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  • The Easiest Way to Live

    by Mabel Katz
    Who's Causing the Difficulties in Your Life? The short answer to that question is, You are! And it may surprise you to realize that this is really good news. Why is it good news? Because the reason you are constantly creating difficulties for yourself is that you don t know how you are doing it or why. Now you can not only understand the cause of your problems, you can know what to do to stop creating them. The best part is, it s easy! In The Easiest Way to Live, you will find the keys t... more
  • My Reflections on Ho'oponopono

    by Mabel Katz
    This book has been created from a selection of many articles Mabel Katz has written over the years, which have been given discursive coherence. They are based on her practicing and teaching of Ho'oponopono, and experiences accumulated during almost twelve years spent with her mentor, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len and her own life experiences: first as a mother, accountant, business consultant and tax specialist in the United States, and then as an author, lecturer, peace ambassador, and seminar leader ... more
  • After The First Kiss

    by chantal heide
    Hot on the heels of No More Assholes – Your 7 Step Guide to Saying Goodbye to Guys and Finding the Real Man You’re Looking For, Chantal takes you even further and teaches you how to build and maintain deep love and intimacy in your new relationship. How do you not only keep the magic alive, but deepen it after each hurdle? How do you make unpacking emotional baggage together easy? How can you soar through your first year so you can keep flying through the rest of your lives together? After The F... more
  • Comeback Queen

    by chantal heide
    Divorce isn’t a setback. It’s a wake-up call that the right man is still out there, waiting for you. Don’t let a broken heart keep you from finding him. It’s time to repair your heart and soul, purge your ex from your psyche, and get back on the dating wagon again. Learn how to shed hurt and anger so you don’t infect future relationships, how to rebuild self-esteem and redefine yourself, and how to step back into the dating world with confidence and the ability to attract the right partner. In t... more
  • Fix That Shit

    by chantal heide
    Motivational Speaker Chantal Heide helped you pick the right partner in No More Assholes, taught you how to keep little things from becoming big issues in After The First Kiss, and is now here to help unpack the emotional baggage you’ve been lugging around before it becomes a destructive force. Filled with the advice you need to rise above drama and become the emotional leader in your relationship, Chantal teaches you how to care for yourself and develop the ability to help your partner unpack... more
  • No More Assholes

    by chantal heide
    Chantal Heide, the leading voice in Conscious Dating, helps singles hit the refresh button in the dating world with her sound advice and techniques offered up in No More Assholes. Through simple explanations and anecdotal stories, learn the science of attraction and human behaviour, avoid dating pitfalls, and attract the ideal relationship you want faster. Chantal leads ground-breaking seminars designed to teach women how to connect with themselves and others, including the kind of partner wh... more
  • Working to Bring About Justice, Peace, and Victory In the World Today

    by Joyce Kimber
    GOD STILL RULES and will guide us as individuals and as a nation to work together to bring about peace in our world today. Heaven and earth belong to Him and if we acknowledge His power, He will lead us to victory—victory in our homes, school, governing bodies and nation. 'A LITTLE BOOK with A BIG MESSAGE'
  • The Power of Time Perception: Control the Speed of Time to Make Every Second Count

    by Jean Paul Zogby

    Do you wonder how time flies? Want to learn the secrets to slow it down? 

    With ground-breaking research, now you can live the longest year of your life!

    Discover how to extend the good times and fast forward through the bad ones.
    You will also get access to a FREE online test that can measure the speed of time in your mind along with The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Brain Diet, to maintain an alert brain capab... more

  • Bear with Hope: Hanging on to Hope in Tough Times

    by Tammy Hendricks

    Being discouraged, depressed, or distressed is too common in much of our lives today. Bear with Hope offers encouraging stories and creative and inspiring ways to restore hope and to help find opportunities to experience joy even when circumstances defy us.

    Whatever the source of your struggles or sorrow:

    • death
    • divorce
    • mental/physical illness
    • low self-esteem
    • loneliness

    The author's writing is warm and friendly... more

  • Love YOU: 12 Ways to Be Who You Love & Love Who You Are

    by Dinorah Nieves

    Love YOU, walks us through a decade of painful romances, in Dinorah Nieves’ 20s. Each left her back in her long-time, on-again off-again, affair with loneliness. Yet, this tale of love gone wrong, is also the blueprint for how to get life right. Raw emotion, urban poetry and a world of wellness are stitched together to offer you 12 practical ways to immediately begin finding health, happiness and success. So, you want to stop feeling alone, afraid and stuck? Learn how to feel well, love... more

  • The Challenges of Masculinity

    by Carl Erikson
    For each man, one of the most persistent questions in his life is ?Am I a man?? Or, more likely, am I man enough? For each boy, the biggest question is ?When will I be a man?? Or ?What do I have to do to be a man?? Masculinity is the synergistic result of three factors?the abilities, ideas, and actions a male can innately have (his tools); the intentions with which he uses his tools; and the level of acceptance by his society of his chosen masculinity tools and intentions. Required masculinity i... more
  • Funny Conversations with God

    by Dunn Neugebauer
    What would your life be like if God lived next door? What would you talk about? What questions would you ask? In Funny Conversations with God, author Dunn Neugebauer shares his fictionalized discussions with God. In a noncontroversial, casual, humorous style, Funny Conversations with God shares Neugebauer’s feelings, philosophies, and life experiences as if he were talking directly to God. They discuss and analyze the key points in Neugebauer’s life, such as his passing relationships with women... more
  • Let It Go, Let It Flow Leadership

    by joan ramirez
    This book will give those in search of leadership positions an insight into people who've earned their stripes. It will also teach them the most important step in moving forward: Letting go of past mistakes-at any age. The book will include content on leadership styles and behaviors, profiles of effective leaders through the ages, exercises, resources, and more to enhance present and future leadership skills and empower others to become leaders. Motivational Press is excited to work with Joan Ra... more
  • Softball Scoresheet

    by Dawn Brotherton
    New and improved book for keeping score for 30 softball games. Larger print, bigger squares, and a place for notes allow you to capture the details of the game needed to re-tell the story later. Perfect for the coach to utilize as a teaching tool. Useful end of game summary gives quick reference per player for both offense and defense. New to scorekeeping? This book provides detailed description about scorekeeping shorthand, as well as some of the nuances of the softball rules needed when scorin... more
  • The Wise Guide to Winning Grants

    by Waddy Thompson
    The Wise Guide to Winning Grants provides complete instruction in the research and writing techniques that lead to winning grants from foundations, corporations, and government agencies, as well as major gifts from individuals. The process is described step-by-step with numerous real-life examples in an easy-to-read conversational style. You’ll learn how to make your proposals stand out from the crowd and avoid common mistakes. Whether you work in social services, health, the arts, youth servi... more
  • Pee On It and Walk Away: How to Stay Stress-Free Among Difficult People. Life Lessons from Superdog Abby

    by Roger Ziegler
    Superdog Abby, the world's "Zen-est" pooch, shares sassy secrets for staying stress-free in any insanity. Simple, fun, effective pictures and tips for living happier and stress-free anytime, anywhere. Much funnier, and cheaper, than therapy. It's stress management, dog style when you learn how to "Pee On It And Walk Away!"