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  • A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street: This Bulletproof Trade Will Help You Get Paid

    by Iris Marie Mack, PhD, EMBA
    In our new book we show investors on Main Street how to make money by renting their stocks! That's right! Investors can actually "rent" stocks in their portfolios by trading covered call options. This conservative investment strategy allows investors to generate extra cash flow in their portfolios. The covered call options strategy is so safe, it is suitable for most retirement accounts. By the time you finish reading this book, you will agree that this conservative investment strategy is ind... more
  • Vid's Viddles: Daily Vitamins for the Soul (Volume I)

    by Vid Lamonte' Buggs Jr.
    With “Vid’s Viddles,” eclectic writer Vid Buggs opens a new season of freedom, insight and joy. It’s a point of view with no filters that is at once profound, clarifying and moving. These collections of short motivational pieces offer words of wisdom about life, love, spirit, leadership, friendship, pain, fear, happiness and more. “Vid’s Viddles” serve to inspire personal growth through tough times, helping adults and teens stay vital and in love with life, savoring the beauty that each day b... more
  • Getting Out of the Dark: How to Have a Life Full of Success, Wealth, and Happiness

    by Vid Lamonte' Buggs Jr.
    Getting Out of the Dark gives sound advice on how to achieve true success, wealth and happiness. This book reveals the one of the most essential elements that most books miss when speaking about obtaining success and wealth. This book's advice and principles are worthy of reflection.
  • Head-On, Stories of Alopecia

    by Deeann Callis Graham
    This collection of personal narratives follows the courageous journeys of over 75 writers as they find their way after being diagnosed with alopecia areata. Their discovery of acceptance, adaptability, and finally celebration are intertwined in these thought-provoking inspiring stories and captivating photos.
  • It Hurts To Be Mad

    by Daniel H. Osborne
    Catalytic for counselors and spiritual leaders, an effective tool for the troubled and incarcerated, this book inspires, motivates, and reveals the intimate details of what many people struggle with- RAGE. Osborne's difficult childhood caused him to be controlled by his feelings of inadequacy and rage. A life teetering on the brink of instability, without true purpose or meaning, Hurt, Abuse, and Pain were all he knew. Step by step, experience by experience, the stories, lessons, and con... more
  • Why Zarmina Sings: 18 Steps to Live and Learny beyond Anxiety

    by Therese Ayla Kravetz
    Plagued by an over-anxious brain, the author embarks on a journey toward creativity and confidence after hearing her student, Zarmina, find vocal freedom and move other students to tears with her song. As Thérèse searches for ways to free herself and her students from fragmented learning, restricted voices, and the fight or flight response, she learns tools to accelerate learning and transcend anxiety. These tools include engaging the heart and gut, slowing down, improvisational comedy, breath w... more
  • L.I.F.E. - The Reproduction Process Of Purpose

    by Josh Croskey
    This book L.I.F.E. takes you back to the moment of your conception and compares your own life cycle to that of your dreams. Just like babies start out small and helpless, so do dreams. And dreams grow, just like humans. You need to treat your dreams with respect and love, as you would your children. Only then can you accomplish the big goals of your life. Discover your ordained purpose in life and make sure you are on the right track to lead a life of service and devotion.
  • The Fountain of Youth - Treasure of the Celtic Otherworld

    by BRIDGET Ann Boland
    This book examines the Otherworld voyage of Cormac Mac Airt and brings a new interpretation to this ancient and timeless tale, which opens a door to a deeper insight on the 'Self'. It links the world view of the ancient Celts to that of Native America and highlights a shared cosmology between these two philosophical and spiritual traditions. It also draws on specific folktales gathered by collectors in the late 1900's from people in the Irish speaking districts of to illustrate that similar m... more

    by David A. Best
    I AM CHANGED is a story of change and its influence on our journey through life. David tells this story through events in his life. He also uses his original poems, prose, and songs, to help illustrate what he sees as the transformational power of Change. Through the lens of his Spiritual eyes, David shares powerful insight to help you see life’s circumstances from a different perspective. A perspective that says that Love is orchestrating it all, and that All, every change without exceptio... more
  • Balance Me: A Realist's Guide to a Successful Life

    by Matt DeCoursey


    Life is complicated. Change is tough. But achieving balance and personal goals needn’t be the ever-elusive Holy Grail. Created for real people with real lives and responsibilities, Balance Me is here to show you in no-nonsense terms how to:

    * Better understand the WHY of your current situation.

    * Make small but highly effective changes in your habits, decision-making process, and daily planning.

    * Not ... more

  • Ascending Voice

    by Simi Fromen

    Asecnding Voice is for anyone who has been through dark times or felt lost and wishes to be inspired and empowered. This collection of poetry and prose includes affirmations, mantras and Dear Self letters. The book speaks to the heart and soul of the human condition of love, loss, vulnerability and healing, all while going through the lotus, a symbol of life. There are fifty journal pages in the back of the book to encourage any feelings that come up to be expressed.

  • Federal Prison Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Surviving the Federal Bureau of Prisons

    by Christopher Zoukis
    The Definitive Guide to Surviving Incarceration in a Federal Prison This leading survival guide to the Federal Bureau of Prisons teaches soon-to-be and current federal inmates everything they need to know about federal incarceration. From greeting cellmates for the first time, to self-protection, to purchasing items from the institutional commissary, and staying connected to loved ones, this guide provides a researched and authoritative roadmap to successfully serving time in federal prison and... more
  • The Bulletproof Writer

    by Michael Alvear

    Master The Greatest Challenge You Face As A Writer: Constant Rejection.

    Learn how to transcend painful obstacles like rejected manuscripts, bad reviews, insulting advances and poor sales using the latest studies in building grit and resiliency.


    Are you an unpublished author with your 48th rejection letter? Did your novel get a string of 1-star reviews? Did your book signing attract five people? Are you a best selling author who got half the expected ... more

  • Kicking the Bucket List: 100 Downsizing & Organizing Things to Do Before You Die

    by Gail Rubin

    Kicking the Bucket List: 100 Downsizing and Organizing Things to Do Before You Die is your guide to a clean house and a clear mind. Death educator Gail Rubin brings a light touch to cleaning out those dark recesses of your drawers and closets. In these pages, you’ll learn how to:

    •    Tackle downsizing without being overwhelmed by the job
    •    Evaluate what to keep, toss, donate and recycle
    •    Creatively remove excess goods from your home
    •    Manage your finances for t... more

  • Love-Based Money and Mindset: Make the Money You Desire Without Selling Your Soul (Love-Based Business Book 4)

    by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)

    Are you ready to step into a life of peaceful prosperity?

    For many of us, money is a source of angst. Maybe there's never enough and it's a constant source of stress. Maybe no matter how hard you work, you're never able to get ahead. Or maybe you're in so much debt, all you feel is shame and despair.

    If any of this sounds familiar, then you're in for a treat. Love-Based Money and Mindset is designed to help you heal your relationship with money so you not only ... more

  • Manly Manners: Lifestyle & Modern Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century

    by Wayne James
    Manly Manners: Lifestyle & Modern Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century is the first volume of a three-volume treatise on modern men’s manners by fashion designer, lawyer, former senator Wayne James. Elegant, sophisticated, and immensely informative—yet edgy, sexy, witty, and even irreverent at times—the trilogy is poised to become the definitive lifestyle guide for the modern man. Is there a difference in the way one holds a glass of red wine versus a glass of white? How should a youn... more