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  • Love and the Art of Bookstore Book Signing

    by P. A. Ritzer

    P. A. Ritzer has sold thousands of copies of his first book, the award-winning historical Western Seven Ox Seven Part One, Escondido Bound, at over 275 bookstore book signings (over 265 at Barnes & Noble stores alone). He has written Love and the Art of Bookstore Book Signing as an answer to authors, bookstore personnel, distributors, and others in the book business who have sought to know how he does it. Ritz... more

  • Polygamy: Is it a Killer?

    by Christy 'Seyi Olorunfemi

    This book can be used to increase awareness among women in polygamy where such is practiced all over the world and health policy makers regarding the transmission of HIV/AIDS. This book is divided into two parts. The first part consists of Chapters 1 to 20. The second part is the note taken in the interviews that I conducted with American-based Nigerian women who live in the United States as citizens or permanent residents. The women expressed their lived experiences of polygamy and thei... more

  • FAIL* to Win: 4 Simple Principles To Get You Out Of Your Own Way

    by Triffany Hammond
    Everyone knows you have to fail in order to win but nobody tells you how to actually do it. Until now. F.A.I.L.* to Win is exactly what you need to: ~ make fearless decisions, ~ dump the negativity (inside and out), ~ understand your superpowers and ~ let go of the emotional baggage that's keeping you stuck. Pick it up, read it, use the tools and ... get out of your own way already!!
  • My Inner Thoughts of You

    by Tania Giguere
    An exciting glimpse into the reality of one's being a place that few have ever traveled. Its greatness gives way to the beat of your heart the sound of your soul feeding the mind. Taking away the shame and placing the worth of you into a world of madness. Giving hope to the wayward and passing a gift of life to another brings joyous pleasure. It is a place that will lead your spirit into a realm of everlasting love closing the void that haunts your dreams leaving its uselessness in your wake. Cl... more
  • Color Your Life Happy: Create Your Unique Path and Claim the Joy You Deserve

    by Flora Morris Brown
    Steering clear of the expected shame and "shoulds" of self-help books, Brown weaves engaging personal vignettes and practical advice with powerful insights drawn from positive psychology, ancient wisdom, and the teachings of seekers of spiritual enlightenment. Drawing from her baby boomer experiences growing up in a segregated USA inner city, she takes us through the path she created and punctuates her narrative with laugh-out-loud stories of raising her kids, some of her favorite poetry, and a... more
  • How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special

    by Lynette M. Smith
    Comprehensive reference book shows how to write a heartfelt letter of appreciation “when the magnitude of your gratitude is bigger than a thank-you note.” Provides context and guidance for writing letters for birthdays or special occasions related to school, military, romance, family, cultural and religious rites of passage, and career; to commemorate a professional or personal relationship, such as teachers, coaches, mentors, students, service providers, product suppliers, supervisors, employee... more
  • Broken

    by Shombee Marshall

     Many times life hits us and it hits us hard, knocking the wind out of us.  We begin to doubt ourselvess, we begin to question "what went wrong," and " how did I get here," and usually look for ways of pointing the finger at the other person.  Broken is a discussion on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection with the hopes of inspiring to love and to accept love.  Broken speaks of picking up the pieces of your life and encourages you to def... more

  • Warrior Lost: Veteran Suicide and the Combat PTSD Monster

    by Leilani Anastasia
    With Veteran Suicide on the rise, Author Leilani Anastasia takes a heartfelt look on how to recognize it and what to do about it. This book explores not only the reasons that many Veterans commit suicide but also ways on how to prevent it. She outlines different types of treatments as well as how to recognize the signs of someone who is suicidal. She also takes a look at how our current society's treatment of Veterans is a possible trigger for Veterans to kill themselves. This book is a must-rea... more
  • Warrior Lush: The Battle With Combat PTSD Addiction (The "Warrior" Series Book 4)

