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  • Empath's Ultimate Guide To Shield Yourself From Negative Energies: Simple Action Plan Included

    by Sandy Quinn
    Are you someone who is sensitive and easily affected by people's moods and unpleasant events around you? Do you know a highly sensitive person (HSP) can also be an empath? Would you like to break free from negative people and energies by learning some highly effective tools to shield yourself? Empath's Ultimate Guide will show you a simple Action Plan consisting of 7 Highly Effective Tools to shield yourself which you can begin to use immediately. Unlike other books which simply show you a... more
  • Declutter Your Mind: Simple Action Plan To Quiet Your Mind & Negative Thoughts

    by Sandy Quinn
    Are you tired of being constantly bombarded by repetitive negative, worried and unhelpful thoughts? Would you like to learn how others use mindfulness to successfully quiet their minds, become more balanced and happy in life? Declutter Your Mind will show you a simple Action Plan to quiet your mind and free yourself from negative thoughts which you can begin to use immediately. Unlike other books that simply show you a bunch of "theories" or confusing exercises, this book will show you a sim... more
  • How To Be Owned By A Cat: Simple Action Plan For First Time Cat Owners Who Have NO Idea What They Are Getting

    by Kate C.
    Are you considering your first cat but feel unsure because you have zero or little experience with these adorable yet mystique felines? Would you like to learn how to become a responsible cat owner while clearing your doubts and questions once and for all? How To Be Owned By A Cat will show you a simple action plan that works if you follow it, because you'll know exactly what to do even before bringing home your first cat. Unlike other books that offers lots of information but no practical... more
  • How Divorce Became My Deliverance

    by Elona Washington
    Because researchers estimate that marriages have a 50% chance of survival, these women have come together to share how they mourned the loss of their marriage and moved past the pain. While some chose to leave and others were left, they all walked the path to self-discovery and empowerment. This collection of stories is not a tale of woe; they are stories of encouragement for any woman coping with the stigma, heartbreak, and hardship of divorce. This anthology was compiled to provide hope and... more



    ‘Technology of Life’ is unique in content with distinctive features innovatively written with the purpose to improve, enhance and strengthen the physical, intellectual and spiritual thoughts toward achieving peace, pleasure and prosperity in life.

    One of the distinguishing aspects of this title is that it draws upon the faculties of some select topics of Indian philosophy, Bhagvad Gita, Patanjali Yoga, medical science, social science, research f... more

  • Passing On: What's Fair in Family Inheritance?

    by Ruth Dixon-Mueller
    Most estate planning books focus on the legal practicalities. PA$$ING ON dives deeper, helping people who are writing their wills to avoid emotional minefields by choosing their beneficiaries wisely and distributing their assets fairly both within and outside the family.
  • Good Morning Gorgeous: Discovering Your Gorgeousness from the Inside Out

    by Dale Smith Thomas
    Good Morning Gorgeous offers a unique perspective to women of all ages on how to be confident, courageous, and convinced! This no-nonsense guide challenges women to know who they are, stand their ground and embrace life passionately with purpose. Dale Smith Thomas encourages women to take a clear-eyed look at themselves and stop their self-defeating behavior by understanding that responsibility starts with the woman looking in the mirror. In Good Morning Gorgeous, Dale reminds us that we s... more
  • Overdose: Letters From Dad

    by Jack Dison
    After struggling with substance abuse for many years, James died of heroin overdose at the age of thirty-four. The year before his death he turned to a new and ‘clean’ life path in ways his family and friends had never seen. Nevertheless, in a few short weeks he relapsed and eventually overdosed and died. His death was a huge shock to those who loved him. Some months after James’ death, his dad, Jack, started writing a few letters to James as a way to reach out to him across the emptiness and lo... more
  • 978-1-4828-9331-1

    by au yong chee tuck
    To the layman, an astrologer was someone he consulted if and when he encountered some issues in life. He could not be expected to realize that since everyone must by necessity have a birth chart, it followed that the birth charts of the rich and the famous (and the not so well-known) will have some bearing on their lives and achievements. This book is an attempt to show the relationship between history and Chinese Ba Zi astrology. It examined the birth charts and lives of eleven persons in ten c... more
  • 978-1-4828-6537-0

    by au yong chee tuck and alan chong kin meng
    When the layman encountered problems in his (or her) life, sometimes he might yearn to consult a feng shui master or Ba Zi astrology master for assistance. However, sadly he found out too late that the master whom he hired could not produce the hoped for results that he expected. This book was a brief attempt to explain some of the common myths surrounding both feng shui and Ba Zi astrology. It hoped to reveal to our readers which concepts worked and why; which methods might be misleading or... more
  • Right in the Middle but Left Out

    by Jeffery Trees
    The central theme of this book is how to identify and deal with the realities of incest. Most of the time incest victims have a great deal of emotional, physical, and sexual pain. Too many times it literally takes years and years for a child to work through all the tormenting, and too many times all they can do is subdue it, which makes them deal with it in their thirties and forties. It has a way of compounding all relationships, especially in marriages and parenthood. For the victim, it is fri... more
  • Breathing Together: A Guide for Integral Relationships

    by Rich Pfeiffer
    Breathing Together - is an inspiring guide offering encouragement and practical exercises for those seeking more depth, meaning, growth, and healthy spirituality in their relationship. The author weaves professional knowledge with clinical experience to show the reader how to thrive and find increased relationship satisfaction.
  • A Clinician's Journey from Complex Trauma to Thriving: Reflections on Abuse, C-PTSD and Reclamation

    by Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW
    A Clinician's Journey from Complex Trauma to Thriving is an anthology of articles by Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW. Written for survivors and clinicians this collection was inspired by Rev. Heller's unrelenting struggle with recovering from complex ptsd rooted in systemic and generational child abuse, and her commitment to devoting her life to helping others similarly afflicted. Spanning the trajectory from abuse, complex trauma, addictions, the relational quest, recovery and treatment, and ultimately... more
  • The 5 Secrets to Social Success with Biblical Principles

    by Dr. Lina W. Liken & Cali Blalock, BS
    ??It?s obvious that a lot of time, prayer and study have gone into preparing ?The 5 Secrets to Social Success with Biblical Principles.? I can see application of ?5 Secrets? in schools, churches and for adults who are learning to transition out from social and economic poverty. The skills your curriculum teaches are the basic building blocks to healthy relationships which build social success in the home and beyond. ?? James P. Dumont Senior Pastor Erie Christian Fellowship Church Erie, Pennsylv... more
  • Do the Deed

    by Krasimir Karamfilov
    The accomplishment of every dream takes work. Have you ever tried to get from point A to point B and had a hard time getting to point B? In this self-help book, you will find a blueprint for getting to where you want to go, or becoming who you want to be. It takes eight steps. Once you learn them, nothing will be impossible to achieve.
  • Berries: 210 Thoughts and Photographs on Life, Love and Light

    by Larisa Segida

    "Berries" is a meditative collection of 210 simple, but deep thoughts imbedded into black-and-white ambient, reflective and beautiful photographs on Life, Love and Light. This book is your silent friend. You can open it to any page, read one thought, contemplate on it, live with it for a while and come back. Don't hurry. The book will listen to you, your thoughts and feelings. It may help you on your long road called "Life"...