a skeptic, was among them. Events that occurred during her four pilgrimages there between 1986 and 1991, however, convinced her that Mary is not only present but “everyone’s goddess,” a culmination of the sacred feminine throughout history who loves and nurtures all of humanity.
  • The Light: A Modern-Day Journey for Peace

    by Judith Lambert
    Gold Medalist in the International Excellence Body, Mind, Spirit Book Award Contest and Bronze Medalist at the IPPY'S for 2017! The ground-breaking novel on the near-death experience that unveils the roots to a global spirituality. Religion's common denominator? . . . The Light God does not have a religion.God does not speak a language.God does not have a culture.It is we who require these things. Why has humankind always sought the Light? What do pharaohs and prophets and festivals arou... more
  • Contours of the New Millennium

    by Anthony J. Marlow
    This book is a treatise on life and love from the cradle to the grave. Its 31 topics with illustrations are diverse, and discuss a variety of historical subjects from justice to self-overcoming, politics. religion, and war and peace. Though viewed by many as an admonition to much of today's society and politicians, its rests on one basic theme: the vision of a more prosperous future for this country, and a hope and prayer for children of the new millenium.
  • You Are Not Crazy: Letters from Your Therapist

    by David Klow

    People today live in psychological bubbles. They think that they are the only ones who experience what they do.

    Person after highly intelligent person comes into therapy thinking that there is something terribly wrong with them. They think that they are crazy, yet do not realize that everyone around them is having quite similar experiences.

    YOU ARE NOT CRAZY: Letters from Your Therapist ends the psychological isolation. It helps people realize that they are not the only ... more

  • Contours of the New Millennium

    by Anthony J. Marlow
    This book is an historical treatise on life and love from the cradle to the grave. Its 31 topics with illustrations are diverse, and include a variety of subjects from justice to self-overcoming, politics, religion, and war and peace. Though viewed as somewhat of an admonishment to much of today's society and politicians, it rests on one basic theme: the desire of a more prosperous future for this country, and a hope and prayer for the children of the new millennium.
  • Instant Wisdom: 10 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast

    by Beth Burgess

    Blending science, psychology and philosophy, INSTANT WISDOM: 10 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast will teach you tools, tweaks and techniques that will make you smarter in mere minutes or seconds, boosting your creativity and expanding your mental horizons. The strategies include methods that geniuses and peak performers use to get amazing results.

    When you can boost your brainpower instantly, you w... more

  • What is Self Esteem? How to Build your Self Esteem and Feel Happy Now

    by Beth Burgess
    What is self esteem? How do you build self esteem? How is self esteem different from self confidence? A quick and easy read, this book will teach you what self esteem really is. It will give you the secret to improving your self esteem so that you can be happy whatever life throws at you. With tasks and bonus tools to boost your self esteem naturally, you can create an unshakeable sense of self worth so that even if your world is falling apart, you won't! If you suffer from low self esteem... more
  • The Happy Addict: How to Be Happy in Recovery from Alcoholism or Drug Addiction

    by Beth Burgess
    Have you got clean and sober, but are finding it hard to be happy? Have you relapsed in the past because life was boring and uninspiring? Or maybe you've got sobriety, but you're finding it hard to change your old behaviours and ways of thinking. The Happy Addict is the ultimate guide to achieving an amazing life after addiction. No more guilt. No more shame. No more feeling held back by the past or low self-esteem. Finally become what you're really capable of by following the fifteen keys... more
  • The Recovery Formula: An Addict's Guide to Getting Clean and Sober Forever

    by Beth Burgess
    Are you tired of the guilt, shame and pain of addiction? Are you sick of the constant relapses? Do you yearn for happiness, freedom and a better life? People can spend years trapped in addiction unnecessarily, because, despite all their efforts, they just don't understand what you really need to do to recover. Despite attending rehab, counselling, groups and fellowships, many addicts remain stuck in the cycle of addiction, because they are not told some very basic facts about recovery. For... more
  • Hope in a Corner of My Heart

    by Gina Campbell
    Julia received the call every parent dreads: her daughter Barbara has been killed in a car accident. Still reeling from her loss months later, Julia embarks on fascinating journey into her inner world of metaphors, uncovering wounds both new and old that she must heal before she can embrace living again. The book details her 12 sessions with counselor Gina Campbell using Clean Language. An activity for readers ends each chapter, providing creative opportunities for your self-exploration.
  • Travels with Tommy: Stories of Life with a Service Dog

    by Renee Le Verrier
    These tales of Sir Thomas prove that modern-day shining knights really do exist, sometimes with four paws. Sit. Enjoy the humor and grace in these stories of a tender and true partnership. Stay. Savor the insights of daily life that beats in time with the heart of a Great Dane service dog.
  • A Taste for Recovery: A Personal Story of Survival and a Roadmap to Restoring Physical Health

    by Shelley McAlpine
    A compelling story of survival and healing from the ravages of the disease of alcoholism. Beginning with great opportunities and professional success, it chronicles the author’s life and her decades-long battle with alcoholism that drove her into financial, physical, moral, and spiritual bankruptcy. It describes her journey back to health, a new career, and a new life. The book answers the question, “How does anyone ever begin to recover from such a depth of physical and mental deterioration... more
  • Iphelia: Awakening the Gift of Feeling

    by Erick French
    Iphelia is a graphic novel for the inner children of grown men and women. It is the story of a girl born with a special gift of sensitivity, told through 90 pages of visually stunning images that animate the feeling-level of experience through color, texture, shape and motion, making it perfect for young children, too. Like Iphelia, we are all born with the gift of feeling. But as we are exposed to all the wounded adults around us, we develop defenses that quiet and dull our emotional sense. ... more
  • Meme is The New Mean: Bullying Behind The Screen

    by Shani Cooper
    Meme is the New Mean explores the transformation of bullying in the new era of social media. As cyberbullying reaches an all time high, now is the time to shift the focus to social media solutions. Meme is the Mew Mean uncovers: -The Fuel for our not so secret addiction to social media. -The role of the meme in bully culture. -Potential effects of cyberbullying on later generations. -How to take your power back from social media. Meme is the New Mean provides a new take on your t... more