    by Leilani Anastasia
    "Warrior Lush: The Battle with Combat PTSD Addiction" is a must-read for anyone who is going through addiction with their Combat Veteran. This book deals with not only addiction but also the special circumstances that go hand-in-hand with it as a possible result of war. It gives practical advice on not only how to recognize the signs but also deals with co-dependency in the partner and ways to seek help. Post-traumatic stress disorder creates its own set of problems and addiction is one of them.... more
  • Warrior Lust: Exploring Combat PTSD Infidelity (The "Warrior" Series Book 3)

    by Leilani Anastasia

    In the follow up book to "Warrior Lover: Battling the Combat PTSD Relationship" and "Warrior Loving: Amazing Sex with Your Veteran", author Leilani Anastasia has done it again. While researching the nuances of the Combat Vet relationship, she discovered a nasty by-product of Combat PTSD - infidelity! In this book, she examines why our Warriors are more inclined to cheat and what to do if you find yourself in that situation as the partner of one. Well-written and witty, thi... more

  • Warrior Loving: Amazing Sex With Your Veteran (The "Warrior" Series Book 2)

    by Leilani Anastasia

    In the follow up book to "Warrior Lover: Battling the Combat PTSD Relationship", author Leilani Anastasia explores the difficulties and rewards of being in a sexual relationship with a Combat Veteran. This book delves into the ways that partners of Combat Veterans can improve their relationships; both in and out of the sheets. Well-researched and factual, this book addresses the facets of the Combat PTSD sexual relationship and makes suggestions for gaining the most pleasure out of ... more

  • Warrior Lover: Battling the Combat PTSD Relationship (The "Warrior" Series Book 1)

    by Leilani Anastasia
    Since the invention of Modern Warfare and the longer lifespan of modern soldiers due to technological and medical advances, there are more PTSD relationships than ever. It's a new territory in the dating arena that is increasingly difficult to navigate. Warrior Lover addresses the issues that are exclusive to Combat PTSD relationships. Witty and compelling, Warrior Lover is an entertaining read that delves into the difficulties and rewards in dating a Combat Veteran and how to strengthen that re... more
  • You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy's Guide to Marriage

    by Bob Marsocci
    More than 2 million guys get married every year in the United States alone—and most have no clue about what to expect once they say, “I do.” A newlywed guy doesn’t know the “10 Fatal Words” his wife will spring on him days before her birthday, and he definitely doesn’t know why he can’t just throw away her “bag of bags.” But no longer. In You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy’s Guide to Marriage, formerly clueless husband, Bob Marsocci sheds light on what guys can really expect once they tie the knot. ... more
  • The Smart Woman's Guide to Style & Clothing: A Step-By-Step Process for Creating the Perfect Wardrobe

    by Kara Lane
    If you have too many clothes but nothing to wear, you need The Smart Woman’s Guide to Style & Clothing. Do you have clothes that do not fit well, do not flatter you, or do not go with anything else in your closet? This is a common problem that few of us have the time, money, or expertise to solve. Fortunately, author Kara Lane researched the issue and found a solution. She developed a system for creating a versatile, stylish, personalized wardrobe. You can create your own look-good, feel-g... more
  • From Photographer to Gallery Artist: The Complete Guide to Finding Gallery Representation for Your Fine Art Photography

    by Kara Lane
    "Anyone can become a fine art photographer, but not everyone can become a gallery-represented artist.” Talent alone will not bring you recognition as a fine art photographer. For that, you need exposure to collectors and museums. Galleries can give you that exposure, but first you need an effective marketing plan to reach the galleries. You will find that plan in From Photographer to Gallery Artist. Author Kara Lane conducted hundreds of hours of research, and contacted over sixty gallerie... more
  • Simoni's Gift: A Story about Your Purpose in Life

    by Kara Lane
    If you have figured out your purpose in life, congratulations. If not, you may want to spend the next 60 minutes reading Simoni's Gift. This little book draws on wisdom from Michelangelo, Maya Angelou, and many others. It reveals a more meaningful way to live. This visionary fiction novel begins immediately after Davita's death. She opens her eyes and is greeted by Simoni, who appears to be some sort of angelic afterlife coach. Simoni gives her a choice: She can begin a new life or remain ... more