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  • How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, and Discover Inner Wisdom

    by Nanette Hucknall
    Heart energy. It comes from an always loving and wise Higher Source. Nurturing, warm, quiet, refined, and all encompassing, heart energy brings spiritual growth that fosters creativity, attracts loving relationships, and engenders peace and happiness. This practical book not only teaches you how to live from your heart but also provides scads of activities to practice doing so. Finalist - Book of the Year Award/Indie Fabs Finalist - Best Books of 2017 competition
  • Simply Being Happy: 93 Ways to Replace Worry with Peace and Create a Joyful Life

    by Jewel Hart
    WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING FOR THAT WILL FINALLY MAKE YOU HAPPY? Is it a lottery ticket? A rich uncle? A huge, mysterious payoff? Deep down, you know those things will never come. The waiting game only results in losing. Instead, you can stop waiting and discover that you already have what you truly want - happiness. It's there inside you, just waiting for you to access it. So what's the secret to finding it? Using your imagination. And Paula Sullivan has done just that - her imagination has... more
  • #IsHeHereYet : Being The Person You Want To Be With

    by Tony Ortega
    Dr. Tony Ortega's debut book, #IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want to Be With is an extremely raw (and funny) look at the perceived epidemic of being single in our quest for love. It dismantles the notion that there is something that we need to do in order to bring in "The One." Instead, it challenges you to be "The One" and see what shows up then. Regardless of the outcome, the end result will be the best version of you possible. This book is geared toward single and partnered peop... more
  • Liberate Yourself: Your Past Is Not Your Prison

    by luz Avila- kyncl

    Liberate Yourself is about breaking the chain of bad habits, suffering, trauma and dysfunction. No matter where you come from and what your situation is, you can heal yourself mentally, emotionally and physically and live a healthier life. The book provides tools and stories of real people and some celebrities, some of whom healed and freed themselves from their prisons, and some who do not. The author also shares her story of being in her own prison, created by an impoverished childhood, unh... more

  • The Causes and Effects of Parental Alienation

    by Angelia Rightmer
    This book describes cases of such severe parental alienation they led to murder. This books describes parental alienation, the levels of parental alienation, how to detect parental alienation and how to fight parental alienation. This books describes it in such detail, you will be shocked to see how this happens and what it does to a family. This could be your family if you do not know what it is and how to stop it. The cases discussed in this book are high profile cases.
  • The Causes and Effects of Parental Alienation

    by Angelia Rigtmer
    This book describes parental alienation; compares alienation to real life high profiles cases; describe someone guilty of parental alienation; how to detect parental alienation and how to fight back if you are a victim of parental alienation. This book also describes the effect of parental alienation in Court and on the family in general.
  • Feasible Planet: A Guide to More Sustainable Living

    by Ken Kroes
    This book is a guide for individuals on helping the planet and our society be more sustainable. This book goes beyond recycling and consuming less by getting into social, economic and political issues. There are also sections that disucss why we are not doing more currently such our growing sense of entitlement and dissociation with nature.
  • How to Improve the Quality of Your Life?

    by Dr. Joseph Adrien Emmanuel Demes
    Dr. Demes’ book will help you design a better life for yourself by applying evidenced-based methods and principles. Many people feel unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. This could be related to one certain aspect of their journey, or it could be just a general disappointment with the direction it has taken. Dr. Demes groundbreaking book uses continuous quality improvement methods, scientific approach, and spiritual values to help you create the life you want! Continuous Qualit... more
  • The Unravelled Heart

    by Kathy Parker
    Author Kathy Parker is a lover of beautiful words and wide-open spaces - a writer, poet, survivor, warrior and word alchemist. In this new work, she presents a journey of breaking to mending, surviving to loving, and the courage to rise from our darkest places, undefeated. The Unravelled Heart, her first published collection of poems and prose, offers a profoundly honest reflection on trauma, abuse, love, loss and healing. These verses confront our rawest humanity through powerful words and ... more
  • How to Write for Success: Best Writing Advice I received

    by Brenda Mohammed

    Valuable nuggets of truth for new and aspiring authors.

    In 'How to Write for Success: Best Writing Advice I Received.' the author shares with new and aspiring authors valuable nuggets of truth. 
    Using her own experiences she focuses on the essentials of writing a book to which readers will gravitate. 
    The book covers plotting, writing dialogue, narrative, building a story world, choosing a book title, writing the blu... more

  • Get to Be Happy: Stories and Secrets to Loving the Sh*t Out of Life

    by Ted Larkins
    The secret to my happiness started during my high school days (yes, drugs were involved) and continued through hitchhiking across the country, through the suicide of my girlfriend, through bartending in many cities around the country and then a move to Japan. I lived there for nine years, helping start a $500 million business, including a LARKINS (my last name) line of product, finding enlightenment and meditating in Zen temples in the mountains of Hiroshima, meeting Mother Teresa in Calcutta, p... more
  • Knowledge For Life

    by Mark Derrick Boisvert
    Information on Government, General Health, Illness by cigarette smoking and illegal drugs, Information on religion, Plus the space race.
  • 50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection

    by Gigi Langer, Ph.D.
    50 Ways to Worry Less Now offers four life strategies and 50 practical tools to dissolve the “whispered lies” of negative thinking. It’s filled with compelling stories and easy-to-use ideas that empower readers to manage troubling times with calm wisdom, fulfill their dreams, and create loving relationships.
  • Everything You Learned About Selling Is A Lie

    by mark stevens
    Everyone needs to sell something: themselves (in their careers), products, services and ideas to family and friends. The problem is that the way of selling is taught is based on nonsense delivered by coaches, professors and the like who have never sold anything. This book -- written by a lifelong entrepreneur and salesman -- ( a legend in the marketing world due to his best sell "Your Marketing Sucks" -- wipes away the myths and delivers a unique approach for selling that flies in the face of ... more
  • Peaceful Moments: Creative Affirmations for Your Heart & Soul

    by Aliza McCracken

    This life-affirming book portrays the beauty and grace of the human spirit.  Artist and author, Aliza McCracken offers positive imagery and affirmations to brighten each moment of your day.  Discover a refreshing sense of peace, hope, and love through Aliza's artistry! and or

  • The Joint Kitchen: A Handbook for Orthopaedic Inventors and Fraidy Cats Facing a Knee or Hip Replacement

    by Michael David Ries, MD
    Imagine a doctor doing ordinary activities in his kitchen, stopping to draw some of the everyday objects around him, like an orange and a corkscrew. Then watch him turn those drawings into advanced patents for hip and knee replacements. Dr. Michael Ries holds 45 patents, and many of his ideas came to him in the kitchen. The remarkable efficiency of the human hip and knee are described here through simple illustrations, explaining why hip and knee replacements will never be quite as perfect as th... more