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  • Wisdom of a Life Well-Lived

    by Gary Springer
    Overview Through a series of articles written over many years, Ethel Pearson Levine teaches us about life through her eyes, giving words of advice about friendship, marriage, divorce, health, and more. Description Over a period of 30 years, Ethel Pearson Levine wrote monthly articles for the Sunrise Lakes community in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her articles embrace universal subjects from marriage and divorce to relationships, aging, and death. She took on subjects that affect us all. Within... more
  • 24 Hour Journey

    by Yvette Wilson Bentley
    In 2015, I was on top of the world. I had everything I needed and a few of my wants. Having celebrated my 50th birthday, this was going to be the year I would inhale my second breath and continue dancing in the sunlight. The day came the sunlight transformed into darkness. Within three months, the rug was snatched from under me. I found myself jobless, carless and almost homeless. I also found myself without a plan of how to make it from one day to the next. Have you ever feared not knowi... more
  • Take Your Power Back: Healing Lessons, Tips, and Tools for Abuse Survivors

    by Evelyn M. Ryan
    In Take Your Power Back, author Evelyn M. Ryan offers a step-by-step guide that teaches you to regain and use your personal power to turn your pain-based life into one filled with joy. This resource is a product of Ryan’s decades-long search for the truth to help adult survivors of childhood abuse and other traumas heal from pain addictions. It will help you discover that the source of truth-based healing resides in you, and you can tap into that infinite power. Ryan discusses: • the real or... more
  • (R)evolution: One Man's Leadership Journey

    by Anna Conrad
    Eighteen months ago, Tom was hired to shake things up at his company. Under his leadership, the company's profits increased and business boomed, but he upset quite a few people in the process. Several of his direct reports quit, and other departments didn't want to work with him or his team. In an effort to save his job and reputation, Tom reluctantly begins working with an executive coach. Get an inside look at Tom’s journey working with his coach as he searches for solutions to the questions a... more
  • Welcome to Confusion: A Surprising Doorway to God

    by Barbara M. Russo
    Lively retellings of familiar gospel stories show Jesus intentionally provoking questions and confusion in the people he meets. Why? In order to call them to their truest selves and to a bigger God. Confusion can be good for the soul! This book offers deeper meanings and new paradigms for anyone in a season of unknowing. These insightful, often humorous stories show confusion for what it is, a doorway to God, at every stage of faith.
  • Side Hustle

    by Heidi Farrelly
    In her latest book, bestselling author Heidi Farrelly provides an in-depth look into twenty jobs that Moms can successfully do from home. If you’re looking for legitimate ways to earn money from home while enjoying flexible hours, then Side Hustle will give you a proven, step-by-step guide to success, without sacrificing time with those you love. Don’t live life around your work, fit work around your life!
  • Me, Myself and Eye

    by Cynthia Lee De Boer

    Me, Myself and Eye is the blending and acceptance of

    ME, the physical body,

    MYSELF, the emotional mind and

    EYE, the prosthesis... into a complete and healthy being.

  • Choose to Be Happy, A Guide to Total Happiness, New Revised Edition

    by Rima Rudner

    This book is based on the theory that our level of happiness is part nature and part nurture. If we are born with the unhappiness gene, we can overcome our unhappiness by reprogramming our inner thoughts to be more positive. Stop wishing and hoping that something good will happen and learn how to make it happen.

  • Confessions of a 3-Day Novelist: How to Write an Entire Book in Just 72 Hours (Indie Confessions 1)

    by Laura Roberts

    Want to finish writing your books faster? Learn the tricks that bestselling authors use to succeed! In this book you'll learn: 1) How to write an entire book, from start to finish, in just three days; 2) How to outline your story to achieve success; 3) What you'll need to write your book in just 72 hours... Plus plenty of tricks and tips for writing faster, smarter, and harder!

  • Mortgage Free

    by Heidi Farrelly

    Would you like to pay off your home sooner, and spend your life doing what you love instead of chained to a mortgage? Mortgage Free will teach you how to write an awesome budget, save a deposit even on a low income, pay off your home fast, and nail your retirement plan. Learn how to smash your mortgage, and take back your future today, with this funny, bestselling book.

  • Brilliant Budgets & Despicable Debt

    by Heidi Farrelly

    Take charge of your finances with this funny, easy to read book on budgeting and debt. If you’ve ever tried and failed at budgeting, are struggling to make ends meet, or are hip deep in debt, then learn how to break free with this step by step guide and free downloadable workbook. Spend without guilt, live without money worries, travel the world, and invest in life!

  • How to Win Him and Keep Him Happy: Secrets to Becoming an AMAZING Wife

    by Niki Winston
    How to Win Him and Keep Him Happy delivers easy answers to some of marriage’s most difficult problems, and provides simple solutions for sustainable personal growth. Both married and single women alike will find answers to questions such as: What are the keys to high and healthy self-esteem? How do I truly forgive? How can I be sure my motives are pure? What does it mean to be selfless? How do I walk in the covering love? How can I have a happy marriage? What do men really want? I... more
  • It's Never About the Money...Even When It Is

    by Pegi Burdick

    I teach people about diverse emotional elements in their lives that impact their financial decisions. And, how to change their self-sabotaging behaviors that create stress in their lives.

  • 5 Steps to Drop Your Rocks and Liberate Your Fears

    by Tricia Priest
    Have you ever wondered what your life could look like if fear didn't hold you back? Fear holds us back from having the life we want and deserve. Fear keeps us stuck in careers we hate, in unfulfilling relationships, and it prevents us from being the best version of ourselves. This is a transformational life coaching book that offers guided steps to identify your fears, help release emotional blocks, and step into a new found self-esteem you need to become a fearless decision-maker in your person... more
  • 15 Ways to Make Love Impossible

    by Lori McClure
    Lori and Steven went straight from college to marriage to parenthood to ministry, which made for some rocky moments in the early days of their life together. Now, after nearly twenty years of marriage, they've decided to share the lessons they've learned along the way. From the excitement of new babies to the stress that comes with financial struggles, Lori and Steven have a simple message for everyone who's made the decision to fight for love; you're not alone, and it's worth it.
  • In Lieu of Therapy

    by rena c. winters
    In Lieu of Therapy is a quick and easy read to uplift the spirit and motivate people in their lives. In today's accelerated and busy world, it is important to find niches of time that one can use to calm the inner soul, find pathways to reflect on our lives, and help us overcome adversity. We all need to pause and regroup our thoughts, energies, and emotions at some point, and this book will do it.